Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Time To Fly Away

I want to move out of my current place so bad, it's not even funny. I cannot wait.


Friday, 18 February 2011

Soldier's Homecoming

Browsing around YouTube a while ago during lunch break when I came across this. Totally made my day :')


Cookies From The Heart

PJ's Valentine's gift for me: cookies she baked herself.
Even though she doesn't bake, mind you. The cookies were awesome, and yes, I forgot that I was trying to lose weight! LOL. Well worth it, in any case. I love you, girl :) The long letter was so heart-felt and very sweet :D


Thursday, 17 February 2011

One Archer's Crane Accident

Late yesterday evening, a mishap occurred where a construction crane situated high up on Eton's One Archer's Place apparently fell and then was stuck hanging over the side of the building. It was hanging directly on top of Agno Street, the main street that Lasallians use to get from the main campus to three other buildings situated outside (Science and Technology Research Center, Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC Hall, and the Don Enrique Razon Sports Complex, respectively). The security officers of De La Salle University Manila quickly closed the street, resulting in many students having classes in the STRC to be stranded for a while, with many others unable to reach the main campus.

The white building on the left is the Br. Andrew Hall, while the lit building on the right is the Sports Complex.
Pictures taken using Nokia C3-00 at 2.0 MP.

This is a worrying trend with regards to safety for Eton Properties Philippines, because last year on the wee hours of Valentine's Day, a fire broke out on the then-under-construction One Archer's and just recently, several workers were killed at Eton Tower Makati when a gondola that they were riding went on a fatal free-fall. Three very serious incidences of safety issues for a property developer is something to heavily consider, I believe.

It is also much more worrying because many of the residents of One Archer's are students of De La Salle University Manila.


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

DLSU Classroom Utilization

For those who have been wondering about the mythical "six-days-a-week academic schedule" of De La Salle University Manila, it does NOT mean that students will be attending classes for six whole days; rather, six academic days will be used while keeping the standard four-day undergraduate week of La Salle. It will be:

Mondays - Thursdays

Tuesdays - Fridays

Wednesdays - Saturdays

It's rather efficient, in my opinion :)

De La Salle University Office of the Chancellor
DLSU Intranet Archives


EDSA I 25th Anniversary

According to this article from Inquirer.net, there will be no classes on all levels (public and private) around the country to commemorate the "People Power" revolution that happened a couple of years before I was born, in 1986.

A brief background: This particular revolution - relatively bloodless, surprisingly, seeing as revolutions are usually red-affairs - toppled a dictatorial regime that lasted more than a decade under then President Ferdinand Marcos.

I do, however, still have work on that day. Bummer. Sometimes, it is really great being a student again. LOL.


Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's that time of the year again!
When guys and girls think of the "best" gift they can for their significant other. It is all well and good that people have this pro-activeness on this particular day every February, but I also believe that what makes a Valentine's Day great is when the weeks and months before the actual day itself was already full of love and affection in the first place :)

I thought I'd surprise PJ with a video since she knows I am absolutely clueless when it comes to video-related things. I'm really glad she loved it :) Here it is:

PJ, I am so blessed to have you :) Another few more months and we will be celebrating our first year together, and I would just like to say what a big difference you've made in my life. I love how you're so intelligent (double-degree FTW!), witty and quick with your jokes, and how absolutely gorgeous and amazing you are. You are as perfect as perfect can be, and I'm glad that what we have is a mature, affectionate, and committed relationship. Thank you for being you, and Happy Valentine's Day :) You make me better in every way <3

Oh readers, please don't give negative comments since it is for one person only out of the more than six billion on this planet :)

Also, as I posted on my Facebook...

"Happy Valentine's Day to the whole world! To those with partners, cherish them well, more than you do yourself. To those without, it's your "me-time"; go ahead and treat yourself to a day just for you. To those in complicated, sticky, or third-party situations.. sucks to be you! :P"


Friday, 11 February 2011


Because we roll like that <3

Even our iPods are in love :P
Complements. Always.


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Azkals 2 - 0 Blue Wolves

The Philippine football team, called the "Azkals", faced Mongolia's "Blue Wolves" yesterday for an Asian Football Cup (AFC) match and pulled off a 2 - nil victory. For a team that has been generally ignored by Filipinos for the longest time, victories such as these bode well for increasing the popularity and accessibility of football - "the beautiful game" - to the Filipino masses. Enjoy the highlights in this video by ABS-CBN:

The nice thing for me about this victory was how it was won. The Filipino team ran the Mongolians to the ground and generally just tired out the Wolves' defense, especially their very hard-working goalkeeper. Winning was not totally surprising, seeing as the Filipino team was on home grounds and were on a high since doing very well in the Suzuki Cup, reaching the semis. Still, the stellar Filipino offense really murdered the Mongolian defense, and should be a taste of things to come.

I cannot help but commend the first goal as absolutely brilliant. The ball control involved in bringing the football up and over and behind the last defender was an intelligent play, and made even better by a nice follow-up strike in between the 'keeper's legs. I think, however, that it wasn't really aimed there; the usual safe and smart shot would have been a low strike at that distance. Still, fantastic goal. The second goal, a bent shot around the Mongolian defense, was simply a display of precision and control. The shot actually reminded me of how Thierry Henry (former Arsenal striker) used to shoot back when he was in the English Premier League (EPL). Low, controlled, and has lots of bend. Good goals, both of them.

Good job Azkals, and keep on playing well! It's time for football to take over this country :D


Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Increased Jeep Fare

Just a few weeks ago, I blogged about the increased taxi fares that has already been implemented in many taxis in the Philippines. I've actually ridden one of these "receipt-enabled" cabs (What in hell will you use a cab receipt for? Transportation reimbursement? Tax breaks? Toilet paper?) and the difference is substantial; a cab ride to Global City used to cost me around P80.00 - P90.00 (USD 2.00), and last Saturday, it went up to P130.00 (USD 3.00). Multiply that over a week, and soon enough commuting becomes a big fat burden.

Now jeeps are going to be increasing fares (again). This will be implemented tomorrow, February 2.

Jeeps are the staple of Filipino commuting; cheap, highly abundant, and lets one FULLY experience the country, danger and all. The usual rate is P7.00 for the first 4 kilometers and then it adds up after every click or so. I'm not sure how the drivers calculate, but it is still a very cheap mode of transportation. Another peso might not hit some hard, but it would definitely affect other demographics in our country. In the article mentioned here, one would note that not only is petrol price increase blamed but also "operating expenses".

I sure hope they spend some of the extra money actually INSTALLING BRAKE LIGHTS, WORKING SIGNAL LIGHTS, and as much as many jeep drivers/operators do not care to admit, some form of VENTILATION would be nice as well, especially as jeeps turn into microwave ovens on rainy days when the plastic blinds are drawn.