Saturday, 29 March 2008

Skittlez at Eclipse

Eclipse: In Search of the Sun
A summer party by DLSU MaFia.

The dancers for this gig.
Not all have solo shots, sorry.

During the dance.

The FreeStyluhs.

Skittlez New Breed!

I have a video of the dance, but it sucks so bad I won't even post it.
Sorry readers. =/ Really really regret it. Should have gotten a proper one.


Thursday, 27 March 2008

Inventor or Killer?

Yet another site from a DT player.
Those guys must be really bored to find sites like this. LOL.

Can you tell a Programming Language Inventor from a Serial Killer..?
Take the test to find out. :)

Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?

Have fun dear readers.

My score, 10/10.
"My liver is safe".


Sunday, 23 March 2008

IQ Test

Got this from another DT player.
It measures your basic IQ and there is a chart that shows where you are as compared to the other people who took the tests.

I suggest taking the practice test.
If you can't get all three test questions right, something is wrong, brotha/sista.

But don't be discouraged and do take the real one, which has 38 questions.


Have fun!
Do post your results here if you want. Comment box. :)

Mine is 132.


Friday, 21 March 2008

Tagged by Tabs

Gotta love the title. LOL.

Remove 1 question from below and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post.

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
When it happens. Preferably before 27 though.

2.If you can turn into anything, what do you wish you can turn into?
Me, plus the skills of any of the JabbaWockeeZ.

3.How are you feeling now?
Bored. I do not like Holy Week.

4.Where is the place that you want to go most?

5.If you have one dream to come true, what would it be?
To own a really successful magazine company.

6.Do you believe in seeing the rainbow after the rain?
Of course.

7.Do you think religion is redundant?

8. What cheers you up for the rest of the day?
Dancing, friends, Gayle, lots of DT gold. LOL.

9.If you meet someone you love, would you confess to him/her?

10.List out three good things of the person who tagged you.
a) Awesome friend.
b) Fantastic listener.
c) A pretty good dancer in her own right.

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
I don't believe in requirements. It's either we click or we don't.

12.What type of person do you hate the most?
Stupid ones.

13.What would you do if you won a million dollars?
Invest it in San Miguel stocks.

14.What is your ambition?
To do my best in whatever I do and keep my moral compass pointed due north.

15.What would you wanna be after you're dead?
I'm dead. I can only be worm food.

16. If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
Being such an arrogant asshole.

17.What would you most want to achieve right now?
All injuries healed so that I can continue flipping and breakdancing.

18.What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
That little something that I can share with everyone.

19. If there’s one thing in your life you want to do but yet unable to, what would it be?
Be a King of a country.

20. What do you see yourself as in the next 10 years?
30 years old and hopefully in a suit and being productive.

I tag:
Rachel Anne
Sir Marlon


Thursday, 20 March 2008


This is one hell of a cool movie. Modern-day sets are the nicest I feel, and the concept of 'Jumper' makes it really futuristic. Hayden is a really good actor, especially when it comes to scenes invoking a viewer's emotions. The special effects are top-notch and the fight scenes are really innovative. I bet they had lots of problems with those because of the 'jumping'. All in all a pretty good movie.

David, a young boy, lives with his father when his mother left them when he was 5. While playing on ice, he falls through it. He instinctively teleports ('jump') to the local library. He grows older and his drunkard dad threatens him. He 'jumps' to the library again, because that's where he feels the safest.

As a young man, he practices his skills more and more until he could control exactly how he 'jumps'. He visits a local bank and sees the vault. That night, in his motel room, he 'jumps' back and forth from the bank to his hotel room, stealing a lot of cash and gold bars. Later on, he stays in New York in a fancy condominium where he keeps pictures of 'jump sites' (where he can go by 'jumping') and a vault for all his cash and loot.

One night, he comes home to find Roland Cox, a Paladin, in his apartment. The Paladins are a secret society devoted to hunting down Jumpers, who they consider as abominations. Roland uses plenty of high-tech weaponry to try and stop David from 'jumping' such as an electrocuted wire because 'electricity through the brain of a jumper prevents him from 'jumping''. However, David manages to escape by locking himself up in his vault and 'jumping' away.

David then visits a local bar and finds his childhood crush Millie working as a bartender. He also encounters Mark, his childhood bully. As Mark makes lewd comments toward Millie, David fights him. David pushes Mark through a back gate and they both disappear; David 'jumps' them both in a bank vault. There, Mark is left. David then offers to bring Millie to Rome (her childhood dream was to visit the city) while Mark is interrogated by Roland.

In Rome, David impresses Millie with his wealth which he claims 'came from working in banking'. He brings Millie to a tour of the Colosseum. David 'jumps' around the place unlocking unauthorized zones for Millie. While touring, he spots Griffin, an English Jumper. Griffin has been tracking down David. The 2 are attacked by Paladins, but they manage to outwit and kill all of them. David follows Griffin to his lair in the desert through Griffin's 'jump scar', a fragmentary portal that exists for a short period of time after a Jumper's successful 'jump'. In his lair, Griffin narrates of an old blood feud between the Paladins and the Jumpers, and how he is trying to track down as many Paladins as he can and kill as many as he can. Griffin is also skillful enough in his 'jumping' that after stealing a Mercedes SLR, he 'jumps' the car through traffic recklessly.

Returning to Rome, David seeks to send Millie back home. David is then arrested by the Polizia for trespassing and while in custody, he is visited by a lawyer who turns out to be his mother. David is warned by his mother that the Paladins are about to come for him. After Millie gets on the plane, David 'jumps' back to his childhood home to check on him. While in Rome, Roland arrives at David's home and sends subtle threats to David's father William. William refuses to sell out David and is killed by Roland. David arrives at the scene too late and 'jumps' his father to a local hospital. David then jumps into Griffin's lair and prepare an attack on the Paladins. However, the Paladins have a new technology that allows them to find 'jump scars' and go through them, and with this, they find Griffin's lair. In the attack, Griffin attacks them with a flamethrower while David gets trapped on a wall with electrocuted nets. Outside, Griffin 'jumps' back to London, holds a double-decker bus, and 'jumps' back in his lair, attempting to crash it on Roland. Roland manages to escape through the 'jump scar', taking Millie with him.

Griffin readies a bomb to kill Roland and the Paladins, but David refuses to let him, saying that it will kill Millie too. David steals the detonator and the two fight and chase each other around the world through each others' 'jump scars'. David finally traps Griffin in an electrified power pylon, preventing Griffin from 'jumping'. David jumps to Millie's apartment where she is trapped by Roland. David is captured, but he concentrates his entire being into 'jumping' Millie's entire apartment in a lake. The Paladins' equipment are destroyed, and David jumps Millie and Roland back into the library. He then jumps Roland into a cave, saying that 'he's different and could have 'jumped' Roland in the ocean with sharks, but he didn't'. Instead, the camera zooms out and we see Roland stuck in a cave in the middle of the Grand Canyon.

David visits his mother and learns that she is, in fact, a Paladin. She tells him she left because as a Paladin, she was supposed to kill David, her own son. She tells him that he should leave, and because she loves him, will give him a head start. David leaves and meets up with Millie, and the scene closes with them 'jumping' somewhere.



Wednesday, 19 March 2008

10,000 B.C.

One of the coolest movies so far this year for me. The story line was not too cheesy and it's clearly different from all the feel-good and thriller movies that seem to be invading cinemas lately. The special effects is top-notch! Wouldn't have enjoyed it otherwise. The historical details are somewhat believable, and coming from me, that's something. :)

The story starts off with a prehistoric ice-world-ish tribe having an unexpected visitor: a blue-eyed girl named Evolet, who happens to be the only survivor of 'four-legged demons' (later revealed to be men on horse-back) ravaging her village. She stays in the village, and she catches the eye of a young boy, D'leh.

D'leh's father is seen later to be leaving the village, going 'over the mountains' for a reason to be revealed later in the movie. He passes his white spear, the symbol for the best hunter of the tribe, to his friend Tic'Tic, who keeps the reason secret from everyone else. As D'leh grows up as a young man, he is bullied and ridiculed for being the son of a coward. Seeking to gain back honor, he joins in the annual mammoth hunt, to claim the white spear and his beloved Evolet. During the mammoth hunt, they funnel the largest one in a bottleneck but it manages to tear free from the nets. Several hunters hang on, with D'leh and his main rival Ka'Ren hanging on last. D'leh wants to let go, but his hand is stuck. As the mammoth frees itself, it's cornered at a cliff. D'leh plants his spear in defense and the mammoth accidentally falls on it; D'leh is credited with killing the mammoth when in fact, he didn't. Tic'Tic is reluctant to award the spear to D'leh but D'leh claims it anyway. Later on, he gives it up out of honesty.

That winter, the horsemen from over the mountains ravage their village, taking men and women for slaves, leaving the rest to die. D'leh sees Evolet being abducted and is determined to save her. Tic'Tic, Ka'Ren, and a young boy named Ba'ku comes along. Along the way, the scenery changes from icy cold mountains, to green forests, and finally to a desert, which suggests a trek from Europe to Africa. In the forests, D'leh manages to free his tribesmen before falling under attack from giant predatory birds. Only D'leh and Tic'Tic escape capture. They follow the horsemen into the desert, but while hunting for deer, D'leh falls into a pit, where he is stuck with a trapped saber-toothed tiger. D'leh plans to kill the drowning tiger, but out of mercy, he saves it. The tiger jumps out of the pit while D'leh uses the fallen timbers to climb out.

In their trek, they come across an African tribe. Suddenly, the saber-toothed tiger (called by the Africans as Spear Tooth) jumps in and protects D'leh and Tic'Tic. This convinces the Africans that D'leh is The Hunter, he who communicates with the Spear Tooth and is the one to save the slaves in the Mountain of the Gods. With this, a call to arms is issued and D'leh gathers an army of elite African warriors. D'leh finds out that the Africans can speak his language because his father went here before, in search of food for his people as he doesn't rely on waiting for mammoths to come annually. The Hunter, meanwhile, is said to be the only one who can kill the Almighty One (the Pharaoh).

They all arrive at the Mountain of the Gods, which is revealed to be Ancient Egypt. The priests fear Evolet, as the scars on her hands are in the likeness of The Hunter (if you know your constellations, it's actually Orion). The mark of The Hunter is said to bring the death of the Almighty. Slaves are constructing the pyramids with the help of thousands of slaves, and amazingly, mammoths. D'leh formulates a plan of attack when he infiltrates the slave camp and tells them on how he plans to cause an uprising. As he is discovered, he runs back to the camp. 3 Egyptian warriors follow and are about to run off with their spy report when Tic'Tic (who guards D'leh's back all the time) confronts them. He kills 2 of them, and does not see the last wounded one. He is stabbed and dies, with the final words to D'leh, "Be as your father".

The next day, D'leh and his warriors dress as slaves and infiltrate the workforce. D'leh and Ka'Ren see the mammoths pulling the huge blocks of stones and decide to do what they do best; encouraging a mad stampede among the giant beasts. D'leh provokes the matriarch while Ka'Ren holds off the Egyptians. Ka'Ren is cut down, but the stampede succeeds, killing many Egyptians. The other slaves see the revolt and join in. As the priests see this, they take Evolet and threaten to rip her apart if D'leh doesn't stop. D'leh refuses because the slaves are not to be freed. He throws his spear at the Pharaoh, killing him, and leaving everyone wondering. Meanwhile, the leader of the horsemen kidnaps Evolet on horse-back. Evolet inflicts a mortal wound on him with an arrow and they fall. As Evolet and D'leh run toward each other, the horseman shoots at her, killing her out of spite. D'leh spears him, but it's too late. Evolet dies.

Old Mother, the tribe's prophet, gives up her last breath to Evolet, restoring her life. As D'leh and his remaining tribesmen go home, their African friends give them seeds to plant. The scene ends with D'leh in wonderment at how fast the crops are growing.



Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Skittlez at CBE Oscars

College of Business and Economics of De La Salle University Oscar's.
Nicotina Bar and Restaurant
March 14, 2008.

For this performance, we officially welcome Jessica Villena, Jake Go, and Gayle Penaranda in the Skittlez family. Welcome to your very first gig with us.

The crew in the dressing room.

Some nice Italian food.

After the dance.

The dance.
Choreography by Brent Chua (White Skittle).
Video by Maebel Chan of Green Media Group.

I am in the white hoodie by the way.
Skittlez Chyeah!


Sunday, 16 March 2008

TAPAT Victory

A minor comeback from my hiatus.
My political party at La Salle has won the vast majority of positions in the FAST 2008 General Elections. Vote Straight! Vote TAPAT!

The Student Council Executive Board:

Nicole Villarojo

Vice President of Activities
Inah Garcia

Vice President of Operations
Gretch Santos

Vice President of Academics
Aimee Chua

Greggy Chua

Executive Secretary
Chichi Tullao

A near-clean sweep.
Congratulations to all College Assembly Presidents, Batch Representatives, and Legislative Assembly people from Alyansang TAPAT sa Lasallista who won.


Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Need to take a breather.

Don't expect updates, readers.
Just need some time off.


Doesn't seem to matter shit at all.
Not at all.

I'm just so tired.
I don't need to explain myself.


Monday, 10 March 2008

Miss Philippines 2008

She won the Best in Long Gown.
She won the Best in Swimsuit.
She's beautiful and sexy.

And then.. She opens her mouth.
(Keep in mind that she won and will represent the Philippines in the Miss World 2008).

Now, don't wonder why the world makes fun of Philippines and Filipinos when the best we can send is rubbish like this.



Sunday, 9 March 2008

Happy Birthday Matt

The Yellow Skittle.

Happy 21st birthday my Skittle and Krumping brother.
Have a good one this year. Missing you in Jaipur.


Saturday, 8 March 2008

This Week's Recap

A pretty eventful week.
Political campaigning.. Dance practices.. Dinners.. Family shit.. All in one package.

Let's start good.

On Day 4 of TAPAT's campaigning, the color was black so since both Gayle and I are TAPAT..

Lunch at Z2, one of the cafeterias in La Salle.

Friday. 7 days to go to CBE Oscars. Sheeaaaatt.. I really need to put more practice time.

During Skittlez dance practice for CBE Oscars.

Proudly the Skittle girls.

Fast becoming a new member, Jake Go.

Saturday, all alone in my apartment now. Too lazy to cook dinner.

Dinner at Kenny Roger's Roasters.

Their sandwiches are nice.
And yeah, I'll be fine.


FAST 2008 Day 5

It's speech versus speech.
The ORANGE of Alyansang TAPAT sa Lasallista..
The YELLOW of Derecho iSantugon..

Ya'll yellows can kiss my sweet Malaysian-grown a**.
Ya'll are gonna get pwned. After all, who lost their debate..?
By the way, learn your American politics before attempting to answer. ROFL.


At Amphitheater.

Vote Straight TAPAT!
I vote Straight, I vote TAPAT!

Programs > Activites