Tuesday, 26 May 2009

21st Birthday Surprise

On the evening of the second day of our Baguio Adventure. :P

Thanks for the surprise babe. <3 :D
Thanks to all my friends, both from here and from back home, who sent a balloon message. :D


Baguio Day 2 (Part 2)

Day 2 of our Baguio Adventure (Part 2).

| Wright Park |

One of the prettiest parks in Baguio City, Wright Park features a nice long fish pond (I think it's a fish pond :P), and scenery that reminds me so much of Piasau Boat Club. :D This is also where one can go horse-back riding, which Gayle treated me to for my 21st birthday. :D

Horse-back riding. :D
My first time, and I have to say, it's a lot easier than it looks. Of course, the height at first is very surprising (I had a little vertigo), but after a while, one learns to just roll along with the horse. :D Awesome fun.

| Baguio Botanical Garden |

A park full of plants and flowers, as well as tribal structures, souvenirs, and statues. Wasn't too bad. :)

That's pretty much what we did on the second day.. Until my birthday surprise. :D


Monday, 25 May 2009

Baguio Day 2

Day 2 of our Baguio Adventure (Part 1).

| Baguio City Market |

We spent basically the whole morning at Baguio City Market, located near the middle of the city, and ten minutes on foot from our hotel. No price is fixed price here, and bargaining is the order of the day.

| Mine's View |

I am not too sure where the founders of Baguio came up with "Mine's", but this is supposedly a high point where one can enjoy the majestic spread of the Baguio Highlands. There are also a lot of tourist attractions like the posing St. Bernard dogs, dress-up as an Igurot tribesman, and enjoy a cup of strawberry-flavored soy drink (known to locals as taho).

St. Bernard dogs.

View from the peak.

Strawberry taho. Delicious!

Igurot tribal costume. I kinda enjoyed this the most. :P

| The Mansion |

The official summer residence of Philippine Presidents. The compound is huge, and most of the shots I took are zoomed in pretty far. I wanted a picture with the guard, but "for national security purposes" he wasn't allowed to. B.S. He just wasn't photogenic, that's all. ROFL.

And that concludes Part 1. :D