Sunday, 30 November 2008

"Family", Yeah Right

After making a birthday party for you, the first thing you say when you see my laptop screen is "Why is she so ugly?"? Thanks for the gratitude. Get over it.

I thought the older one gets, the wiser one becomes?

What a piece of hardcore bullsh*t.


SmartBro, Listen Up

Letter to Smart Communications' Customer Care.

Good morning.

Apart from your hard-to-use registration form (it clearly does not explain what is the right format to key in the SRN), the service f SmartBro (which I am a subscriber to) has been terrible at best in the past month.

I have kept a log of the times on which my Internet would lose its connection. Starting usually at 7.30pm, I will lose my Internet connection until 2am the following morning. This time slot is the time I usually use my Internet.

I use the QuickFix program but I must say that it is the most inaccurate program you have ever created. From 7.30pm, the diagnosis says that there is something wrong with my antenna. If this was true, then I would not have any connection all day, would I? Suddenly at 2am, my antenna would 'fix itself'? Amazing.

I clearly applied and is paying for a 24-hour Internet connection. Kindly assure me that I would get this kind of service starting in the next few days. I would hate to think that Smart Communication is a telecommunications company that skimps on its consumers and users.

Thank you for your time, and a hasty reply is very appreciated.


Hopefully that gets something done.


Saturday, 29 November 2008

Mum is 44

A big and awesome HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the most wonderful woman in my life. I wish you so much happiness (which you are receiving right now) and peace in your life, and may you have even more successes professionally atop your many achievements, and may your heart's desires be accomplished.

Thank you for the support and the role-model-factor that you have given and showed me. I am who I am today because of everything you've done.

I love you Mum. Happy birthday. <3


P.S. I didn't put any pictures already. :) You know why.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Tasha is 18

Happy 18th birthday to the only other person I know who knows anything about the Ancient Greeks, the Roman Empire, and the height factor of some of history's best leaders. LOL. It's been good to have a friend like you.

(The one NOT wearing a red tie)

Have a great birthday (18ths are important here, no?) and may you have Palawan as your birthday gift. :P And yeah, see you in Remix 2009! :)


Monday, 24 November 2008


Another one of those days when we're having breaks from classes. :) Take out the camera! At our favorite hangout, Yuchengco Lobby.

M&Ms make a for a very interesting Philippine flag. :P

Don't mind the constipated looks. :P We had too much sugar in our systems by the time only those colors remained. LOL.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Skittlez at Remix 2008

The biggest day for Skittlez Crew, Remix 2008!
November 14, 2008. Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, DLSU.
Remix 2008 is the annual inter-Lasallian (DLS-College of St. Benilde included) dance competition between the very best non-professional dance crews of De La Salle University. It is hosted by the Cultural Arts Office and the La Salle Dance Company. This year's theme was "Stepping for Life", promoting healthy living through dancing.

22 teams signed up. 7 made it into the finals.
The finalists are Skittlez Crew, Crew A615 (CSB Champions), Z-Ave, Raindrops on a Sunny Day, Heels on Fire, Crewdose, and AftaSkoo.

Before call-time.

In the dressing room.


The results (hold your breath!):
Champions: Skittlez Crew
1st Runner-Up: Z-Ave
2nd Runner-Up: Crew A615


Awarding ceremony.

Our customary prayer and sharing.

Dinner at McDonald's.

Thank you for always being there for me, making sure I go home early, making sure I'm eating enough, and cheering me on when I'm down or can't get a particular choreo. Thanks babe. <3

The champs are here! :D


Wednesday, 12 November 2008