Wednesday, 23 September 2009

2009 UAAP CDC Photos

I know, I know. Way behind schedule. I have Remix 09 to prepare for and a whole new term, you know. :P

Some pictures from the Araneta Coliseum locker room (which we shared with the University of the Philippines Pep Squad two years in a row now).

Our coaches and General Manager.

Araneta shots. Look at the crowd!

During results. :)

Honoring our university, our supporters, and the Lasallian community.

1st: Far Eastern University
2nd: Ateneo De Manila University
3rd: University of the Philippines

I am proud to have worn the green and white of De La Salle University. I am so proud and honored to have been in the pioneer two years of the new-look Animo Squad (formerly known as the DLSU Pep Squad). Teammates, you guys are awesome and some of you are just sick (double full-twist, anyone?). Coaches, thanks for every skill I've learned, and all the lessons you four have imparted on me. Our manager, thanks for the responsibilities that made me a better person. :) DLSU, thanks for the opportunity. Gaylie, thanks for the support. <3 :D

Animo La Salle!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Season Ends

The 2009 cheering season of the Animo Squad competing team has officially ended. I must say that it was an awesome experience from beginning to end. So many life lessons learned, and so many obstacles gone over, and most were very much worth it. :)

Much thanks to the De La Salle University Manila Office of Sports Development and the university official sponsors Adidas, especially Bro. Bernie Oca, FSC, and Sir Edwin Reyes, for the incredible support and love you two have shown to our squad, and the countless advice and opinions to make us a better squad every year.

To the coaches, Sir Peter Alcedo, Jr., Coach LA Garcia, Coach Ajjie Mendelebar, and Coach Mycs Villoso, thanks for the skills and abilities you have all imparted on this still-learning dancer/cheerleader. Just a little over 2 years ago, when I was still a bass guitar addict, I would never have thought of learning and doing all the things all of you have taught.

Thanks to all family (especially Mum and Pops) and friends for the prayers and support. Never would have done the performance we did, if not for all of you. :)

Finally, thanks to my Gaylie for her love and understanding, even when I had not much time due to all the training and practices. :) <3

To my beloved Animo Squad, a lot of us will not be competing for La Salle anymore. Our captain and co-captain have worn the green and white for the last time, and I'm glad we gave them something to remember fondly. I probably will not join next year as well, as I am graduating in 3 terms. :( Thanks for the love and friendship, and most especially the sense of camaraderie that we all shared. We have given blood, sweat, and tears for our university and the Green and White community, and we can all truly call ourselves Lasallians. I love you all. All the best next season!

Congratulations to the winners of the 2009 CDC. :)
UP Pep Squad, you guys are my heroes. :D

Until next year, keep the faith, and ANIMO LA SALLE!!


Saturday, 12 September 2009

2009 UAAP Cheerdance Competition tomorrow. :|

I am nervous, but I have every confidence that my beloved DLSU Animo Squad will do the best we can and make the Green and White proud tomorrow.

Please remember us in your prayers.

Tony, this is for you.


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

First Term SY 09/10

Academically, the past term has been the best term I've ever had in university. :) I have been blessed with awesome group mates (CITIGOV "Supergroup" Danica, Denise, Marianne, Queenie, Rhona, and Angelique) and hardworking, responsible, and absolutely reliable thesis research mates (Chea and Bea). It's nice to be dancing with Animo Squad and Skittlez Crew, AND get awesome grades as well.

Without further ado..

Citizenship and Governance: 4.0
History of Civilizations: 3.0
Research Methods for IS: 4.0
US Foreign Policy: 4.0
Statistical Literacy: 3.0
Race and Gender in America: 3.5

GPA: 3.583
First honors, baby. :D

Non-academic subjects:
Personal Effectiveness 3: 3.0
Lasallian Recollection: P (Passed)

Captain Obvious says Jay is very happy. :D

From Coach Carter:
"..they are student-athletes. Students before athletes."

How true. :D


Monday, 7 September 2009

Adidas Gear

I would like to thank my university, De La Salle University Manila, and our official sponsors, Adidas, for the very generous amount you gave to get some gear. :) It was fun to shop, knowing it's all sponsored. :D

Trying on my DLSU track top.

Gayle. <3

My CDC 09 black polo shirt.

Black Climacool training shirt. I love this one.

Us. :D

Some funny posts on the "Why do you run?" wall at Adidas.

Thanks again, uni and Adidas! :D


20th at Shakey's

Wow. 20 months together. :)

It's been a roller-coaster ride sometimes, but it seems to be working. :)
Lunch date at Shakey's, after shopping at Adidas.

Happy 20th. <3


Saturday, 5 September 2009

w00t Term Break

I just finished possibly the busiest and most jam-packed term I've ever had in university. As you guys can see, my blog died. LOL. I am hopefully back though.

Up and coming events I am involved in:

September 13
UAAP CheerDance Competition

September 17
REMIX 09 Elimination round

Still a busy bee this term break, and still waiting for some grades, but I hope to update this blog a lot more. Sorry readers. I saw that from over 300 views a week, I dropped to 80! That's horrible. Sorry again.

I'll be posting up some pictures of happening things, and some shopping (thanks sponsors!). Check back soon! :)

I am in a very good mood. Perfect grade in US Foreign Policy class. :D A 4.0 is always sweet to have!