Thursday, 1 May 2008


First of all, I will not do spoiler reviews anymore due to some reader feedback. :) I hope this new style is better. It will be nothing more than a review. :P

Here we go. Doom is another one of those movies based about a legendary video game and one of the best first-person shooter games ever created. If you're a guy and you are older than 18 years of age, you should have played Doom. If you haven't, don't come near me. :P

The movie initially promises to be a good one, with a pretty alright cast like The Rock (Walking Tall, WWE Wrestling), Karl Urban (Pathfinder), and Rosamund Pike (James Bond's Die Another Day). However, aside from the cast line-up, the movie was very disappointing.

The Rock's acting skills are found wanting again, with his cheesy oh-I'm-so-macho kind of persona. Yes, he had to act like that, and yes, he could have done so much better. He delivered his lines pretty alright, but some lines ("Semper fi!") are downright lame. Karl Urban was not used to the extent of his abilities, I felt. He is, in fact, the lead character, but as The Rock was more marketable, they probably concentrated on The Rock even if Urban was clearly the better actor. Pike's acting was horrible. I couldn't recognize the ice queen from Die Another Day and all I saw was a cold, chilling, and very plastic acting from her. Very disappointing.

Blood and gore scenes were awesome. Loved the ripped-off arm at the start. Very realistic. That was probably the only justice done to the original 'Doom' games.

What sets it apart from other video-game to movie flicks was that it actually had a first-person perspective. It was pretty nice, way better than playing House of the Dead. The transition from third person to first-person was done rather smoothly too. However, it wasn't very realistic, and Urban's fights during FPS-mode (first-person shooter) was downright comical.

Fight scenes were very mediocre. Not enough creativity; it was just let's-see-who-can-smash-the-other's-face-more type of fight scenes. Unbelievably boring.

Overall, a waste of 2 and a half hours of my summer holidays.
Plus the 6 hour download time. *sigh*



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