Saturday, 24 May 2008

Jack's Loft

A simple birthday dinner with Gayle at Jack's Loft, a restaurant serving pretty good pasta, paninis, and sandwiches.

Located at Midtown Mall, Robinson's Place - Ermita, right beside Penang Hill.
I can foresee these two becoming stiff competitors for patrons, but at the moment, Penang Hill seems to be the more popular restaurant.

Jack's Loft.

Very cool menu.

That's art, yo. :) Thanks babe.

ZOMG, he's 20.


Jay needs his panini.

Blue Monkey and Red Bandana.

Pasta Alfredo.

Grilled chicken/Garden salad panini.

Thanks for the birthday dinner babe. :D

The food was pretty good, though the pasta servings are rather small. The panini, on the other hand, was HUGE. I couldn't stand up after finishing it. The potato crisps were kinda salty so I left them be.

The best things in Jack's Loft are the drinks!
Blue Monkey is a fruit shake with blueberries and banana, while the Red Bandana is made from strawberries and banana. The ingredients seem really dull and normal, but the way they mixed it was fantastic! I was pretty much drinking after every bite. LOL. It was that good. The glass is pretty tall, and very very filling.

So I had a pretty good birthday. *grins*
It's amazing that I managed not to go to the Prince of Jaipur with my crew on my birthday. LOL. I'm sure I'll find time. Soon. :)



  1. What's Prince of Jaipur again?

  2. It's a place for dancers. ;)
    They have battles (usually) every Saturday.

    Think Step Up: 2.

  3. i haven eaten panini in a long time.

  4. Paninis are nice. :)
    I wish I can make my own.