Saturday, 20 February 2010

Animo Alive! Culminating Night

My beloved De La Salle University - Manila's University Week, themed Animo Alive! comes to an end.. And Skittlez Crew, as the oldest and most recognized freelance dance crew in the university, performs yet again. :D

February 19, 2010. De La Salle University - Manila's Football Field.

Pictures to follow in the next post! Enjoy!


Friday, 19 February 2010

Animo Alive! Opening Night

Video is here, but these are some pictures of our performance. :)

Sometimes, DLSU-M is just so beautiful. <3
Animo La Salle!


Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Valentine's Day Fire

It was a 'hot' Valentine's this year.
The Saturday before the 14th, I stayed (as usual on weekends) at Julian's condo at EGI Taft Towers, right smack in the middle of the university. We were happily watching episodes of Man vs Wild when we heard some fireworks outside. We didn't really bother looking out.. Until we started seeing plumes of smoke outside the window. Julian's place is on the 22nd floor.

The street beside EGI, Castro Street (also the street where De La Salle University - Manila's varsity athletes are housed) had a fire; the construction-on-going building of Eton (that's the name of the developers I suppose). The fire was small at first, but it quickly raged. This was around 2230 hours. I ran down and checked out VSC (where a lot of my athlete friends stayed) and thank God they were being evacuated.

Around 0100 hours, power started going out along Taft Avenue. In the condo hangout gang, only Bea was missing, so I pick her up from Burgundy Transpacific (another condominium about three minutes from EGI Taft Towers). Power started going off again, and by now, there were about twenty firetrucks surrounding Castro Street.

At about 0200, we decided that the fires were looking pretty big, so we packed some overnight clothes (thankfully, this was all I had) and went to a place nearby and wait it out. Played some cards and ate a little. Around 0330 hours, the fires were under control and we went back to EGI. Rather exciting piece of action. I doubt anyone was hurt.

Some pictures courtesy of Bea's camera.


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Animo Alive!

A few hours ago, De La Salle University - Manila started its annual University Week. This year it is themed "Animo Alive!", and to kick it off, there was a "La Salle's Got Talent" competition. My crew performed before the announcement of winners.

(I am wearing a vest, with a light green bandanna off my pants)


Friday, 12 February 2010

Skittlez Powerhouse

It's almost four years of Skittlez Crew now, and I have to say that every year, the family just keeps getting better and better, stronger and stronger, and sicker and sicker. :D

We've got a very deep crew now, and it's absolutely fun choreographing stunt sequences (which I didn't know my mind could conceptualize) when so many members are flippers and high-flyers. It's certainly a step away from the "various styles showcase" that Skittlez is known for.

This year (this coming University Week, first day of the event) we're going to introduce some new stuff. My isolations choreography, some reggae choreography by Nica, and of course, 35 seconds of stunt sequence. We WILL definitely have some video of course, but for now, enjoy the following videos of my boys and girls. :D

I'm proud and honored to lead this magnificent crew.