Saturday, 31 May 2008

Lift Off!

Thanks to Mum for providing the pictures.
It must have been awesome to watch!

Here is how a Space Shuttle launch looks like first-hand.

And while looking around, she also spotted a dolphin.

Must be good to be in Florida. :(

Miss you Mum.



  1. omygosh a dolphin!! *hearts*

  2. RAR. I love dolphins!!! <3

  3. Gayle: The dolphin was so cute!

    Joe: Yeah bro. When my Mum sent them, I was like, whoa. It must have been great to see the shuttle lifting off.

  4. To Jay : I'm happy that you loved the pictures. No matter how many times the shuttles take off, people still go to the Kennedy Space Centre area or the beaches and parks where they can view the shuttle taking off. It is an awesome sight and people clap and whisper "Good Luck".

    To Gayle : I was surprised to see a dolphin at the same timing that I went to see the shuttle lifting off. It was unforgettable!

    To Tabby : We felt the same way "hearts" when I saw the dolphin.

    To Jusap : I was as mesmerised as you to see the sky and the sea come before my sight at nearly the same time. 5.02 p.m. here on 31 May 2008.

  5. Mum: Considering that that is one of the more dangerous jobs in the world, they need all the luck they can get. Plus they've already lost 2 shuttles throughout the duration of the Space Shuttle program.

    After 2012, I think there will be no more Space Shuttles launched.

  6. Auntie Maria: WHOA. =O Awesome!!!

  7. Mum, I don't get it. You were watching the shuttle lifting off, and also watching the dolphin.

    LOL. You're adorable. :P

  8. I forgot to tell you that we were standing on a bridge which was partly closed because of spectators coming from all parts of the country.

    So, below is the protected zone for manatees but suddenly, a dolphin appeared!

  9. Ah I see. :)
    How many kilometers were you from the launch site? I'd think that a launch is considered dangerous, and for safety reasons, spectators aren't allowed to be too near.

  10. Wow, awesome that your mum saw a shuttle launch. I would love to see one of those!

  11. Me too. =/
    And the dolphin..

  12. To Jay : We were one county away. That's far!

    To Nicole : Come over UK girl! I think for this year we had 3 launches already. I always watch them take off. But it's more interesting to hear them come back. That sonic BOOM is a gift from above. We know they've come home safely... God bless their hearts for going really really far...

    Love you Jay!

  13. I wouldn't know how large a county is anyway..

    Really, really far is a rather big understatement. :P