Thursday, 30 June 2011


This has to be the worst week of my 23 years.


Friday, 17 June 2011

DLSU 100 Years - The Centennial Tree

One of the most amazing videos for De La Salle University's Centennial Celebrations. This is the tree - the oldest one on campus - that is beside the walkway going from St. La Salle Hall to Yuchengco Hall, and in between the Marian Quadrangle and the Amphitheater. It should be familiar to the many generations of Lasallians that have passed by it while it stood a silent sentinel over all of us Greenies :)

Director: Mayk Juat
Asst Director: Ryan Dino
Cinematographer: Nix Lanas
Producer: Grays Pelayo
Editor: Thop Nazarano
Compositing: Mayk Juat


Thursday, 16 June 2011

DLSU - 100 Years of Lasallian Presence in the Philippines

Happy Centennial!

Today, we Lasallians celebrate our university's one-hundredth year in the country.

With the university's humble beginnings as De La Salle College located in a small corner of Paco, Manila, the De La Salle Philippines network has expanded into 17 schools and over 90,000 Lasallians.

I love this school.
I am a proud former student, alumnus, and staff member of this great academic institution.
Green Pride!
Animo La Salle!


Photo from here.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

PJ is 21

It's your birthday today, and you deserve the best :)

I wish you great health, happiness, academic excellence, and an even stronger faith. You have taught me so much, from dressing a lot better to praying more often. You are the best, the most beautiful, and the a person who inspires other people, myself included, to be much better.

Happy birthday my love :)


Tuesday, 7 June 2011


When the going gets tough or when your spirit is down, wear your dynamis on your chest.


One on Seven-Six

It's amazing how one of the things that set human beings apart from other creatures is the ability of humans to love, to genuinely care for each other. Protectiveness, territoriality, possessiveness, these are all animal traits in my opinion. Compassion, affection, and of course, love, are all very human, and it is made doubly better when one has someone to share it with.

Happy anniversary to us, for making the seemingly impossible a reality, and making our dreams come true. Thank God we found each other; no one else would be able to handle our individual craziness except each other :)

Yes, that is our favorite picture of us, and I believe it has captured our one year so far. Affection plus laughter has been our formula, and the compound produced is a strong and solid relationship. I am so happy and thankful to God for the blessing that is you.

Happy anniversary Pat Juat :*
The best companion, partner, lover, and bestfriend any man could ask for.
I'm just really lucky I have you :)


Friday, 3 June 2011

Samsung Galaxy 551

I finally invested in a smart phone.

It's been a long time coming, especially with my work, which involves being more organized than an archivist (that's part and parcel of working for a guy who's president of FOUR institutions). Also, after having my phone stolen, I really did need one. Why not splurge a little? :P

Introducing my Samsung Galaxy 551 Android phone :)

It's so gorgeous :D

PJ named it "Tasha", a direct partner to her N900 named "Tasio". Yeah, naming stuff. :P

Anyway, what I love the most about is that one, I actually saved up for it, two, it's an Android AND Google phone, and three, it has all the organizational tools I really need. I FINALLY have my Google calendar (which I have been praising to no end on my Twitter) with me always!

The interface is very customizable, which means that one can make it as personal as one wants. I'll probably take pictures of my screens (I set up three; but I think it's almost limitless) and post it some time. This is a pretty nice phone beside my work mobile, a Blackberry Bold. I really feel grown up, what with my moving from music phones (I have had four Sony Ericsson walkman phones already) to smart phones. The yuppie life :)

Full specifications can be found here.
SG 551 picture obtained from this blog, which surprisingly, also has an owner with a Nokia C3 :P