Thursday, 1 May 2008

The Kingdom

After 2 months of trying to download this film, I finally found it! The good news: I was not disappointed. The bad news: It took loooooong!! Almost 6 and a half hours.

I love how the story opened with historical events. Anything that opens with an historical event is good with me. :P The pacing of the movie was brilliantly done. Unlike a lot of Arab-based American movies, this one obviously had a good team of researchers. Very impressive accuracy of the facts presented.

Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner could hardly disappoint, and of course, they didn't. Foxx was brilliant in portraying his slightly headstrong but very patriotic character, and in my opinion, there is no better female (action) star right now who can beat Garner. She was simply stunning in this movie. Rest of the cast was alright I suppose.

Pyrotechnics were on point, and the gunfights were brilliantly done. Whoever choreographed some of the assault scenes (especially the highway attack) should have his pay doubled. It was that fantastic. The way the terrorists were portrayed was also nicely subtle; not hinting too much of an Islamic ideology but rather, a tribal vendetta against 'infidels'.

Overall, this movie was worth the long download time and worth all the effort of looking for it. Stellar cast with a well-paced plot is a good movie to me any day.



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