Saturday, 3 May 2008

Iron Man

One of the most anticipated movies for this summer, and I can say that it didn't fail to impress.

The plot is reasonably faithful to the comic books, and that was a big plus. Very very well-paced, and the plot transitions were extremely good and easy to follow.

The characters were superbly played. Who would have thought that Robert Downey, Jr would be able to play a superhero? Amazing. And finally! An actress who portrays a character in a very sexy but not the least bit slutty role. Casting Gwyneth Paltrow was definitely a very good decision. She played her role much better than how Kirsten Dunst played Mary Jane Watson in the Spiderman trilogy. However, my opinion does not necessarily reflect anyone else's. ;)

I love the technology and the effects. The 'assembly-line' method of Tony Sparks putting on his armor was brilliant! The way that his armor worked was also convincingly explained and carried out, leading (I believe) many viewers not to think 'Wow, that is a load of bollocks'. The special effects team were incredible.

Fight scenes between Iron Man and Iron Monger was alright. Nothing special.

I must say, the ending was brilliant. :) You have to watch it to see it.
You will be caught off-guard and wanting more, especially if you weren't expecting it, and I can say, no one did. :)

All in all a good movie, and definitely made the summer of 2008 very enjoyable.




  1. *pokes pokes* i haven't watched it yet... =S

  2. Aha!!! you also didn't stay to watch the short clip after the credits did you?!! bwahaha...
    me too... harhar... =P but someone who did get to watch it told me about it...
    ooh... tricky tricky...

  3. great movie indeed. ^_^ Though not that familiar with the comic books but its a great introduction to the character.

    and i didn't stay after the credits as well. i was just told of if the next day.. >_<

  4. Tabs: Well you should. :P

    Zee: No I didn't. What happened???? *sobs*

    Joe: You and I both bro. :( Oh, if you can, read the comics. Very nice.

  5. i would have posted the youtube clip but it was taken down already.

    it has something to do with Samuel L Jackson and SHIELD ^_^

  6. It was taken down??

  7. got a new one

    can't wait for the next movie ^_^