Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Puerto Galera Day 2

The second day of my summer holiday beach fun.
My aim for the day was get some shopping done, sample some good food, get a henna tattoo, go to White Beach (apparently the 'nicest' beach in Galera), and just relax. Of course, 'relaxing' in the hotel's private cove involved something totally alien to me, and I ended up totally loving it: snorkeling. Very handy, considering the hotel's beach was literally about 20 steps away from our section.

Good morning!

Our section of the resort.

And the hang-out place.


View from the rooftop restaurant.

However, before I jumped in the water, the hotel staff told me off, saying they required all guests to use life preservers and beach shoes. Um, okay then.

For some reason, I really like this picture. :P

I love Puerto Galera!

Blue Crystal's private cove.

After snorkeling, we all went to get our henna tattoos. Mine was pretty customized. I wanted a fireball, but in the middle, a profile of the moon and a single star. Of course, personal meaning. :) I like Efren's henna tattoo of a carp, but I forgot to take a picture of it. :(

The girls were all about running off into boutiques and shopping (hence the lack of pictures, but here are the rare moments when everyone were actually together. This was in the bazaar (shopping again) of White Beach. Poor Efren had to be the camera-guy. :( Thanks though bro.

Really cool jet-ski dining tables.

Welcome to White Beach!

This poor boy was lugging around that heavy case of drinks, so we all bought a cup of coconut juice each. Very delicious. :)

Life is easy and breezy. :)



  1. Were you guys able to visit the snorkeling spots?

    Those jet-ski dining tables are new.

  2. Beeeaaach! I love the beach. Puerto Galera looks awesome. Love your henna tattoo as well, looks really good ;P Glad to hear you had such a good time there!

  3. Joe: No bro, we didn't go to the ocean snorkeling spots. I'm not the greatest swimmer you know. :P Plus my hotel had its own private cove with corals and fishes and stuff. LOL.

    The jet skit tables are awesome. :)

    Nikki: Do you get to go to any beaches there in the UK? Or is it way too cold? LOL. Yes, Puerto Galera is pretty cool. :)

    My henna tat only took about 10 minutes. It stayed black too, not the usual brown of henna. Very nice. :)

  4. *sobs* i want the beach!!!!
    love the tattoo. when's the real one coming? haha

  5. LOL girl. I don't think I'll get a real one any time soon. :)

    The beach was niceeee.. :D

  6. gosh i miss the beach soo much =(

  7. I didn't think Kuching had nice beaches. :P

    Are you getting annoyed yet? ROFL.

  8. Haha I went to a beach in Wales during Easter, and put my feet in the water and it was freezing. Gosh. Am not going swimming in the sea here anytime soon. Haha. Unless the water gets a lot warmer during summer XD

    Word verification: gqwcnvsk. How would you even pronounce that?!

  9. Well, ask the Spanish Armada. :P
    I heard they had a great time dyi- er, swimming along the coast of the British Isles. :P

    That word is spelled like a Polish name. :P