Friday, 29 February 2008

Solitudes and Gazes

La Salle Dance Company - Jazz's 28th anniversary concert.
Also the first modern/jazz dance event that I have ever attended.


The theme was being alone, loneliness, and solitude. How solitude at first looks like a negative thing, but is in fact, quite positive if seen from a different perspective.

Good job, LSDC-Jazz. Especially to my good buddy Ate Charlene Ng. You did awesome. =) That's her on the ticket by the way. Model! Hahahaha..

Apologies for lack of pictures. I forgot my camera at home.


Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Facial Day

Well, since xFx (pronounced 'Cross Effects') boys Huge and Rocky offered to give me a free facial from Nu-Skin (where they work), why not, right? Damn.. Results were good. Process was ugly. LOL.

Thanks to Gayle for accompanying me. =)

The organic mask which was supposed to tighten skin and pores.

The result, with toner. I am very pleased with the results.

Gayle getting her hands done by Rocky.

Then it was time for an afternoon snack, and we headed off to nearby Greenwich. I must say that their square pizzas is the shit, yo. =) *yum yum*


Taking another opportunity to be vain about my skin.

There's something to be said about a guy with (nearly) flawless skin. =)
Apparently, according to Rocky, I have relatively few blackheads for a guy, and that my pores are smaller than usual. *whew* I happily endorse Nivea For Men for that. =P Ahahaha..

Yes, I am vain. Tell me something I don't know.


Saturday, 23 February 2008


Super late posting this.

Krump Class for our Lasallian Enrichment Alternative Program where we can choose to enroll ourselves in any class we want. Any. Awesome.

Feb 12, 2008

I chose Krump.

(Top L-R) Black, Red, Purple.
(Bottom L-R) Orange, Green.

Skittlez Pink, Green, White, and Black.

Not many pictures. Thanks to Nica for the pictures. (Ripped them off your Multiply).

Friday, 22 February 2008

Rizal Park

February 16, 2008
A picnic trip to Rizal Park, Manila.

I really like corn.


The Lapu-Lapu statue. He was the first hero of the Philippines for being the one to kill Magellan, that most unlucky of explorers.

Three Martyr's Memorial. Erected for three priests who were killed under torture for suspected plotting against the Spanish regime. Their method of execution can be seen in the James Bond film The World is Not Enough.

Rizal's Execution Site. He was killed by a firing squad. Rizal is the Hang Tuah of Philippines.

Mother of Manila.

Christ's Death.

Rizal's Memorial.

Clock Tower.

This is cool. This guy's kite was 500 meters up. That's a good half-kilometer or 1/3 of a mile. Darn. I held it and the pull was super strong. The kite was made from glued notebook paper. Damn.

Fooling around. *grins*

Had tons of fun. =)



Heating up.
Body's hurting bad.
The bed just wants to swallow me.


This sucks. Really sucks.



Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Oh Cork

My friend in fourth year high school here (name undisclosed to protect privacy) is entering a science project competition and guess what's the topic given to her?


Like, no shit Sherlock. Here's her opening paragraph on cork.

"The tree evolved to protect itself from the harsh conditions of the forests near the Mediterranean. These forests experience frequent droughts, brush fires and temperature fluctuations. Cork is actually made of water-resistant cells that separate the outer bark from the delicate interior bark. It has a unique set of properties not found in any other naturally existing material. It is lightweight, rot resistant, fire resistant, termite resistant, impermeable to gas and liquid, soft and buoyant. It's these properties that make it ideal for stopping wine bottles and tile flooring. Let's take a look at how cork gets stripped from the tree and processed into consumer products."

Now add another 22 pages to that.

There's only so much one can really write about wonderful cork.

God bless her (poor) soul.
Good luck though. =)



Tuesday, 19 February 2008

The Old Spaghetti House

Dinner date with Gayle. =) <3
The Old Spaghetti House (TOSH) at Robinson's Place Manila.


Monday, 18 February 2008

Soulja Boy Gets Amped

Travis Barker of Blink 182 (all his other bands can be ignored) amping-up the hit hip hop song Crank That.

O. M. G.


Saturday, 16 February 2008

The Mist

Went to watch The Mist with Gayle last week, and I have a lot of mixed feelings about the movie. The storyline is classic Stephen King, which leaves you wondering what's coming, and dreading it, yet unable to contain yourself from reading (or in this case, watching) more. I found it riveting, though the ending does leave the viewer with an 'Oh crap..' kind of feeling. I wouldn't mind watching it again though. The religious bitch reminds me of someone back in Miri. LOL. *hush*

The movie opens with a big storm off a lake. Painter David Drayton (Thomas Jane, The Punisher) and his wife, Stephanie, watch the storm arrive and they bunk down in their basement. The next morning, a mysterious mist hovers over the lake. Upon seeing his boat house destroyed by his neighbor's tree, he has a chat with his lawyer neighbor Brent Norton and they decide to go to town and get some supplies. David's son, Billy, tags along. While driving along, they see military and police personnel rushing to the direction of the lake. Then they reach the supermarket and this is where the 'fun' begins.

While chatting with patrons, everyone at the supermarket hear screams outside. The mysterious mist now envelops the town, and they see Dan Miller running to the store all bloody. Upon entering, he urges everyone to lock down the store and tells of how his friend was 'snatched' by a mysterious creature. Everyone, understandably horrified, bunks down in the supermarket. Suddenly, an earthquake hits. Soon after, a mother, unable to bear the idea of her two young children at home alone, ventures out, and finds no one at the store is willing to help her out.

As the day goes on, a deeply religious woman (bitch), Mrs Carmody, suspects that Armageddon is coming. David goes to the back of the supermarket to look for a blanket, and hears funny sounds coming from the shipping door. He goes back and get some other guys to check it out, and they doubt David's sanity. Norm, a bagging boy, offers to check out what's blocking the generator vent outside (read: trying to show some balls). When the door opens, a thick mist reduces visibility to zero. Norm is grabbed by huge clawed tentacles and in the ensuing battle, Norm is dragged off and the creature loses a tentacle. As David and Ollie, the assistant store manager, try to convince the patrons, Brent doubts them and accuses them of playing on others' fears. Brent and some others venture out of the store and are never seen again. The others then tie a clothesline around a biker's waist, as he attempts to retrieve a shotgun. As they reel in the line, only the bottom half of the man is recovered.

That night, huge locusts-like insects gather at the store's huge plate glass windows, which have been reinforced with duct tape and bags of pet food. Large flying creatures pluck these insects off, and as they hit the plate glass, the glass starts breaking. Eventually, the store is breached and the patrons are forced to defend themselves. They do so with makeshift torches. The girl bagger gets stung by an insect and dies, while another is badly burned. The store does not have medicine and some will have to go to a nearby pharmacy. David and some people, including Ollie stage an expedition to the pharmacy. They retrieve supplies, at the cost of three men dead.

Seeing the failed expedition, Mrs Carmody preaches and preaches and eventually, her group grows larger. A mechanic, Jim, who was with David earlier at the backroom incident where Norm died, becomes one of the most vocal followers. Anyway, David confronts one of three off-duty soldiers and demands that they explain. Unfortunately, two of the soldiers commit suicide, and the remaining one is forced to tell about the Arrowhead Project, a project by the military to explore other dimensions. Apparently, this one went wrong. No shit partner. Mrs Carmody and her crazy bunch of monkeys lynch the poor boy, with the butcher stabbing him in the gut three times. Mrs Carmody claims that God wants blood sacrifice, and David's tiny group is powerless to help. The soldier is thrown out of the store and he is killed by the creature.

David's group is now seriously freaking out. They gather supplies at the check out aisle and prepare to make a run for David's car. They are discovered by Mrs Carmody and she accuses them of stealing. Her now large group surrounds David's group. Mrs Carmody then demands that David's son Billy be sacrificed. Like David would allow that. In the fight, Ollie shoots Mrs Carmody dead (good riddance, bitch) and the stunned group lets David's group pass. In the rush to the parking lot, several of them are killed, and Ollie's gun drops on David's car, and he retrieves it. The long and lonely drive begins.

They first drive to David's house, where he sees his wife is dead. They then drive on and on.. In the car are Amanda, a woman who looked after Billy in the store, Billy, an old lady named Irene, Dan, and David. Eventually, they run out of gas. The mist is still thick, and they all silently agree that there is no point in moving on. David checks Ollie's gun and finds it still has 4 bullets. There are 5 people in the car. David shoots Amanda, Irene, Dan, and his own son Billy. He screams in his car, and urges the creature to take him. He gets out of the car and hears a rumble behind him. The creature? Nope. It's a tank, and the army has successfully contained the mist. Oh shit Dave. He sees truckloads of survivors, among them the mother who ventured out alone. Army personnel are everywhere, containing the mist with flamethrowers. As everyone in the cinema realizes this, groans and cries are heard. Tough luck man. You killed four people needlessly.

Oh shit Dave. You should have waited two minutes.



Friday, 15 February 2008

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! =)
A special Happy Hearts Day to my valentine, Gayle. You're awesome babe.

Thanks for the Ferrero Rocher chocolates, the hand-made mobile, and the really sweet letter. I had a fantastic Valentine's. =) *hugs* It was fun painting your toenails! Hahahahaha.. I think I did a pretty good job actually. =P Hahaha..

And the artist at work.

On a very good note today, I got my results for four Theology (TREDONE) exams. The results are:
Quiz 1 - 100%
Quiz 2 - 100%
Quiz 3 - 90%
Quiz 4 - 96%

Um so.. *grins* Suck on that!

Unfortunately, in the afternoon, something nasty happened. I got off the lift (life, NOT 'elevator') at Andrew Lobby, when I saw this girl just collapse and faint. No one really helped her, so I turned back. I realized it was my classmate, Darryl, and she was seriously out of it. Along with 2 staff at the Lobby, I got her into the Sports Com clinic. She was pale, groggy, and talking rubbish. =( Poor girl. Turns out she donated blood at the blood drive and she has not eaten anything the whole day. *sigh* Freaky.

A pretty eventful Valentine's Day. =)


Sunday, 10 February 2008

Skittlez Crew

I get a lot of questions from friends back in Malaysia about my crew. Well it's about time to introduce my 2nd family to the world (or at least to my regular readers, LOL).

United by one passion. Dancing.
United by one love. Friendship.
United by one choreographer. God.
We will tear up dance floors.

Name: Michael Decano
Or also: Decky
Skittle Color: Lime Green
Forte: Krump, LA New Style, Tutting, Locking, Choreography
The big brother of the crew, Decky is also a member of Krumpinoy and the La Salle Dance Company - Street. He's a full-blown Krumper who hits every beat with groove and power. Apart from being a lady's man, he's also a cypher-starter at The Prince of Jaipur, where we all party.

Name: Nicole Carlos
Or Also: Nica
Skittle Color: Red
Forte: LA New Style, Breakdance, Choreography
The one responsible for bringing me into the Skittlez Crew, Nica is a member of the Southside New Breed breakdance crew and is an avid b-girl. She also helps choreograph some of our dances and breakdance parts. The moment you think she's a harmless girl, then BAM, you just got hit by an arm invert.

Name: Kevin Dion
Or also: Papa Kev
Skittle Color: Pink
Forte: Street, Breakdance, Choreography
Papa Kev choreographed a lot of the dance for the crew's REMIX 2007 piece, and is one of the crew's big brothers. He was also a member of the La Salle Dance Company - Street before joining Skittlez. Unfortunately, academic work and organization responsibilities have caught up with him and he seldom sessions with the crew. He's a dear member, and will always be looked up to.

Name: Matt Padilla
Or also: G-Fab 43
Skittle Color: Yellow
Forte: Krump, Street, Choreography
Matt is another Krumpinoy member who is a proud Skittle and our head music-mixer. Talented in editing and production, he mixes the songs for competitions and shows, along with Decky. A very technical dancer, his Krump is a mixture of smoothly controlled power and kill-off tricks. Battle at your own risk.

Name: Marie Corazon Munar
Or also: Coyi
Skittle Color: Purple
Forte: Booty Hop, Street
Coyi is the smallest member of the crew, but no doubt she's one hell of a dancer. Her booty hop is insane and can never cease to drop jaws to on-lookers. She provides a lot of laugh for the crew, and her fresh style livens up the crew a lot. She's also a beat-boxer and a freestyle MC.

Name: Ann Chua
Or also: Ann
Skittle Color: Orange
Forte: Booty Hop, Street
Ann is another booty-shaker who can never cease to amaze the audience with her powerful hits on every beat. She can just about kill any other girl (with the possible exception of Coyi) in booty hop, and has used it on occasion to kill off during a battle. She is now a trainee of the La Salle Dance Company - Street.

Name: Dhonnebenx Resuello
Or also: DX
Skittle Color: N/A
Forte: Breakdance, Street, LA New Style
DX is Nica's crew mate in the Southside New Breed until DX was accepted into the La Salle Dance Company - Street. He's a battle breakdancer, with his trademark air-chairs. He never really got to be in any Skittle dance or performance and he left the crew. He ended up being replaced by Matt, the yellow Skittle.

Name: Francis Fabie
Or also: Fabieoulous
Skittle Color: Blue
Forte: Pop-lock
Fab is the Skittlez' specialist in popping and his contortions and tricks are decidedly deceptive. He dances for Victory Christian Church as a pop-locker. He is also the crew's 'photographer' most of the time.

Name: Lizbeth Yap
Or also: Liz
Skittle Color: Turquoise
Forte: Street
Liz is the last remaining girl of the original Skittlez Crew. She dances a conventional hiphop style, and can always be seen in crew sessions.

Name: Brent Chua
Or also: Brent
Skittle Color: White
Forte: Street, Breakdance, Krump, Locking, Choreography
Brent is in the weird position of being jokingly called the Skittlez' 'trainee' while also being one of our choreographers. He was a member of the Sketchers Dance Battle winning team, Dance-X of Xavier School, and is a member of the La Salle Dance Company - Street. Brent is probably the most experienced of the lot in terms of years dancing, and it shows on the Jaipur battle floor.

Name: Jessica Villena
Or also: Jess
Skittle Color: Maroon
Forte: Street
The newest member of the crew, Jess has always wanted to be a Skittle but certain problems were in the way. Recently though, she has just started joining our sessions and ta-da, she's a pretty good dancer, so we welcomed her into the family.

Name: Aldrich Heiner Go
Or also: Aldz
Skittle Color: Green
Forte: Breakdance, Street
Definitely the one with the longest name (2 words omitted from above), Aldz is also currently the Skittlez' best male breakdancer. A typically shy dancer, he pops inverts and air-freezes for fun, and he's the headspin guy of the crew. He provides tons of laughter for the crew as he is usually the joker and Pentium 1 member.

Name: Jason Cruz
Or also: Jay
Skittle Color: Black
Forte: LA New Style, Strutting, Krump, Breakdance, Choreography
Joined when Nica asked me to meet her dance group. I had an empty slate in dancing, having stopped breakdancing for 4 years due to an injury. Proud to have trained under Cross Effects, those guys were instrumental in bringing me back to dancing. I'm a definite freestyle dancer, and a cypher-battler in Prince of Jaipur. I hit groove and beats, and I Krump Slayer-style, which means with 'weapons' and 'kill off tricks'.

Special Mention:

Name: Lily Mae Cua
Or also: Lily
Skittle Color: N/A
Forte: Street
Lily was a part of the original Skittlez Crew that made it through the elimination stage of REMIX 2007, but unfortunately, she had to move to the USA. The Skittlez Crew needed to replace her talent and quickly, and guess who was that new member? *wink* That's Lily on the right, with Decky, during the REMIX Eliminations.

Skittlez Chyeah on three! =)