Tuesday, 31 July 2007

45 Questions

1. Were you smiling when you woke up this morning?
I wasn't sleeping.

2. When was the last time you met someone new?
Few days ago.

3. When did you last eat pizza?
Ditto above.

4. Do you drink beer?
Yeah. San Miguel and Luffe when I have money.

5. Do you wash your own clothes?

6. Are you any good at poker?
Not at all.

7. What do you want more than anything?
Ah... Good question.

8. Are you tired?
Very much so.

9. Besides your bed, what is your favorite thing in your room?
My laptop.

10. Pepsi or Coke?
I don't drink softdrinks.

11. Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?

12. Do you enjoy piercings and tattoos?
Tattoos. Getting one soon.

13. Taco Bell or McDonald's?
Stupid question. McDonald's pwns Taco Bell anyday.

14. Are you restless?
Most of the time, yeah.

15. Is your computer desktop or a laptop?
Refer to question 9.

16. How many friendster views do you have?
So far this month as of today? 791. Pretty average for me I guess.

17. Want to be a prince/princess?
I'm the King of Pluto.

18. Do you believe dreams come true?

19. Last song you heard?
Bamboo - Tatsulok.

20. Do you like Batman?
No. He's a rich wanna-be kid. He must be from a certain high school.

21. Who is in the room with you?
My imaginary friend David Beckham and his twin sister Steven Gerrard.

22. What are you wearing on your foot?
On a foot? Nothing. On my feet? Nothing.

23. What was the last thing you ate?
Wheat crackers.

24. What were you doing before this?
Killing something in DT.

25. What is the closest item near you that is blue?
My pendrive.

26. In your opinion what is the weirdest thing listed on goofysicons.com?

27. What instant messaging service do you use?
MSN. YM can kiss my ass.

28. What is your favorite website?

29. Whose house were you at today?

30. What do you wear more, jeans or sweatpants?
Jeans FTW.

31. What is the last movie you watched?
Girls Gone Wild. LOL, Harry Potter and the Order of the Late Fries.

32. What do you currently hear right now?
A voice telling me that in 29 seconds I'm going to be Pope of Brunei.

33. When did you last buy a new pair of pants?
Last week. Penshoppe jeans.

34. Where's your favorite place to be?
My apartment and the basketball court on the rooftop. Equal.

34. Have you ever heard of the band Our Lady Peace?
Yes. We are all innocent you know.

35. Where do you sleep?
In my apartment, in the room, on the bed. No duh.

36. Where do you shop the most?

37. Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?
Miri. It's an O'reef.

38. Coach Purse or NFL game tickets?
An egg sandwich. NFL sucks ass.

39. Where was your default pic taken?
In my apartment.

40. Why did you pick your background?
Mish says its cool. She's advisor-extraordinaire.

41. Are you happy with where you are?

42. Do you believe love at first sight?
Yes. And I believe in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and Bigfoot too.

43. Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?
Of course. When else would you get friends drunk and senseless?

44. Do you believe that you can change someone?
No. People are stubborn and continue to believe Earth is flat.

45. What are you going to do after you do this survey?
Change my Media Player songlist.

I tag everyone on my list.


Sunday, 29 July 2007

I Got Warned By lostsoul

Warning for heavy spam

Please do not hijack any more threads for the sake f spamming them. This will be your only warning. If it continues, it will earn you a one way ticket to the penalty box.

Ah, my days as a 1337 DT spammzzor is nearly at an end. *sighs*

I bet if I cool the posts a bit and refrain slightly, LS will forget all about me.
Hope so too.


Taxi Ride

I am SO proud of myself.

From Robinson's Plaza (near Taft Avenue), I took a cab home. I had absolutely no street smarts here in Manila and I don't know the roads. However, I managed to direct the cabbie back to my apartment!!

From Rob's, I asked him to turn right at Taft (remembering my jeep ride came from there) and then going straight. When La Salle (my school) was on the right, I simply asked him to turn right.

Following small streets, I saw some landmarks such as a drug store, a mayor's poster, and then (the saviour) the train tracks. Trains pass by about a hundred meters from my place, so once we crossed the train tracks and the old abandoned SM was on the right, it was only a few meters to Agata Street (where I live).

In Rome, do as the Romans. =) How true.


Saturday, 28 July 2007

Rant #628908497

I have way way (way) too much time here in Philippines.

I've been surfing Friendster mostly, laughing at people, sometimes checking out if we have mutual friends.. But nothing (really) beats this one girl's profile.

It was gorged on Avril Lavigne.

Okay, you like the "punk rock princess" (who the eff actually believes that?) but seriously, your "about me" and "who i want to meet section" too? Nothing but pictures of Miss Lavigne.

To make things worse, OMG, all her friends' comments have Avril Lavigne pictures on them. Wow, imagine if all those pictures were copyrighted, the lawsuit would have been giganormous.

PS. If you want me to send you the link to the aforementioned offensive profile, PM me in FS. Cheers. Don't puke though.


Post 1337 in DT Beta Forum

I hit 1337 posts today.
If you don't know what 1337 means.. *headdesk* Then ignore this post.

I spammed ID's thread. LOL. Person above is Zach, a fellow ID member.


Friday, 27 July 2007

Rant #62842729

I was browsing Friendster a few days ago and I was looking at one of my friend's profile. There was this guy and his message on the comment box was

"Would you be my girlfriend?"


It's a public profile mano! Everyone with an Internet access and a Friendster profile can see what you asked! I don't know if you think it's brave, but let me tell you, it's NOT sweet. It's weird. Oh yeah, it's STUPID.

I'm nineteen pare. Been there, done that. That's NOT how you do it. You ask a girl out privately, not in a place where 24848949814982 people can see your proposal. Who do you think you are? Britney Spears?

Gah. Go take your shoe and slap yourself on the face with it.
Allergic to stupid people, sorry.


Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Party Of Five

Tagged (kind of) by Mish the Toffee Monyet.


a) Money
b) Keychain
c) Phone
d) Bracelet
e) Pen


a) Money
b) Credit Card
c) St. Columba Pin
d) Band-Aid
e) Phone Card


a) Bed.
b) Laptop.
c) Pillows.
d) Men's Health Pile.
e) CDs.


a) Learn how to cycle.
b) Walk across Europe.
c) Get married, have kids, live a good life.
d) Model.
e) Own a boat.


a) Mayday Parade.
b) Basketball.
c) Online.
d) Babe-watching (full-time job I might add).
e) There's this one girl..

I tag everyone in my link list.


Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Addicted to MP

Addicted to Mayday Parade.

They have been all I've been listening to for the past 3 days! Then, I got the album from Mish, and, well, if you see me on MSN chances are I'm listening to them.

The song titles are really weird (they are indie rockers) but darn, they are GOOD.
Get's 9/10 from me, and DEFINITELY recommended. *smiles*

My favorites:
Three Cheers For Five Years (Baby, I can't forget you.. =P)
I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds
Jamie All Over
(they even transpose one step up at the end)
Miserable At Best (Katie don't cry.. Ahaha.. Who's Katie, I wonder)
Ocean And Atlantic

Go get yourself the CD! =)


Thursday, 19 July 2007

My Pad

I'll let the pictures do the talking. *smiles*

Bed. My new basketball on it plus a copy of this month's MH.

Wardrobe. Happy family on top.

Snails. Penshoppe. Penshoppe. Penshoppe. Levi's.

Kitchen. Counter view.

Kitchen. Fridge view.


That's it for now. =)


Monday, 16 July 2007

letters from (home)

There are 5 things I've noticed here so far.

1. There's a lot of people.
2. There's a lot of people.
3. There's a lot of traffic.
4. There's a lot of people.
5. There's a lot of traffic.

Everytime I go out, everywhere is swamped with huma beings. Not like Miri, when you go to Parkson in the afternoons on weekdays, you pretty have a nice empty mall, the way I like it. =) Here? Morning, full. Afternoon, chock full. Evenings, full. Night time, full. It's crazy. It's fun to shop here though. So far my fat shopping experience include a pair of Penshoppe lowrise jeans, a Manchester United black away jersey, a pair of Puma sneakers, a Penshoppe cap, a few gaudy coloured boxers, and some DVDs. *smiles* Meh, single guy, living in his own pad, what do you expect right.

Found a church. =) Word for the World, at Taft Avenue. My life will pretty much revolve around Taft Avenue, seeing that De La Salle is at Taft, and now my new church is too. Gotta know them jeepney pilots well now. *grins*

In love with donuts. Not good for me, but damn.. Donuts = pwnage. Mister Donut's pretty good, but Dunkin Donuts pwn. Pwn big time.

Hit 1.2 billion offense in DT. Hahaha...

Hot. Weather's really weird. Hot in a humid sort of way, but it rains pretty frequently.
It floods too, but living on the 5th (not 4th, as I've found out. My unit's called 4th because 2nd floor's called the Mezzanine Floor here. *ergh*), if I had to worry about a flood, then Noah himself must be in pretty bad mood. LOL.

It's all good. Missing Miri, kolok mee at Pujut 2, and my basketball crew.
Missing PBC REALLY bad. *sigh*
Friends.. Homies.. McDonald and Coffeebean hangouts. Dammit.


Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Stupid Smart

My Internet Service Provider (ISP) SmartBRO, sucks big time.

They install my Internet on Sunday. Two hours later it dies and I fix it. I call their Customer Care Service. Now, it's Wednesday and still no one picks up the phone. I've been fixing my own Internet myself for the past 3 days!! WTF man..

Customer Care my ass. Customer, me. Care, non-existent. Service, non-existent. And I'm paying P1000 for this! *grr* So I'm taking this opportunity to blog or it might freaking die again. *sigh*

Oh yeah, Mayday Parade rocks. Damn.

Sunday, 8 July 2007


I had my broadband (SmartBRO Philippines) installed today!

So I finally have Internet.

Note to self: Must not play DT 25/7.
Note to self: Must not play DT 25/7.

Crap, I'm already playing DT. Ahaha..

It's good to have broadband. *huge grin*

Wednesday, 4 July 2007


I've got an entrance exam to DLSU on the 1st of August, 2007.
Wish me luck! Apparently it's pretty rough..

It's 5 hours too. Yeaps, FIVE blistering hours of writing.

Oh yeah, I discovered they have a Debating Society. *grins*
Time for an ex-State rep to give Debate a go once again..?

I have a feeling I'll enjoy myself in DLSU. People speak English. Yay. LOL.

Plus.. My friend Michi's been such a great support this past week. She's at UP, so our schools are, erm, not friends. Ahaha..


Hectic Week

It's been a while since I last blogged!! =( Here's my week plus in Manila so far.

Landed. Missed Miri and friends so much that I teared up pretty bad.

Went around a few malls in Manila, really regretting leaving Malaysia. Teared up again at the prospect of not seeing so many friends ever again.

Went to Department of Foreign Affairs to renew passport. Went to malls again. Having second thoughts of studying here. Made a decision to study in KL.

Upon seeing the tons of money that my mother will waste sending me back again to Malaysia, I decided to stay. Heart-rending, but hard decisions happen in life, and this is one of my hardest ever. Went shopping again. Went to the NBI to get an NBI Clearance just to make sure I have no criminal record (which was obvious since I was not here for 10 years).

Shopped for furniture for my apartment. Cleaned apartment. Shopping for some clothes. Discovered a wonderful shop called Penshoppe. Queued for passport for 3 hours. Dammit.

Went around malls again. It's getting to be quite a routine now. Got acquainted with living on the 4th floor, getting around in Jeepneys and taxis.

Uncle came from Cebu city. Went out to Glorietta Mall. Nice classy mall with shops like Gucci, YSL, Armani (my favourite!), and the like. Discovered that Armani caps cost like RM 250. Caps. Applied for broadband internet.

Church, albeit a Catholic one. Discovered that they do Bible readings but they don't tell the verses. (Huh?) Another uncle's birthday. Fancy lunch at Congo Grille located at Mall of Asia. Visited Mall of Asia, the largest mall in Asia. How creative, the namers. Saw the ice-skating rink. Ogled at the skating instructor, who was uber hot. Hot that steam was coming off the ice. *grins*

Enrolled at De La Salle University. DLSU rocks. The place is cool, people speak English, and one of the best schools here. Went shopping again, as per required of the day.

Uncle from Cebu goes back to Leyte to open yet another optical shop. He's like the king of optical shops here. I get free shades whenever I want. Whatever brand I want. *grins* My family rocks.

Mum leaves for Los Angeles. All alone in my apartment. Slept until 2pm. Not in that order of course.