Saturday, 3 May 2008

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List eight (8) random facts about yourself. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs.

#1. My hobby is military history, and I can pretty much go on for hours about every military tactic used, from the Assyrians four thousand years ago, to how Napoleon could have conquered Continental Europe, to why Singapore is militarily superior to Malaysia. :P

#2. One of the people that I admire the most is Klaus von Stauffenberg. Yes, he was German. Yes, he served under Hitler. If you do not know anything about him, you seriously need to do some reading.

#3. I am only allergic to one thing, and one thing alone. Cold temperature.

#4. I can kick myself in the chin. Yes, with feet, not with knees. :) If I am not wearing shoes, feel free to ask me to demonstrate.

#5. I cannot stand butterflies. If you don't know this yet, you need to know me more.

#6. I love being underestimated. When I go to class in my slacks, shirt, and tie, with my glasses, everyone assumes that I'm a geek. Until of course, they see me dance in Jaipur. :) Or when I am in my dance attire and in Philosophy or Sociology class. Guess who got maximum extra points for class participation? ;)

#7. I am 5'3 and proud of it. If I was any shorter, I would really have a problem with getting items off shelves. If I was any taller, I wouldn't be able to be as nimble on my feet when I dance.

#8. I didn't know this until last week, but I can bootyshake. :P And as eye-witnesses would tell you, I can bootyshake FAST. ROFL!


8 things I am passionate about:
#1. My friends and family.
#2. History. Any sort.
#3. The bass guitar.
#4. Dancing.
#5. Donuts. Oh how I love New York Cheesecake donuts.
#6. My face. ROFL.
#7. DT, which includes all the wonderful people I met in HOC, TBR, and WP.
#8. Philosophy. Anyone with no philosophy is an idiot. Fact.

8 things I say too often:
#1. ZOMG
#2. Ay.. Grabe..
#3. That is grammatically wrong.
#4. What the...
#5. ROFL! (Hi Jacq!)
#6. Dammit.
#7. Dude..
#8. PUT.. it on the table.. (Filipinos would get this).

8 books I’ve read recently:
#1. Sandstorm, James Rollins
#2. Amazonia, James Rollins
#3. Debt of Honor, Tom Clancy
#4. Firebird, Michael Asher
#5. Warfare History, Adrian Gilbert
#6. Executive Orders, Tom Clancy
#7. Point of Origin, Patricia Cornwell
#8. Angels and Demons, Dan Brown

8 songs I could listen to over and over again FOR THE MOMENT:
#1. Lean Wid It, Rock Wit It, Dem Franchise Boys (ROFL)
#2. The Red Pill, The Matrix
#3. Over You, Chris Daughtry
#4. Stop and Stare, One Republic
#5. You are Loved, Josh Groban
#6. Don't Forget to Remember Me, Carrie Underwood
#7. G-Slide, Lil Mama
#8. Suffocate, J.Holiday

8 things I learned in the past year:
#1. Miri is one of the cleanest places to live in.
#2. It sucks to be poor. Just look around Manila. :(
#3. The truth has set me free. :)
#4. It's not easy living independently.
#5. I should tip the water boy and the gas guy more.
#6. Never judge a book by its goddamn cover.
#7. It's great to be in university!
#8. I knew more about things than I care to admit.


Would you go out with you? State the reasons why you would, and why you wouldn't, and then come to a conclusion at the end.

reasons for [i would]
#1. I am very caring.
#2. I give everything my best shot.
#3. How can you not like dancers? ROFL.
#4. How can you not like musicians? LOL.
#5. I can give myself time and affection too.
#6. I take care of my skin and my body. :P No gay jokes please.
#7. I will either be a king or a pope someday. :P
#8. I am fun to be with. ;)

reasons for [i wouldn't]
#1. I have a short temper. :(
#2. I despise passive charity.
#3. I get bored easily if you cannot converse well.
#4. I simply cannot be bothered with silly questions.
#5. I put maturity over looks any day.
#6. I can be very harsh if I deem you pretending to be dumb.
#7. I am usually busy with school and dance sessions/gigs.
#8. I can be very philosophical and deep. :P

I tag Nicole, Rachel Annne, Tabsie, Joe P, Kimbo, Sarah, Aaron, and Jacq.
Jacq has been double-tagged so that she has no excuse to skip this tag. :P

Thanks for the tag Angel. It was pretty fun to do.



  1. bootyshake?? damn boy! you gotta do a recording and show me!

  2. Over my dead video-cam recorded body. :P It's for live audience only. ROFL.

  3. awwwww mannn... but you can't expect me to fly over and watch you right.. so... record!!! puleaseeeeeeee

  4. Aww.. But..
    Not gonna happen! :P

    Maybe IF I go back to Miri.. Oh wait..
    You're from Kuching. :P

  5. *gasps* are you being mean to me Jason Cruz....

    don't make me poke you.... but yeah trying to imagine you bottyshake.... hmm.... awww please please pleaseee

  6. ROFL. That poking thing. :P
    *poke poke poke* LOL.

    Don't try to imagine. You won't get it. Ahaha.. As I said, for live audience only. :P

  7. I can;t believe you just HAD to make that note on the bottom of the tag ... grr OKAY FINE. I will do it.. in a couple days.. I have things to blog about you know./ gheez. lol

  8. ROFL.
    Hey I wasn't the only one who tagged you Jacq. Hey you should be able to do it. In the words of Angel, "super blogger is back!". LOL.

  9. arrrr... military?!?! *faint*

  10. Well not necessarily. Anything that touches history (which means everything) interests me. :)

    "We cannot live in the present, nor look forward to the future, if we do not know the past".

    Beautiful quote. :)

  11. beautiful n stunnin!!!!! *faint again* lol... u're rite nway...

    u're like d walkin museum... i assume..

  12. ROFL. That's a new one.
    In Form 4, I was called the walking dictionary or the walking encyclopedia.

    I can't be called a walking museum.
    The oldest part of me is only 19 years and 11 months old. :P

  13. wat??!?! walkin dic or encyclopedia???! i cant blieve it...

    but then.. if i dunno anythin bout general knowledge.. i noe who 2 find... :p