Thursday, 8 May 2008


Hello readers.

With my new widget, Feedjit, it was nice to see that I have readers from Belgium (I think I know who!), Morocco, and France. Quite spectacular to be honest. I thought that my readers are just friends and family who have come to check on what's up with my life. I guess I was mistaken, albeit in a pleasant way. :) I suppose I never considered my blog's international patronage as only a few, close friends drop comments and/or spam my chat board. LOL.

Anyway, I noticed that there are stars under my posts now. I have no idea where they came from. It's 9.03am now and when I logged in Blogger, there they were. I'm not sure how they were added. Anyway readers, do help me put out better stuff for you by utilizing these stars and put how much you liked the post. You're not obligated to, but it would really help me see which sort of posts are popular.

Thank you for putting the black skittle in your reading list, though I don't do much but post pictures, review movies, and rant about life in general. ROFL.

The stars are gone. Actually, that's good. In that case, I won't feel as pressured to churn out good posts. ROFL. My previous want for it was probably just to feed my vanity. :P



  1. Ahaha.. Thanks again. I wish I could thank more readers though. Look at my site feed map. :D
    My blog's being seen EVERYWHERE! :D

  2. im sure with the reviews your posting, there are clicks coming from google search results.

    so don't be surprised when you start receiving comments from complete strangers. ^_^

  3. Really..? That's possible?? :D

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  5. when you check your feedjit, you'll see what pages were visited on your blog. And most the time, those post specific links are through search engines. ^_^

  6. Ah I see. I didn't know it works like that. :) Thanks for the info.

    I checked, and yes, it's the movie reviews. LOL! Do you think I can work for Rotten Tomatoes now? :P

  7. hahaha maybe... LOL

    I just looked into your feedjit map and those are a lot of red spots. ^_^

  8. Is that a good thing bro? :)

  9. hmmm...
    i guess it is
    if you want others to read your posts. that's why we blog right?

    but also, it means less privacy. not that you will post very personal stuff here.

  10. Not at all. :)
    Those kind of things are for MSN and YM. LOL.

  11. so I guess its a good thing then. LOL

  12. I suppose so.
    I don't mind lots of readers. :P
    But there's a certain pressure involved, you know. Ahaha..
    Like I'm a little more conscious about my posts and stuff.