Tuesday, 6 May 2008


As part of my second year enrollment, I have to get a medical check up, which included an x-ray scan.

I know I gross out a lot of friends when I let them feel my shoulder and feel the bones literally grind together. :P That's because both my shoulders are broken yo. It doesn't hurt, and it's nothing serious apparently. I think it's cool.

White arrows mark the separated bones.

Black and white x-rays are so 1994.



  1. Homaygad :o

    Yan pala yun =/
    Why is it like that? Breakdancing?

  2. Probably. :P
    That's a longtime ago. LOL.

  3. I know you said it doesn't, but that LOOKS like it hurts. XP
    Weird bones aside, you have got THE coolest x-rays. :))

  4. LOL, honest, they don't hurt.
    They grind loudly though, and especially if you put your hands on my shoulders, you can feel the crunching. :P

    Well, Mediscan doesn't give out purple and yellow x-rays, so I thought I'd gamma it to hell. :D

  5. I knew it was too good to be true. :))
    It would be awesome if x-rays really DID come in funky colors. ;)

  6. Never going to happen.
    The peeps doing the x-rays are boring old ladies who just like to see 20 year old guys take their shirts off.

    Like there's anything to see.

  7. i can relate to that. those old ladies. tsk tsk... just kidding. ^_^

    I wish x-rays can be printed in diff colors. Then people can be proud and say, "look at my cool new x-ray. see the thing on my lungs? nope? but the x-ray is violet, yes? so its cool!" hehe

    that is a conversation starter right there. hehe

  8. ROFL. Dude, you are awesome. :P
    I have to agree though. Why are x-rays so damn boring?
    They don't look pretty at all.
    And the old ladies look so bored. LOL.

    That's a possible new blog post right there.
    Why are x-rays not in color.

    I can just imagine though.
    The reactions would be like when TV first had color. Ahaha..

  9. hmmm i remember you telling me something bout this last time.. *continues to be amazed by the purple x-ray*

  10. LOL. I should have told you about it.
    Purple x-rays are pwnage.

  11. it's so pretty...... lol!

  12. I did it using the program YOU told me.
    Irfanview. :D