Thursday, 31 January 2008

29012008 Session

As usual.. A dance session by my crew at the Yuchengco Hall lobby at my school. We didn't get much dancing done; just goofed around a lot. LOL. All fun though.

The 2 people with the new Nike sneakers literally doing the Nike.. LOL.

An air-freeze came out..

Cam-whoring is a must during sessions..

Business as usual for Skittlez. =)


2 New Candies

The Skittlez Crew would like to introduce our two new members. =) God does provide, and after losing Kevin (pink) to academics and Matt (yellow) due to his graduating this term, we are blessed with 2 new additions to the crazy and wacky dancing candy bag known as the Skittlez Crew.

Introducing.. *drum rolls*

Brent Chua

Brent has taken on the vacant color of white, and he's definitely our most experienced dancer as yet. He was a member of the Sketchers Challenge Battle winners of Xavier High School's Dance-X (pronounce it slowly so that it won't sound as "done sex"). After losing our head choreographer Kevin, we suddenly have Brent, a formidable choreographer himself. Welcome to the candy bag!

Jessica Villena

The most recent addition, Jess, the maroon Skittle, just started hanging out with the crew and one day (since she's also a dancer) we just started introducing her as a Skittle. =) Much like the way I got in. LOL. She's not a krump dancer like our beloved yellow Skittle, but in keeping with the candy mentality, the more styles we have, the merrier. Welcome to the crew!


Wednesday, 30 January 2008

LSDC Street Application

Tuesday, 29th January 2008.
I summon the courage to grab my pen, go to the La Salle Dance Company - Street booth and fill up a form. An audition form.

Yes. I will be auditioning to be a member of the school's official street dance group.
Apart from quality training and choreography to be learned, I can also polish up on skills I already have, and learn stunts and stuff. There's also the tuition scholarship they offer..

Hoping to join the Green Skittle (Decky) and White Skittle (Brent) who are already members of the LSDC Street Crew. Thanks Skittlez and Gayle for supporting my decision, and thanks Mum for the prayers.

Audition is on February 8, 2008.
Whatever happens, the Skittlez motto lives true.
"Three cheers for the man upstairs!"



Thanks Mum for this great inspirational advice in your last email to me.

Be good.
Be great.
Be gentle.

I will keep that in mind. =)
I love you.

PS. Thanks for the prayers for my audition.


Friday, 25 January 2008

For The Kids 2008

Charity event hosted by my school, De La Salle University Manila, for special kids. The For The Kids Foundation or the FTK 2008, is hosted by the COSCA of DLSU. *smiles* It's always a very rewarding experience to be able to spend time with special kids who probably never really had a fun day in their lives. Event was on the 20th of January, 2008.

Waiting for the event to start..

My kid, John Paul Santiago, otherwise known as Joven, age 8, and suffering from MR-Sp, which is Mental Retardation of Speech Capabilities. It means my little boy cannot form cohesive language skills at all. Total. *sigh*

Then during the mini-Olympics, my task was to basically make sure he had fun, and that he participates in his games and hopefully, to win stuff. Come on, they don't come any more competitive than me, so I made sure my little kid went home with some bling. =)

Some of the 600 volunteers from De La Salle at the school Central Plaza.

And an event won't be fun without friends. =)

And a rushed performance by some members of the La Salle Dance Company - Street. Watch out for DX's air chair and James' back flip. =)

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Manila Zoo

LOLZZORZZ. Zoo. Animals.
I'm home. *big grin* Pictures say a thousand words, and I'll let you, my dear reader, enjoy the animals I saw. Thanks Gayle for accompanying this little kid who likes animals.

Reptile Section

4 legged creatures

Them flying things

Around the zoo

And of course, some favorite shots.

That was one hell of a way to spend a day. =)
Jay is happy.