Friday, 30 May 2008

Smile and raen

Finally, after two years of bring brothers in a game, the two great DT friends meet. :) It was great to see you bro. Thanks for commuting all the way to Taft. :)

raen and STJ.

In every respect, Joe (aka SmileTheJoker) is a much better player than I am. With a fantastically strong account (300k population and 2 billion offense, anyone?) he is one of the best Filipino players in the DT world. :)

Glad to be your brother-in-arms bro. :)
Next excursion: With the entire Philippines United. :)



  1. np!
    its nice seeing you bro :) I may have a bit of more population but im not as well known in DT as your are. ;P

    tama, next stop PhU eb!

    Yabang Pinoy! LOL

  2. Yabang Pinoy bracelets! Ahaha.. Let's see how many of my readers can see the bracelet. :P

    Nah, I'm not that well-known in DT. :P It's all because of WP and my position in HOC. LOL.

    PhU Outing Part 2!!

  3. sirclementxxviii30 May 2008 at 11:26

    hindi man tayo magkakilala.
    i'm a fellow pinoy from PhU!

    ang cute nyong dalawa. it's good to see the both of you together.
    next time Philippines United na..

  4. Hey! :)
    Nope, we don't know each other. I've never been a member of PhU. I've been a member of big Malaysian alliances only. :(

    Yeah, we're planning a nice big PhU outing one of these days.
    I can't believe you just called us cute. ROFL.

  5. sirclementxxviii30 May 2008 at 17:47

    hehehe. nababading ako sa inyo...joke.
    at least nagkakilala na ang mga manlalaro ng DT dito sa 'pinas.
    more power sa inyo...

  6. Yep.
    When I first came here, some members of PhU had a party for me. :D

  7. nice pics
    so when will be the next PhU Outing?
    hope i can join...

  8. I'm not sure yet.
    I think Dex is arranging it.