Monday, 5 May 2008

In the Name of the King

A movie based on a game. What do you expect? Certainly not top-notch acting.

The main character, Farmer, played by Jason Statham of The Transporter and The Italian Job fame, does his past successes injustice by being in such a corny movie. He seemed to be out of place (he's a stunt driver) in a sword-and-sorcery film genre, and it showed.

Most of the acting was nothing short of wooden, and the lines are downright corny ("If you wish to accelerate the plans, then I will accelerate!"). There are long lulls between lines sometimes, and most of the cast delivering their lines look very scripted.

On a positive note, the battle scenes are acceptable. Nowhere as good as Lord of the Rings or 300 battle scenes, but reasonably alright. However, illogical scenes (massed archers and trebuchets in the jungle..?) kind of spoil the battle scenes for anyone with even a slight knowledge of military tactics. I will let this pass because it's based on a game anyway.

Overall, something that Dungeon Siege fans would probably like, but the character portrayals are too wooden for my liking.



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