Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Random Day With Crew

I should have posted this a few days ago, but I was so caught up in my movinsanity. (I officially patent that word. I have a screenshot people. Don't cheat me.) Anyway, the remaining Skittlez who are not on holidays yet wanted to hang out with Ann one last time before she goes to Taiwan for three whole weeks.

Ann got a hold of my camera and snapped about 40+ pictures of herself, her shoes, and shots with us. ROFL. All girls love cameras it seems.

Aldz is blowing; Nica and Ann are smiling.

Krumpchinay. ROFL.

Dean of Funkstylers.

Nerdy Nica and Shady Ann.

Say cheese.

Ann and Dean.

Wind hitting Nica's hair hitting me.

ZOMG. Jay is a lala!

You can't be a Skittle if you ain't weird. LOL.

The cam-whore strikes! :P

*All the shots with shades? Those are mine. :D

Have fun in Taiwan Ann! No dancing for three weeks and lots eating. You're gonna get fat! ROFL. See you on my birthday sis.



  1. Haha. I didn't turn my head to fast. That was the fan blowing my hair in your face xD

  2. Oh yeah! :P I will edit.