Saturday, 10 May 2008

Silver Top 100

I did it.

From 2006, I have been playing DT Beta, which is a pretty boring game now, though I still do have my beloved family there, Wolf Pack. Anyway, in December 2007, I moved to DT Silver, a much harder version.

And today, I broke the Top 100 players in the world.

(Click on the picture to enlarge. Look for 'Overall Rank'.)

I am ranked #99. w00t!

This post is dedicated to my blogger mate, friend, and DT brother-in-arms, Joseph, or otherwise known in the game as SmileTheJoker. I know you quit the game, but hey, this top 100 is for us bro.

I have one cute avatar. :)
I will probably blog about the collection of DT avatars made specifically for me.

Feels good to be in the top 100. :D


  1. raenvanzur
    - Level 61
    - 44.5K pop
    - One of the Top 100 Elite
    - chibi avatar included. LOL

    Congrats bro! Galing! *claps*

    So that's the profile page for DT Silver. And friends list as well? Now that's new!

    wait, you played alpha too?

  2. Nope, I didn't play Alpha.
    Lazarus just gave everyone medals from previous versions. The only medals I really own are Beta and Legend medals. Silver Legend in fact. LOL.

    Ahaha.. thanks bro. Next target, break into the Top 50, though that's hard. I am lazy to click. The subscription expired. :P

    A lot of complaints about Friends List. It makes it look like MySpace, and you can't do the online hunting like the good old days. :)