Monday, 26 May 2008

"Up-Rock" This

Don't hate; appreciate.

Maybe you guys should really heed that advice. From one dancer to another. You probably don't all feel like you're the best crew there is, but certainly some members do.

We've got nothing against that. Skittlez policy has always been to appreciate dancing, dancers, crews, and cyphers. We understand that there are different styles, and different techniques. We understand that each and every crew has their own 'thing', and that each crew has their own pride and respect to keep..

But don't EVER act high and mighty around MY crew members.
Don't EVER flash your crew name at us, because frankly, no one knows your stupid 'up-rocking' crew.
Heck, you guys probably can't even up-rock.

Suck on that.

I don't care if you have hotshot choreographers teaching you.
I don't care that you were former REMIX champions.

You guys beating Skittlez by 0.4% in a school competition does NOT entitle you to act high and mighty. In fact, you should all be worried. You guys had hired choreographers, while we make our own moves.

Suck on that.

When you guys are ready to follow your mouth with your dancing, the Yuchengco Lobby or the Jaipur dance floor is always open.

Just remember one thing:

We've got everything.

Suck on that.



  1. Hells yeah.
    Tell that bitch who's boss.
    Tell me when the ass-whooping's gonna happen.
    I wanna watch. :))

  2. LOL. Knowing them, they won't battle.
    It's a classic case of "all show and no go".

    As a Skittle member said, "our haters are our biggest fans". :P

  3. 0.04% bro.

    we'll wait them in cyphers. :)

  4. That little? LOL!!

    You know how we do in cyphers. ;)
    Pure murder.

    I hope they're brave enough to take us on, Orange Skittle. :)