Monday, 29 October 2007

Wyld Style

The Jason has decided to go crazy for the next few weeks and experimented with his hair.

Now that's hot. *grins*


Saturday, 27 October 2007

Yet Another Blogless Week


REMIX preparations..

Tonight. Remix 2007. Skittlez and 11 other crews.
P10000 for grabs and a big-ass trophy.

It's the night.


Monday, 15 October 2007

Skittlez at Levi's Rock Candy

Saturday, 13 October, the crew was invited to perform at a Levi's-sponsored La Salle (yet another one) party at Rock Candy at Glorietta 2.

^ Skittlez crew. Kevin was late, so he's not in there.

^ Liz, Fab, Coyi, Ann, G-Fab, Aldz (the clueless face at bottom-left).

^ Skittlez's couple, G-Fab and Ann.

^ Nika, Aldz, and his sister Andrea.

Since it was sponsored by Levi's, there was also a fashion show at the club.

^ Grr.. I like the shirt!

^ I like this dude's shirt even better. *sigh*

I also won myself a Levi's cap for.. well, wearing Levi's.
I also realized that a lot of people do not wear Levi's.

^ Dark denim cap.

After the performance, we danced a bit and decided to have dinner at Max's. The chicken there's awesome.

^ Skittlez at dinner with Decky's dad and little bro.

We headed out to dance some more at Bed Space but I couldn't be bothered to take pictures. Just remember Akon's song, and you'll have a rough idea of what transpired.

"You already know.."

Ahaha.. That's my last party this week! Yay!


Saturday, 13 October 2007

La Salle Party at Jaipur

Prince of Jaipur (or Jaipur for short), is a high-end Indian/Arab restaurant that turns into a high-end hip hop club after 10pm. And as La Salle won the UAAP championships, this party was all-exclusive to Lasalistas. You're not from my school? Got 500 bucks? Hahahahaha.. So anyway, I gotta look fly, and with that shirt? Dang! *grins*

^ My boys at Jaipur. Aldz (the b-boy) and Decky (the Krumper).

And of course, a VIP stamp sure helps you party even better.

^ It's a little faded from the condensation of my drinks. *grins*

^ View from the dance floor.

^ View from the VIP section.

Since Joe wanted to see the babes that I party with, here's to you my Agent Orange brother. Please don't wet your pants you naughty Scouser.

^ Note that there are more girls when I am in the picture. *grins*

Mike brought high school friends. I love you Mike.

^ Kate, Isabel, Mike. Isabel = wow. She was the only one I danced with the whole time at Jaipur.

Finally, the dancers.

Me, Vince, Aldz, Decky.

In 2 hours, there's another party. Will post pictures as soon as I'm not too tired from the 6 days of hard partying.

PS. I love DLSU.


DLSU Celebration Week

Okay I know. No updates for a long time.
La Salle Green Archers won the UAAP championships in basketball and that's about how big it gets here in the Philippines. What happens?


Everyday since Sunday. My God, it's awesome. It's awesome for me because I have free access to most of them which means no financial damage. *laughs* Then on Thursday, La Salle had a big party right in our own Central Plaza.

Aldz, Kev, Decky.

Me, Kev, Decky.

Me, Coyi, Ann, Liz, Decky. Go green!

Then hung out a little bit with some TAPAT guys. TAPAT is a political organization in La Salle.

Krista and Kaye. My food and Tagalog teachers. They are also my personal girl guides.

Went to eat at Charlie Brown. The two girls oriented me to 'chicken sisig'.

OMG it's delicious.

Then we went back for a rock night party!!

I heart my school. =)


Friday, 5 October 2007

Yet Another Hectic Week

Hello readers.

As usual, my bedmate Ms. Procrastination has set her foot down. *sigh*
I meant to update last Wednesday but never got around to doing so. Anyway, here's what's been happening in the week.

La Salle beat Ateneo to go to the finals. *cheers*

Political Science class is getting a lot more interesting.
I found out stuff about Plato that really encouraged my own political views about the current system in the Philippines. Not that all he said was right and practical, but that old guy has genius in his insanity.
Made a lot more new friends.

Became a member of Collected heaps of signatures to help out with animal rights around the world and in Philippines.

La Salle beat UE's Red Warriors yesterday in Game 1 of the finals.
One more win on Sunday and the Green light is back on.

La Salle retreat yesterday. All phones and cameras confiscated for the day.
Had good debates about politics which Roberto and I thoroughly enjoyed.
I hate it when people open their mouths without knowing the proper facts, and without reliable sources. Also when they take it so damn personally.

Officially annoyed with a guy named Mac Mac for being a ridiculous nerd.

Bought a box of cookies from the La Salle fencing team.
Fencing and cookies. Make the connection yourself.

Going. Class in an hour.

There you go.