Monday, 19 May 2008

Beaches, Here I Come!

For the next three days, I will be in Puerto Galera with friends.

It's time to kick back and relax.
No responsibilities in DT and Hobowars.
No MSN and YM chats with all of you. :(
Best of all, no Manila pollution! :D

It's time for some sun, sand, and sea.
Not looking forward to the 'sea' part. =/

Anyway, this is a scheduled post.
Have fun this summer people. :)


  1. waaa i wanted to visit that place again. try the mindoro sling. It took down 4 of my barkadas. LOL

    enjoy galera!

  2. beach... beach... *sobs*

  3. Joe: Bro I just got back!
    I didn't go for that one. Is that the Banana Boat? Where people sit on a banana-shaped boat towed by a speedboat then it takes sharp turns and try to throw people off? LOL.

    Tabs: Aww.. It was really fun! Too bad KL has no beaches! :P

  4. nope, mindoro sling is a drink :) forgot the ingredients though...

    you didn't try the banana boat? it's fun! in our last visit, our ride took longer than expected because no matter how sharp the turns were, we won't seem to fall off. LOL

  5. I was too scared to try it man. ROFL.
    I'm more of the snorkel-and-see-pretty-fishes sort of person. :P

    I don't drink hard stuff by the way.
    Not unless with family. :)

  6. i love snorkeling too! come to think of it, the best way to reach the snorkeling spots is by banana boats. Then when your ready to dive, they just flip you over and there you are swimming. LOL

    mindoro sling isn't a hard drink... for me at least. *grins* LOL

  7. Darn. I didn't go to the ocean snorkeling spots bro. My hotel had its own snorkeling area where they had corals and fishes. :P

    You're a true Pinoy, with a tolerance like that. :P