Sunday, 4 May 2008

Bee Movie

How can you not watch a movie about talking bees? ROFL.

I love how the animation was fun and fresh. Who would have thought of a bee city in a hive? LOL. I especially love how they tried to humanize the bees' existence, like having cars, jet packs, houses, and rail cars. It was very entertaining.

Jerry Seinfeld was paired well with Renee Zellweger. Seinfeld's humor, as always, was very dumb but entertaining, while Zellweger's charm really translated through her CGI character. Never seen this sort of pairing before, but it worked.

Bees suing humans. Now that's a case for a ROFL. :P

Apart from the humor and laughter, I would criticize this movie for the subtle message it's sharing. When an individual speaks up and does not go with the flow, disaster strikes. For me, this implies that it is downright dangerous to not follow the norm. Well, screw that!

Animation was awesome, message was lacking, so for me, this is just an okay flick.



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