Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Internet's down people.

Almost 2 weeks and no posts.
Jason is not happy.
Jason is needing to blog.
Jason is using La Salle's Internet.

Will be online as soon as my line's repaired.

Sorry, readers.


Saturday, 17 November 2007

Green Cohesion

Friday night, another La Salle party as ANIMOISM launches their new clothes line.
Isn't it awesome that my school has designers designing clothes for the La Salle student? It's not only cool, it's bangin'! *grins*

Party was at NBC Tent, The Fort, Taguig City.

^ Green cohesion.

^ Yes, smoke machines suck.

^ The boys! Homeboys Carlos (striped) and Ferdie (ANIMOISM shirt), and new friend Vic (von Dutch hoodie).

^ OJ, Simon, Ferdie, Carlos.

^ Alex, Patet, Ferdie, Carlos.

^ With Patet (who is super adorable) and Alex.

Party up? *smiles*


Thursday, 15 November 2007


Lost ALL my IDs.

New school ID, 600 bucks.
Bank IDs, a few hundred.. Plus about 6 forms to fill up..
Affidavit of loss..
Replacements only by next week.




Monday, 12 November 2007

UFC 3 Last Battle

Bboy ICE from Mapua Breakers (white shirt) teams up with Bboy Sirc (blue hoodie) of Southside New Breed against Bboy Gillen (yellow shirt) of D-Jimon and Bboy Baet (red shirt) of Cash Crew.

(Read previous post to better understand the event).


Sunday, 11 November 2007


Ultimate Floormaster's Championship 3

So yeah, why would I be coming to a pure breakdance event (knowing I've stopped since 2003 due to an unfortunate injury)? To support my boys and girls from Southside New Breed of course! The night started super slow.. But once it gained momentum.. I got 3 letters for ya: O.M.G.

^ Caution. Not battling, piss off.

^ The battle ground.

^ A Skittle and all Southside New Breed.

^ With Drew, Nica, and Maicah of New Breed.

^ What an honor. With Jmastah, the pioneer of breakdance in the Philippines. We both have the same nickname, so it's a little confusing when we're together and someone calls out "Jay". LOL.

^ With Bboy ICE. His moves are damn sick. There was a battle where he did SIX poses in one combo, and I was screaming like a stuck pig. Well, the whole crowd was.

^ Drew and I caught mocking Nica in "Ice! Isa pa?" *laughs*

^ With DX. And he's being DX.

^ Southside New Breed Crew. The back: Maicah, DX, Joey, Drew, Cris. Front: Casey and Lane.

One heck of a show.


Saturday, 10 November 2007

The Torch and The Pen

Well not literally a torch.. But it has something to do with the phrase.
Today, Decky, our Skittlez leader, has auditioned and has been accepted into the La Salle Dance Company (LSDC) Street Crew. One of their policies is that you cannot join another crew outside LSDC.

Ergo, Skittlez is going to lose (obviously figuratively) a member.
Along with Matt, who will be graduating.
And possibly Kevin, who will be running to be an organization president next term.

I've been assigned by the Decky-man to carry the torch and bring Skittlez forward, be the leader both in prayer, in friendship, and in the love of dance. Of course, like everything else that I do, I will do my best.

Skittlez, next year's Remix. I'm going to be in it from the get-go.
One passion. One love. Chyeah.

Congratulations also to DX of Southside (and ex-Skittle) for making it through with Decky. I hope and wish you guys the best in your dancing.

Also, I applied for an on-the-spot investigative writing competition next January.
It involves interviewing, taking down notes, and being observant
Now, what was my Sleuth ranking? #3 in Novice? #5 in Journeyman? *grins*
I have a feeling I'll do well in that one.

Wish me luck, in my dance and in my writing.

Friday, 9 November 2007

La Salle Band Fever

What a Wednesday.

In conjunction with the Pride Against Prejudice week, and sponsored by MYX, three prime Filipino bands were invited at my school, De La Salle, to perform a 1 hour and a half concert. There was also a fashion show but unfortunately I didn't really get many pictures from that.

Many thanks to Liz for taking the pictures with my camera while I was having a dance session at Yuchengco Lobby.

In order of personal preference (least to most).


I'm not much of a fan hence the relatively few pictures.

The Dawn.

^ They were alright. Veteran rockers.

Of course, my personal favorite (I've been a fan since Rico days).

Alright alright.. The fashion show now.
I only have a couple of pictures, but I must say that I really like this shirt.

I gotta say it again.
I love this school.

I did mention that I was at Yuchengco lobby right..?
I had a battle with Fabieoulous.
In the words of Brent of LSDC Crew, "This is you *points at shoe* and this is Fab *points at a spot on the ground and stomps on it*". Well.. Something like that.

Bring it on. I've got more disses than Henry's got missus.


Tuesday, 6 November 2007

A Day of Happiness

Jason is one happy dude.

Morning, Anthropology class. I had a talk with my professor and it turns out there are extra credit classes I can attend! Though it clashes with another subject of mine, I am pretty good at that particular subject AND we have a cool teacher who would almost certainly let me off once in a while so I can attend that extra credit class.

English Communication class. Glad to have written a pretty solid draft for tomorrow's essay. Not a bad day so far.

Lunch time. Got to have lunch with ENGLCOM blockmates. Only regret, should have taken pictures. Discovered Ria's scandalous drunken moment. *feigns shock*

Afternoon. Favorite class, International Relations. Persuaded Aldz to sit in my class where he almost died of sleepiness. *whacks Aldz' head* Anyway, it has lots of History, and recently it's all about the Roman Empire, the Catholic Church, the Holy Roman Empire, and monarchies. Now, my dear sister Nicole would tell anyone, challenge Jay on these topics and he would give you enough butt-whipping to last an entire 24 years, 3 months, and 33 days. *grins* Oh well, I tore up the class as usual. *grins even wider* In the wise words of Ferdie, "Jay, how the hell do you know these things, you smart ass??" Honestly? Play Medieval: Total War. It's a good game.

Volleyball. I was on linesman duty again and had an awesome time complaining and bickering with our coach. *laughs* He's a cool fella. Anyway, my team lost again on the second round. At least, I was happy that my service is getting a lot better, almost perfect.

For The Kids 2008. I volunteered to be a 'kuya' ('abang' in Malay, 'punching bag' in English) in the charity program of La Salle. Basically, on 20 January 2008, we will have these special kids come over from different centers and have a mini Olympics at our football field. As I was signing up, I can't quite believe that there aren't that many Lasallians who were signing up. Shame on you buggers. Anyway, my kid's name is Joven Santiago and I chose him specifically because he has Down's Syndrome. I don't know why, but those kids have a special spot in my heart.

TO ALL LASALLIANS. Sign up. Remember our creed. Religio, Mores, et Cultura.

Tomorrow. Dance session at Yuchengco, 1130am until after University Break.
Dance. Good.

Jason is very happy.


Sunday, 4 November 2007


Another rant slash complaint but more to rant about Friendster bulletins.

I cannot help but notice that a lot of people spend countless minutes of their lives reposting and forwarding absolutely useless rubbish through the Friendster bulletin board. The bulletin board is supposed to be for putting up notices right? Well.. "Supposedly". I mean, these new 'Friend's Bulletins' really irritated me enough to merit a post in The Jason's blog.

Exhibit A
Subject: How To Kiss Someone During a Movie
You have just been visited by MATT. I
will grant you one wish. Make your
wish when the count down is over.
repo st this with the title " HOW TO
KISS DURING A MOVIE[cute] " to throw
people off.... within 2 minutes. If
you do, your wish will come true. If
you don't, it will become the opposite

Did you know? before you go to sleep
at night there is one person thinking
of you. They want you they want to
kiss you, They want to be with you

I mean, W.T.F.??? Who would actually believe rubbish like that? Matt? Aren't there more fairy-tale-ish names out there? What a load of senseless rubbish. Take this next one.

Exhibit B
Subject:AlerT iN mId VaLLey!!
Dear All,

I am sending this out as to alert
everybody regarding this Incidence
that happened to me last Saturday when
I was in Mid Valley.

Just beware, it happened to me & might
happen to you as well...

I was in Mid Valley making my way to
Coffee Bean to meet up my friend
there. There was this Indian guy, aged
around 30, well dressed & looked
decent, coming to my way right in
front of Body Shop & greeted me, "Hai,
Miss , you look happy but recently you
have been working too hard... Probably
you should stop pushing yourself too
much & relax a bit.."

Usually, my way would be to brush him
off & thinking that he is "chi sin" -
crazy. But that day, unusually, I
stopped & listened to him, allowing
him to continue with his lines for
about a minute. Some how or rather,
fortunate ly I suddenly felt that
something is not right & immediately
turn back & move away from the spot.

When I had made my may to Coffee Bean,
after sitting down for a few minutes,
I felt very dizzy & sleepy. It took me
about half an hour to recover while
sitting there. Then , I recalled this
Indian guy had a strong fragrance
smell with him while he was talking to
me. I do not know how he did it but I
was nearly trapped.

Something similar happened to one of
my friends in KLIA before but I never
expected it to happen in a busy place
like Mid Valley. May be our mothers
are right, do not talk too strangers
but they forget to tell us, NOT TO
Please pass this to your friends
around you to keep them alert of this.

Oh right, now if that was not a racist post, I do not know what is. Come on! Grow up! Must these 'real stories' be forwarded? I thought your mother taught you about strangers when you were 6? The person who reposted this is freaking 19! Get a bit of common sense. Maybe you wouldn't seem so stupid? But nothing beats chain messages like the next one.

Exhibit C
Subject: I LOVE My Boyfriend
have 200
seconds to repost this or your dad
will die, in a crash and your mom will
kill Herself in about 24 hours. only
say one
1.I have a boyfriend now
3. I want a boyfriend
4.I like someone
5.We broke up for sure
6.I am single
7.I LOVE my boyfriend.
8.I LOVE my girlfriend
9.I'm ugly
10.I miss my boyfriend
11.I miss my girlfriend
12.I want my guy because some chick
13.His cinderella
14.Her Prince Charming
15.I Miss somebody I like
16.We did it last night
17.My bestfriend!
18.BI TCH!
19.He is so HOT
20.She is so HOT
21.I Want My ex-boyfriend Back
22.I Want MY ex-girlfriend Back

It's flame time. People who repost rubbish like this deserve to take a wet fish and slap themselves on the face for lacking common sense, being stupidly superstitious, being dumb as a bag of barf, having no sense of intuition, and being downright gullible. Come on!! Are the teenagers/young adults of this world suffering IQ loss at a preposterous scale? This is so unbelievable it's stupid.

Could we finally have some real bulletins?

I would like to commend my friends for posting real bulletins like those noting dance workshops, events, or recent news. Thank God these people's IQ have not dropped 30 points every 18 minutes.


Friday, 2 November 2007

Video Shoot

I'm kinda scared/nervous/worried/freaked out.

Break dance instructional video shoot.
My first ever video shoot done professionally.
Plus voice-overs.

Hopefully my shoulder holds up.

Wish me luck people.


Thursday, 1 November 2007

Skittlez Victory

Skittlez, sorry I'm late by almost a week in posting this. *grins*

Congratulations to my crew and family for winning 3rd place in the Remix 2007! We practiced like hell for months and we danced not to win, but to build our friendship and show that with God, we can do whatever we put our minds to.

United by one passion. Dancing.
United by one love. Friendship.
Glory to our one choreographer. God.

A crew built on friendship, trust, and faith.
This is only the start of the journey guys. We'll have so much more in our time together in La Salle. We're the only crew with so much individual talent, with experienced battle dancers of so many different styles. We have krump, hiphop, pop and lock, liquid pop, breakdancing, booty shaking, shuffling, and technical dancing. How can we not be Skittlez?

^ With the trophy.

^ With DX (ex-Skittle and currently a breakdancer for SouthSide New Breed Crew), Aldz (Skittlez' breakdancer), and Mico (LSDC Crew breakdancer).

^ Aldz, Kevin, Matt, Fabie.

^ Breakdance, a trophy, and liquid pop.

For the only crew that ends everything with prayer.
Skittlez, chyeah on three.


For the dance, please type "Skittlez Remix Finals" in YouTube.