Friday, 3 June 2011

Samsung Galaxy 551

I finally invested in a smart phone.

It's been a long time coming, especially with my work, which involves being more organized than an archivist (that's part and parcel of working for a guy who's president of FOUR institutions). Also, after having my phone stolen, I really did need one. Why not splurge a little? :P

Introducing my Samsung Galaxy 551 Android phone :)

It's so gorgeous :D

PJ named it "Tasha", a direct partner to her N900 named "Tasio". Yeah, naming stuff. :P

Anyway, what I love the most about is that one, I actually saved up for it, two, it's an Android AND Google phone, and three, it has all the organizational tools I really need. I FINALLY have my Google calendar (which I have been praising to no end on my Twitter) with me always!

The interface is very customizable, which means that one can make it as personal as one wants. I'll probably take pictures of my screens (I set up three; but I think it's almost limitless) and post it some time. This is a pretty nice phone beside my work mobile, a Blackberry Bold. I really feel grown up, what with my moving from music phones (I have had four Sony Ericsson walkman phones already) to smart phones. The yuppie life :)

Full specifications can be found here.
SG 551 picture obtained from this blog, which surprisingly, also has an owner with a Nokia C3 :P



  1. I'm starting to hate my C3 right now. It just dawned on me that everyone I know owns one. LOL. :P

  2. It's the new "mobile ng bayan" bro :P It's affordable, it has Internet access, and it has a qwerty keyboard.

    It's the new 3310!