Saturday, 24 May 2008

Thank You!

To all who greeted me with wonderful birthday wishes, thank you!

Especially to Mum (thanks for the Havs!), Gayle Penaranda (I love the video! <3), Nicole Kuek (I love the surprise letter and the latest addition to my collection!), Tabitha Rani (for the blog post), Brent Chua, Nica Carlos, Redd Lim, Tiffany Racpan, Michael Decano, Sabs Pelino (hey churva), Patty Vasquez, Mico Lumanlan, Danica Bonayon (your birthday soon too! :P), Ann Chua (hi barug!), Rachel Reeni, Edric Kuek, Rachel Anne, Esther Yew, Franco Lim and family (I miss you, pops), Suneeta Sandhu, Ria Ambrocio, Joseph Pagsuyuin, Saran Tagal, Debbie Gana, Euphrasia Wong (cookie!), Lynda Law (yet another big sister), Aldz Go (don't ever call me an old fart again), Lizbeth Yap, Samreet Singh, Maebel Chan, Jacqueline Chong, Svend Laugesen (noob!), and Rosario Consador for the warm birthday greetings, presents, and thoughts in your messages.

To anyone else who wanted to wish me a great birthday but couldn't contact me (sorry, I was doing school stuff yesterday =/), thank you too. :)

To the management and other leaders of HOC:
What a wonderful thing to wake up and see that my hard work has paid off in the year of being in HOC, and see that I am now an Overlord. I look forward to serving the 600-something members of our Clan and making DT a horrible place for those who happen to be in the way of HOC. LOL. This was a great birthday surprise.

I'm twenty now, and looking forward to having more birthdays with all of you ragging me on how old I'm getting. :P



  1. Yayy. I'm glad you like the pressie =) wasn't my letter all bright and colour-y. Hahaha.

  2. Yes it was, jie. :D
    I love love love the bookmark!
    Never had a stained-glass one before. :D

  3. Yay! I thought you might not have that. Well. I was hoping you didn't, haha.

  4. Ahaha.. I have quite a collection made from a lot of exotic materials now. :) Thanks to you! :P