Monday, 12 May 2008

EPL 07-08 Champions

The English Premier League Champions for the tenth time since the conception of the EPL is..


The team!

Cristiano Ronaldo with trophy.

Wayne Rooney with trophy.

Go Red Devils!
87 points! Massive goal difference!

We couldn't have done it without our god-like Back Four.
You guys are insane defenders.

I've been a Red Devil for 6 years now.
No turning back, no giving up.
Glory Glory Man United!
10 titles in the EPL.
Boasting the best mix of experience and raw talent.

And of course, Cristiano Ronaldo who is on his way to become the best player in the world right now.
Also Ryan Giggs, United's 34 year old stallion who's still got the speed and the moves.
Not forgetting the awesome individuals like Nani, Anderson, Nemanja Vidic, Owen Hargreaves, Wayne Rooney, and all the rest.

Let's get to Moscow for the Champions League finals and give that Chelsea a smack-down!

(Photos courtesy of Manchester United Official Website)



  1. Manchester United > Arsenal.

    Forever. :D

  2. you wish its forever buds....


  3. Of course I do.
    Man United has the best young team in Europe right now.
    What does Arsenal have?
    I recall Henry leaving. :D

  4. *plans to kick jay's ass extra hard*

    *runs to the corner crying*

  5. Aww.. Don't be like that.
    Arsenal might win the EPL when the moon crashes into the Earth and all life is extinguished. :D

  6. oh you are so asking for it buddy! so dead!

  7. I can't help it! Arsenal is such a comical team. :P