Saturday, 4 October 2008

Ateneo Bonfire

Greetings, Ateneo de Manila University.
You are the 2008 UAAP Men's Basketball Champions, beating us, the De La Salle University Green Archers in two games for the coveted finals championship.

Are you, however, behaving like real champions?
We get it, you beat us in two games, though Game 2 was very suspicious, it's okay. You guys need a victory, since the last time you were top was six painful years ago.

The manner you celebrated your victory with a bonfire was not only unbecoming of a supposedly "top" "Catholic" school, it was downright uncivilized and disgusting. So much for your alumnus calling us "uneducated" ey?

**These are REAL pictures of the ADMU bonfire**

You burn our players' and staff's names?
How very sportsmanlike of you!

I am disgusted by your actions, and the fact that supposedly "adult" and "mature" persons were there at your bonfire did not do anything to stop this awful act. Jesuit school? This is more like witch-craft!

I am very proud to say that when we won last year, the worst thing we did to the University of the East (UE) was print shirts saying "it takes a great archer to bring down a perfect warrior" (in light of UE's perfect season streak). Then we partied three nights straight, and printed even more shirts, sent our team to Hong Kong, partied some more, made posters and banners, then partied some more. We did no insulting thing, and that, CLEARLY, shows which side between yours and ours has more maturity.

I bleed GREEN.
Proud to be a Lasallian.
Proud to be Green and White.

Congratulations, "champions".
Actions speak louder than words.

**Pictures from Cokeycyn.



  1. told yah. =(
    when i saw those pics in my friend's blog, i was like 'OMG. =| kapal ng mukha nila.'

  2. man never expected they would do that. - aldz

  3. Gayle: I feel sad for them.

    Aldz: I don't think anyone did, but that's what happens when school "rivalry" go a little too far.

  4. when we won last yr, we didnt serve chickens to show respect for them. -ann

  5. LOL they're "eagles" but I get your point. That's right. We didn't symbolically slaughter any creature resembling any bird.

    Anyway, I suppose it is too much to expect certain Ateneans to behave in a civilized manner, considering the sort of actions these people take. :)


  7. As they say, nakahiga na sinipa pa. So unfortunate that the bonfire was done in bad taste. Forgive the eagles, they don't know how to celebrate (6 years ago was the last time they were champions)!

  8. I must agree with you there, Anonymous. :) They must be out of touch on how to behave like real champions.

    The head of Ateneo (Father Nebres, is it?) apologized to La Salle already on behalf of his institution's idiots. It was even on the news last night. :)