Friday, 30 May 2008

Of Soph and Frosh

This post will explain my relatively quiet week in the blogosphere.
I am in my first term of my sophomore year in university, and it's been hectic. Since it's also the first term (which I missed last year due to my being in Miri for my A2-Levels finals) I experienced first-hand the flood of freshmen (or froshies) in La Salle.

There are a lot of them.

The annoying thing is, they clog up everywhere. Clog up the cafeterias, the bookstore, the library, everywhere. It annoyed me that they held up the bookstore lines so much buying books. In my 2 past terms there, I've only bought books very necessary to the course (the professor will tell you) and if they read their course syllabus properly, the books are mostly optional. *grr*

My subjects this term sound pretty alright. So far, only two subjects would seem to be really boring, which are Theology 2 and Personal Effectiveness 2 (a non-academic subject). It's going to be tough in Spanish 2, as my professor, Sister Doris, is from Colombia and speaks the barest English. I suppose my Spanish will get a lot better this term then. I have a feeling I will really enjoy Human Literature this term, as I'm pretty much a bookish guy (nerd comments not allowed), and calling me a mere bookworm is an insult and an understatement. So far this week, I am the only one reciting much in class. Hard to believe.

I have a strict professor in Speech Communication class, and this is one of those subjects I cannot afford being late or being absent in. She also enforces very strict dress codes. Let's see how it goes. So far it's been pretty good. I already have a classmate bragging about his wealth of general knowledge, but so far I'm keeping quiet in class, assessing the environment. We'll see if Mr. General Knowledge (who claims to get his smarts from TELEVISION) can handle St. Columba's walking encyclopedia. I get my rubbish from old school books. LOL. Nothing beats the printed knowledge. Always good to have a smarts rival here, since Nikki and Alan are not here. Miss arguing with you, sis. :(

Unfortunately for me, my Philosophy of Person class was dissolved due to lack of students, and I was forced to select a new subject. I could have opted not to enroll, but I believe this is a waste of money (only 90% rebate), time (3 free hours a week), and units (3 whole units!), so I chose a subject I wanted to enroll in anyway: Gender Studies. LOL. I wonder how it will go. Should be very informative. Ahaha..

So that's why Jay has been busy this week.
Plus I got suspended again in the DT forums for 'excessive spamming, arguing, mild flaming, and refusing to provide accurate translations'. LOL. My 6th suspension this year.



  1. Haha. Interesting subjects. I had a friend doing Psychology who did Gender Studies as well. And yes, books beat television any day.

    I have officially finished first year and am on HOLIDAY!

  2. Oh. Also forgot to mention that over here, froshies are called freshers. We get a Freshers Week before term starts with lots of partying and drinking, lol.

  3. LOL. Could you ask your friend what they did for Gender Studies? Yeah, it's an important subject for people who take up BS-degrees. I'm on an AB-degree, but hey, it's in my flowchart. :P

    We are not allowed to do that here! :P My university is very Catholic, and a day like that will drive the priests and sisters up the wall, let alone an entire week. ROFL.

    Happy holidays! Your little bro is jealous much. :(

  4. weell you gotta understand jay that freshmen are kinda kiasu when it comes to the first sem. they try to buy ALL the books cuz of kiasu-ism.

    Speech Communication class huh. sounds interesting.

    "Plus I got suspended again in the DT forums for 'excessive spamming"--> you'r spamilicious remember... =P

  5. Yeah those froshies... Tsktsk And they are SUPER noisy inside the lift. Grrrrrrrrr Im always in Andrew building that's why I get to see them a lot. =|

  6. Tabs: You're right. But I know I wasn't like that. The professors specifically say that the books are optional (and it's written on the course syllabus if it's very necessary). *grr*

    Yup. Spamming caught me again. LOL.

    Gayle: I only have one class in Andrew now. YEHEY! No more 15 minute walk from South Gate to Andrew Lobby, and no more 20 minute wait from Ground Floor to Tenth. :D

    I am happy. LOL.