Saturday, 3 May 2008


I think that the title was very misleading as the events only occurred in one island and on two countries, not a 'doomsday' as in a 'global doomsday'. The pacing of the movie is pretty alright, but unfortunately, the plot transitions were very sketchy. You couldn't really tell how a scene started from the other scene.

I love the fact that the majority of the cast are not your regular Hollywood film stars. Very refreshing to see other talents step up to the plate, especially Rhona Mitra.

Some plot events were rather tacky (medieval knights and gladiatorial combat, anyone?) for something supposedly set in 2035. The movie lighting was also pretty dark, and during gunfights, you couldn't really tell who's killing who. :( The deaths and gore were acceptably violent enough to constitute an action flick.

If you are squeamish, do not watch this movie. The scene of a soldier being roasted (literally) alive then eaten was very disturbing. :/ I don't want to ever see that scene again.

Kudos to whoever created the highway chase scene. Very creative, lots of car crashes, a beautiful sports car, good on-car fight sequences, and a few horrid deaths. Nothing to match Matrix car chases, but it was a good attempt.

Overall, a reasonably alright movie, but don't put it in your priority list.



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