Saturday, 28 June 2008

Brent is 19

Happy 19th birthday, Brent!
You've been a very good and wise friend to a lot of people, and you're always setting a good example to every dancer in Animo Squad. Keep it up, Mr. Chua. LOL.

You're one sick dancer man. I don't know where the hell you got your isolations from. Ahaha..

Have a good one. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your party. You know why. =/ Wish I could have though.

I put that picture up because it's damn funny and you know how we love freaking people out with our 'gay dancers' routine. LMAO.


Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Hey One Year

It's June 24, 2008.
I have been in the Philippines for exactly one year.
Save for a 5 days food trip/visit to Kuala Lumpur, I haven't been anywhere else.

In this year, so much has changed in my life. I live more or less independently, in charge of my own finances, and responsibilities. I know the feeling of having to pay bills and rent, and of going to the market for some produce, and the almighty supermarket for toiletries and house supplies. It feels good to have my own apartment, mine to lord over. *grins*

So many people to be thankful for!

I have met some wonderful and incredibly great people here in such a short space of time. Skittlez Crew, each and every one of you have challenged me to be a better person in the space of 12 months. I have learned to be a better friend through your friendships. Aldz, Decky, Brent, Nica (thanks for bringing Skittlez into my life!), Ann, Matt, Coyi, Liz, Kevin, Jess, Jake, and Francis, in your own ways, you've all made me better. :) Chyeah!
The UNO dance gang, I don't know how I could have survived without knowing all of you. Boss Redd, Aileen (thanks for all the rides!), Michie (condo hangouts), Ate Charlene (dimples!), Evelyn, Joyce, Achi Kat and Irish, Kate, Ahya Kurt and Mon, Steph, Maris, Karina, Avery, Ken, Goldie, and Princess, it isn't any more fun than when all of us are dancing in the albeit cramped dance area at UHS. You guys are awesome.
For my campus buddies Luis (first friend in the Philippines!), Marisse, Bob, Jiet, Kenneth, and Darryl, each of you make my otherwise horrendously boring classes beautifully special. Especially Ken, bro, we've been through hell and high water, and I'm glad to find a real friend in you.
To the ENGLCOM group, while not all of us were classmates, all of you are among my first friends in La Salle, and in the one year I've been here, you are all still the fun and wonderful group that I met. Riakins, Anj, Janille, Christian, JJ, PJ, Sandee, and Patmig, thanks for the friendship. :)
In this year, I was also fortunate enough to be placed in a Sports Block in my first term, and I am honored (and inherently annoyed to be around such fit bastards) to know all of you. Ferdie, Walshie, Raf, Si, Pato, Monti, Rian, Ralph, and our resident model (seriously) Carlos, hanging out with all of you on a daily basis taught me more than I need to know about chicken sandwiches, Pato's sexual preferences (chicken, anyone? LMAO), and the much unwanted advice on how to get high school girls. ROFL. My year here has been amazingly fun knowing all of you.
And how can campus life be enjoyed without some 'churvaness' from my 'churvaloos' from LSDC-Street and LSDC-Jazz! My recent weeks have been incredible thanks to you Jazz girls. I'm sure Gayle won't mind the 'gayness' you're all rubbing on me. LOL. Nadine, Corz, Rika, Totie, Monica, Cams, Ren, and Ara, all of you have made me laugh so much! Recruitment week, "Join Jazz!". LMAO. My LSDC-Street buddies Efren and Japheth, we'll be training more together for Animo. Thanks for the dance tips. Mico, you will be in Jaipur more and more with Skittlez. Haha..
My DT family from Philippines United, you guys helped me so much when I was still new here! You are all little 'daddies' to me and I appreciate your help and kindness. Games do bring people together, and your welcome party for me was incredible. Special thanks to my "Yabang Pinoy" and HOC brother, Joseph, who's been a great and true friend to me. Edison, Vlad, and Dexter, you are all good real-life dads, and I hope your kids turn out to be the men you all are. :)

The various dancers I've met and befriended, and the tons of campus buddies, you guys have made it a year to be thankful for.

Saving the best for last. :)
To my Gayle, meeting you and being friends with you was already awesome to begin with, but when our friendship blossomed and grew, you have been, quite literally, an angel to me. :) You've inspired and taught me in more ways than you can imagine, and even though we haven't been together for long, I look forward to dancing beside you, and being your man, for much, much longer. You've made me stronger, and you've made my staying here incredible. Thanks for the love, hugs, kisses, and the uncountable moments of laughter that we share together. <3

In this year.. Amazing what one can accomplish!
So okay, I was rejected in two school organizations, Lasallian Ambassadors (late forms, LMAO), and LSDC-Street, but look what doors opened when these ones closed! I am now in Animo Squad, a varsity dance group, and (announcing it here) training with the La Salle Debate Society. If you really know me, you wouldn't ask why is Jason in the debate society. LOL. I just have to do well this term as a trainee, and who knows, it could be a second varsity next term. :D

It's been a year of many blessings.
I can only wonder at how much more is in store for me.

It's been a year.
Bring on the next three. :D

Life is good. :)

Monday, 23 June 2008

Theme Hospital

I want this game.
And I want it right now.

It's a very old PC game.
We're talking 1994/1997.
I can't find a site to download it, or it takes way too long.
The old memories of playing this on my PS1 is haunting me.

I want Theme Hospital, and I want it now.
I need it. I effing need it.

If you have an old copy of it for PC please lend it to me.
I have this immense and sudden craving to play it. :(

Jason is not happy right now.
Jason needs his Theme Hospital fix.

Jason is upset.

I downloaded it from a torrent.
After 2 hours I got it.
Guess what?
A CD-ROM is required, and I can't fix it with a patch.
Someone get me a box of tissues.



Saturday, 21 June 2008

AS Trip.. Not

Our Animo Squad team building trip to Batangas was canceled literally within a few minutes before we set off. Reason was due to the Signal 2 Typhoon Alert at Batangas.

In the interest of safety, De La Salle University officials have canceled the trip.
I was really looking forward to it. :(
Get to know my new teammates, and do fun activities together.
Instead, the team building is postponed until further notice.
Sucks real bad. :(

The wet season of the Philippines has officially begun.

Manila has a Signal 2 Alert now too.
Hopefully it doesn't flood, though I shouldn't be too affected since I live 5 floors above street level.

Oh crap.


Friday, 20 June 2008

Aldz is 20

Happy 20th, bitch. LOL.

Hey buddy, hope you have a great one this year. Stop turning on the cool already, and start getting them chicks more. Ahaha..

Sorry couldn't go to your party man. =/ Clashed with training schedules.
Anyway, I'm sure you'll have lots of fun.


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Gender Impressions

How To Impress a Woman
Compliment her.
Cuddle her.
Kiss her.
Caress her.
Love her.
Stroke her.
Tease her.
Comfort her.
Protect her.
Hug her.
Hold her.
Spend money on her.
Wine & dine her.
Buy things for her.
Listen to her.
Care for her.
Stand by her.
Support her.
Go to the ends of the earth for her.

How to Impress a Man
Show up naked.
Bring beer.



Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Chef Wong's

Another dinner date, this time at a Chinese restaurant called Chef Wong's, located at SM San Lazaro.

Sipping my iced tea.

Roast Chicken Rice

Spicy Squid and Noodles Set.

The place was a little disappointing, to be honest. Coming from Malaysia, I personally find commercialized Chinese food here in Manila to be a little too heavy on the flavors, and very much lacking in authenticity. :( Sad, really, since the food looks great. I emphasize on the 'looks great' part, because I wasn't crazy about it.

The roast chicken was alright, though it will not stand up against commercial Malaysian Chinese restaurants like Singapore Chicken Rice. Vegetables were pretty good though. It is painfully obvious that my squid meal is not Chinese, and a poor attempt at making it seem so was done by adding noodles. LMAO. Pathetic. To be fair, it wasn't half bad.

The UFO (unidentified foam-like object) that was on my set remained uneaten. I will not eat anything that resembles Spongebob Squarepants. It was bouncy, yellow, and worryingly reminiscent of a dish-washing sponge. =/

I will not bring Gayle, or anyone for that matter, to eat at Chef Wong's again any time soon. Just too disappointing for my liking.


Loving Cardio

I love the varsity gym.

Snazzy, and full of really cool exercise apparatus (torture machines).
The Physical Therapists are all quite nice too.

So yesterday, I did nothing but cardio. Just 20 minutes on the stationary bike, lugging it out at Level 8 intensity. I felt like a wuss beside the guy training beside me, a guy who looked like he could be in Men's Health any time he wanted to, clocking up 7 km in just 5 minutes, at Level 32 intensity. That's like pedaling up a 45 degree-incline hill! OMG.

Today, my friend and now-turned-trainer Rafael Millan from Venezuela and football varsity, has become my unofficial trainer. He is bloody good, not to mention fighting fit (literally; he competes in Mixed-Martial Arts). I told him I needed more shoulder strength, but little to no bulk-ups, so my training began.

Shoulder presses, dumbbell fly, forward dumbbell raises, twisted forward dumbbell raises, upward rows, and elbow fly, all to target my shoulders. 10 reps for 2 sets each. 30-second rest between sets, and since I also wanted core workouts, instead of resting, I did planks and bridges. Dammit. Planks and bridges also uses the shoulder muscles. :( I survived it though, even when the second circuit was performed while sitting on a Swiss ball. :(

Then in the afternoon, another session of cardio. 20 minutes at Level 4 intensity, light and easy. This is mostly due to my playing on Brent's PSP instead of actually focusing on cranking out the mileage. :P

Cardio again tomorrow. :D I am starting to love the heartbeat-raising intensity of the stationary bike. Easy on the knees too. Legs aren't sore now, which is a good sign. :)


Sunday, 15 June 2008

Happy Father's Day

It's Father's Day! :)
It's kinda funny that I am blogging about Father's Day since I obviously had not had my biological father for a long time, but in my 20 years, I have been so blessed with so many father figures that I feel that what I have is a lot better than what others get (with their own fathers) in their lifetimes.

First of all, the father figures of my life.

Happy Father's Day to Pop, Franco Lim for always taking care of me and making sure I never get into trouble back home in Miri. Thank you for the guitar sessions, our crazy jamming (usually in G because that's your best note, haha), and all the football craziness. Tottenham Hotspurs still suck in my opinion, but you will always have a soft spot in my life Pop. You're very cool, and you know it, but you always remain humble. It's not everyday a guy like me can comfortably call an ex-bodybuilder, football player, and a musician a 'dad' but that's exactly what you have been to me.

Happy Father's Day to Pastor Lim Thien Leong, for always being a wise spiritual mentor, and who, more often than not, had to tolerate my 'modern teenage ways'. Hahaha.. You are an awesome pastor, cool to the bone. Thank you for never refusing to answer any question I ask, for staying late at church just to entertain my ridiculous questions, and all the rides home and spontaneous dinners you always seem to invite me to. You rock.

Happy Father's Day to my Piasau Baptist Church daddies, Lawrence Low, Kuek Chiaw Oi, Pa Hmun, and Chan Kwok Mow, and also to my Full Gospel Assembly dad Yeoh Pit Chai. For Uncle Lawrence, Uncle Pa Hmun, and Uncle Kwok Mow, thanks for the hours and hours of football discussions! Sad to say, your silly little Liverpool will not win the EPL any time soon, but at least, you three are some of the smartest and wisest men to give me advices on life. I would not be where I am without your subtle guidance. For Uncle Kuek, thanks for never refusing me at your house, and for giving me three wonderful friends in your children, Nicole, Michelle, and Eddie. I greatly admire the quiet aura about you, and you are probably one of the smartest dads in PBC. Thanks for all the rides home, and the overnights I have at your place. For Uncle Pit Chai, the smartest man I know, you are the reason I know so much about so many things! You are indeed a walking encyclopedia, and hanging out with you 2 hours a week made me know so much about seemingly random things like electrical properties, molecular behavior, and why a car needs balancing. I admire you so much, and I am sure you would have been a great dad.

To young dads Cris De Lucas, Benj Manalo, Drew Naval, and Brian Ilad, Happy Father's Day. :)

Finally, Happy Father's Day to the man who made my mother's life so special. It is said that the greatest gift a father could give his son is to love his son's mother with all his heart. For your patience, kindness, compassion, dedication, and above all, loyalty, Happy Father's Day Roger Bilodeau. :) I understand that you will never be bored of your silly armored football, and that I can no more tell you that it's called 'football', and not 'soccer', than to tell you the Red Sox suck. Haha.. Thanks for all the fitness and workout advice, and the little life lessons you impart to me when we get the chance to talk. I'll see you soon, and no, we're not having a one-on-one in the basketball court, unless you battle me in dance. :P Thanks for taking care of the woman I love with all my heart. Go Gators!

I know you love Maine. :)


Friday, 13 June 2008

Hello Varsity!

I did it.
I made varsity. :)
Another thing I can check off my list!

I am now a member of De La Salle University's official entry into the UAAP Cheer-Dance Competition.

Animo Squad

Had a tiring 5-hour audition and I had to dance in 3 different styles, plus show some competency in liftings and gymnastics.

The first part, liftings. There were a couple of girls (auditioning) who didn't know the right technique to get up on my shoulders, so I'm a little bruised now. LOL. It was fun though. I was stronger than I thought, which is a big plus.

Second part, street dancing. My strongest area, and I hope I did well enough to really impress Coach Mycs, the resident coach of La Salle Dance Company - Street. To be truthful, the song's beat for the choreography was not too hard, but I was really jumpy. LOL. I'm glad I did well in that.

Third part, jazz. Let's just say I had a bloody disaster party when I had to get up from a bridge, fall down to a one-legged extension, and then to a split. I need PLENTY of work on that.

Fourth part, cheer dance. No comments. Let's just say I have some catching up to do.

Fifth part, gymnastics. I just felt relieved I didn't have to do a fronthand spring, as I just learned it yesterday and it's still very rusty. Nothing too hard, though I was a little disappointed that I couldn't lift my body as high as I wanted. All ended good though.

And when the results were announced..
I was speechless, literally.
I didn't expect all that much, but I'm just so glad that they saw talent and effort in me. This might be the term for The Jay. :)

I just need to work hard and make it into the first team.
Then I'll be dancing in the UAAP Championships. :)

No pain no gain.


Wednesday, 11 June 2008

M&M Crew Responds!

After a long wait, the Miley & Mindy Crew responds in the Biggest Online Dance Battle in YouTube history.

The second throwdown of the ACDC crew can be seen here.

Here is the M&M Crew's response to the astounding throwdown issued by the ACDC.

They've got David Blaine, Ryan Seacrest, main cast of Step Up Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan, Nsync's Joey Fatone, Chris Kattan, Bboy Spee-D, and a lot of other pretty big names.

Still, in my opinion, ACDC's kills it.
Good luck next time, M&M.
Money can't buy everything, least of all a godawesome choreo.


Females Only

I applied for a part-time job as an English teacher at a private school since I have way too much time on weekends. I didn't get it. Not because of my qualifications (which are quite extensive, even though I am only 20), but, as the title suggests, because of my gender.

From: Evelyn ******** (appamam@***.com)
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 6:27:47 AM
To: Jason Cruz (adonis2388@***.com)


Thank you for your interest in applying to our company.

But I regret to inform you that we only accept female applicants.


Evelyn ********

Appamam Language Center

Sucks for me.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Choreographer's Birth

Choreographer's Birth
Featuring the best established and the best up-and-coming choreographers of the Philippines.
Event held at Ateneo De Manila's Irwin Theatre.

This is probably one of the most looked-forward events for me this year. A whole concert featuring nothing but dance! Every style, every corner of the Philippines, two world-champions, what else could I ask for? LOL. And I gotta say, it was mind-blowing.

A bummer during the concert:

Line was long! I came with Coyi at around 6.20pm at Ateneo, and it took almost an hour from the start of our queue to the gate. There were a lot of people! Probably most of the dance community who could make it, came.

Introduction was called I Dance, featuring each member of the Philippine All-Stars entering in a dark scene with a short choreography and a recorded audio of what inspires them to dance. Very heart-warming, to hear the humble beginnings of some of these now world-famous guys.

Here comes the dance shows!!
Each member of the All-Stars, as previously mentioned, led a team of dancers in choreography of varying styles. There were also some guest choreographers, including a fellow XFX brother, Eauj Corpuz. I miss you guys! :(

Kenjohns Serrano - All-Stars
"Be Aware" (New School)
This choreo was awesome! The choreography was tight, the story portrayed (waking up from a dream) was really well-executed. What more can one expect from the mercurial Kenjohns. :)

Thea Baraquio & UP-LB - UP-Los Banos
"Gray" (Laid Back)
This is one of my favorites. Very smooth LA New Style groove, and well-executed choreography. Plus a fellow blogger, Chris Belison performed. Well done Chris!

Chelo Aestrid - All-Stars
"The Age I Started" (Hip Hop)
Not one of my favorites at all. I felt that the other dances really flew past this one in terms of wow-factor and difficulty of choreography. Still, that doesn't mean it's not good, simply that it was overshadowed by much better performances.

Sheena Vera Cruz - All-Stars
"Rewind 90s" (Old School Hip Hop)
Pretty nice one. It's always nice to see old school 90s hip hop dances being brought back. The choreography for this one involved a lot of dancers. :P

Jhong Messina - All-Stars
Jhong happens to be a De La Salle University - Manila alumni, and ex-dancer of the La Salle Dance Company - Street, so he brought in dancers from the current crop of LSDC members. Benj Manalo, Mico Lumanlan, Japhet Reyes, JJ San Juan, Tano Aragones, and DX Resuello brought a strong La Salle dance team in Jhong's crazy/insane choreography that featured a very disturbing intro (backward hoodies/straight jackets). The choreography played to some heavy death metal, and featured nice stunts, but unfortunately, midway through the dance, the music cut. :(

Euaj Corpuz - XFX
"One Saturday Night" (House, Hip Hop)
My old brothers from XFX! From the team of nine, only Jeff Cordova, Cyrus Litonjua, and Vincent Mangubos performed with Eauj. Also dancing in this particular number was Mycs Villoso, the coach of LSDC - Street. They had to restart the dance three times, as there was some technical problems during the first two tries. It all ended pretty well, as is expected of Eauj shows. I miss dancing with XFX!

Michelle Salazar - All-Stars
"Feverette" (Junior Hip Hop)
Easily the crowd-favorite of the night. The dancers were kids, and boy, is hip hop going places! Not much to say other than they blew the house down. They had two kids with wicked headspins, and one had the sickest invert I've ever seen popped! A couple of them even got buck and Krumped! Damn!

Lema Diaz - All-Stars
"Rollercoaster" (Jazz)
Definitely the sexiest performance of the night. The four girls dancing wore the tiniest black shorts and over-sized white long-sleeved shirts, and with their bodies? Can you spell smoking hot? Lema looked gorgeous, and the choreography was brilliant. Loved the beating up of the cheating boyfriend at the end. LOL.

Prince Paltu-Ob - All-Stars, Funkstylers
"Bringing Back The Funk" (Funk)
The longest dance at 9 minutes, it was also the best told story. The story in the dance showed members of Funkstylers casually drinking and chatting at a disco scene and once in a while, the beat changes and members would pop lock. A Skittle friend, Dean Sachi, was phenomenal here. Crazy body control! After the Funkstylers leave, the two 'waiters' at the disco scene talk between themselves, and proceed to 'try' and copy the Funkstylers. The two waiters were Prince and Reagan of All-Stars, and suffice to say, they tore the house down too.

Patrick Caballa - All-Stars, Krumpinoy
"Get Buck" (Krump)
Krumpinoy has just taken Filipino Krumping to a whole new level. Featuring strong presence from Krumpinoy (and Skittlez boy Matt Padilla!), they got the crowd pretty hyped and buck. The kill-offs and tricks were amazing, and you could feel the energy radiate from the stage. Choreography was on point too, something hard to see in Krumping.

"Gugma" (Hip Hop)
The 2007 World Hip Hop Champions take the stage! They have insanely tight choreography, and literally everyone in the crew was strong. They performed their world-winning choreography (you can see it in YouTube) and seeing it first-hand was a jaw-dropper. Good job Xstatic!

James Gaddi & Bong Tan - Maneuvers
"Beyond" (Isolation)
Maneuvers is a dance group most often seen on local TV shows as dancers to celebrity performances, but I gotta say, what they do on TV is nothing compared to the show they put on. It was good to see an old XFX boy Kit dancing. It was pretty alright, but nothing I would die for to see.

Niko Bolante - All-Stars
"Stereotype" (Jazz Funk, Hip Hop)
I don't really remember much about this one, sorry readers. :(

Maya Carandang - All-Stars
"Pagsilang ng Bagong Mandirigma" (Bboying)
This one had a nice concept to it. 5 dancers in nothing but pants and body paint, acting out a dramatic 'warrior-esque' scene.. using bboying (or the non-existent-in-the-hip hop-world-media-term, breakdance). Some nice moves like 1990s, human flag, and a lot of nice freezes.

Madelle Enriquez - All-Stars
"Swathe" (Concept Hip Hop)
Featuring three mannequins, and a lot of female dancers, this was a new twist to hip hop dancing. A lot of angular and non-rhythmic movements. Actually, I didn't really get it, but full marks for the nice concept.

Reagan Cornelio - All-Stars
"Chacharzuvelex" (Flame-boy-ent)
One of the crowd favorites that night. The intro featured four dancers in prison uniforms doing prison-ish things like giving tattoos.. Until the music changed and the choreography turned out to be wacking! (Wacking is kinda like gay-dancing for guys. Very feminine. LOL.) The choreography was great, and it was horrifically believable, which meant that the dance number was that good. Definitely enjoyable, especially when the entire dance crew (a LOT of people) came out wacking.

Laurence Chua - All-Stars
"90s Child" (New School 90s Hip Hop)
This was a pretty good show too. The outfits (all black overalls) looked great, and the dance choreography was tight. Nice to see a Skittle (Matt Padilla) dancing there too. Laurence's bboying wasn't too bad either. :)

Vince Mendoza - Guest Choreographer
"Paliguan" (Revolutionary)
I don't remember much about this one either, probably because I didn't get it.

Charles Thompson - Hot Legs
"Let Me Think About It" (Funk Jazz)
A fun show to watch, with the bright skinny jeans and all. :P These guys are amazing jazz/modern dance dancers! A lot of technique, good delivery. Apparently, Hot Legs is one of the premier jazz crews in the Philippines, and I've got to say, they really delivered.

Kyxz Mendiola - All-Stars
"Hybrid" (Contemporary BBoying)
As the last individual choreographer + crew show, this one had to wow the audience, and it did. The concept of 'demons (led by Kyxz) coming into the world through a portal (which rips off their special effects costume "wings") was really something I've never seen before, so top marks for that. The bboying was tight, and air chairs, flares, and 1990s were flying about. Some good downrocking was also exhibited around the middle/end of the show. The ending was great: air flares, headspins, 2000s, and air chairs. Damn.

FINALE - All-Stars
A nice, kinda funny choreography. Loved the 'battle scene' of Kyxz vs Jhong, where they battled bboying style, until Jhong did a 'haduken'. LOL. Nice 'superhero' effects too, with Reagan flapping the tied t-shirt around Jhong's neck for a 'wind effect'. Crazy show. :P

All in all, it was a good concert, definitely worth the hassle of going to Ateneo. Good to note that San Miguel Beer also announced their sponsorship of the All-Stars and gave them P200,000 to start with. God bless All-Stars. :) Oh, and I got myself a shirt from the concert too.

Not bad ey? :D


Thursday, 5 June 2008

Great Debate, Bad Hair

It's been six years since I utilized my debate skills.
Skills which my classmates in Literature class do not know anything about.

The debate topic was on the Edgar Allan Poe short story, The Cask of Amontillado. Topic was "Resolved, that Montressor fulfills his stipulations for revenge".
My team had the Affirmative.

Ara was our speaker (I was the rebuttal speaker) and she was pretty smooth with her points. Then, Negative went with their rebuttal, and in all honesty, their points were very easy to defend against, especially if one really reads the story. Then, their speaker came up to speak.. And I wrote notes.. And all the debate practices of writing points that decimates the opponent's arguments came into life.

To make the story short, my team received 100% votes from the Literature students.
Which means, every single person listening voted for my group. LOL. +40 for my midterms yo! :D

On a not-so-good note, what a horrendous sight in the jeep today.
Two elderly women wearing those one-piece dresses that seem perpetually flowery climbed aboard the jeep I was riding. They had folded towels on their heads (much like a square pad which purpose I can only guess at) which I thought was really queer. As one was reaching for the bars on the ceiling of the jeep for balance, I caught a glimpse of her underarms.

Hairy as hell.

I am forever scarred by the sight of three-inch fur located at a place where no strand of keratin should have the ability to grow at such a preposterous length.

Damn it.


Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Hosseini's Novels

Got myself a pair of books for Literature class.
I've seen the movie for the Kite Runner (I was very much moved by the way) and it's a great pleasure to own both of Khaled Hosseini's works now.

A Thousand Splendid Suns (or rather, my critique of it) will be my final grade. What a fortunate thing for me then. :D


Monday, 2 June 2008

Daily Bread

The new prayer during meals.

Thanks for the grub.
Yeah, Gawd!"

If you didn't LOL, you suck.


Sunday, 1 June 2008

Genius of Bush

Hey readers!

Let me start off June with a post on memorable George W. Bush quotes. In case you didn't know, George Bush is the current president of the United States of America.

Yes, I know.
I couldn't swallow it either.

I couldn't trace the dates for some of them, so I apologize in advance.

"If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure."

"Mars is essentially in the same orbit...Mars is somewhat the same distance from the Sun, which is very important. We have seen pictures where there are canals, we believe, and water. If there is water, that means there is oxygen. If oxygen, that means we can breathe."
- August 11, 1994.

"The Holocaust was an obscene period in our nation's history. I mean in this century's history. But we all lived in this century. I didn't live in this century."
- September 15, 1995.

"I believe we are on an irreversible trend toward more freedom and democracy -- but that could change."
- May 22, 1998.

"Verbosity leads to unclear, inarticulate things."
- November 30, 1996.

"I have made good judgments in the past. I have made good judgments in the future."

"The future will be better tomorrow."

"We're going to have the best educated American people in the world."
- September 21, 1997.

"I stand by all the misstatements that I've made."
- To Sam Donaldson, August 17, 1993.

"We have a firm commitment to NATO, we are a part of NATO. We have a firm commitment to Europe. We are a part of Europe."

"Public speaking is very easy."
- To reporters.

"Illegitimacy is something we should talk about in terms of not having it."
- May 20, 1996.

"We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur."
- September 22, 1997.

"For NASA, space is still a high priority."
- September 5, 1993.

"Quite frankly, teachers are the only profession that teach our children."
- September 18, 1995.

"The American people would not want to know of any misquotes that George Bush may or may not make."

"We're all capable of mistakes, but I do not care to enlighten you on the mistakes we may or may not have made."

"It isn't pollution that's harming the environment. It's the impurities in our air and water that are doing it."

"[It's] time for the human race to enter the solar system."

The last one killed it.
You simply must love this guy.