Saturday, 31 May 2008

Lift Off!

Thanks to Mum for providing the pictures.
It must have been awesome to watch!

Here is how a Space Shuttle launch looks like first-hand.

And while looking around, she also spotted a dolphin.

Must be good to be in Florida. :(

Miss you Mum.


Friday, 30 May 2008

Of Soph and Frosh

This post will explain my relatively quiet week in the blogosphere.
I am in my first term of my sophomore year in university, and it's been hectic. Since it's also the first term (which I missed last year due to my being in Miri for my A2-Levels finals) I experienced first-hand the flood of freshmen (or froshies) in La Salle.

There are a lot of them.

The annoying thing is, they clog up everywhere. Clog up the cafeterias, the bookstore, the library, everywhere. It annoyed me that they held up the bookstore lines so much buying books. In my 2 past terms there, I've only bought books very necessary to the course (the professor will tell you) and if they read their course syllabus properly, the books are mostly optional. *grr*

My subjects this term sound pretty alright. So far, only two subjects would seem to be really boring, which are Theology 2 and Personal Effectiveness 2 (a non-academic subject). It's going to be tough in Spanish 2, as my professor, Sister Doris, is from Colombia and speaks the barest English. I suppose my Spanish will get a lot better this term then. I have a feeling I will really enjoy Human Literature this term, as I'm pretty much a bookish guy (nerd comments not allowed), and calling me a mere bookworm is an insult and an understatement. So far this week, I am the only one reciting much in class. Hard to believe.

I have a strict professor in Speech Communication class, and this is one of those subjects I cannot afford being late or being absent in. She also enforces very strict dress codes. Let's see how it goes. So far it's been pretty good. I already have a classmate bragging about his wealth of general knowledge, but so far I'm keeping quiet in class, assessing the environment. We'll see if Mr. General Knowledge (who claims to get his smarts from TELEVISION) can handle St. Columba's walking encyclopedia. I get my rubbish from old school books. LOL. Nothing beats the printed knowledge. Always good to have a smarts rival here, since Nikki and Alan are not here. Miss arguing with you, sis. :(

Unfortunately for me, my Philosophy of Person class was dissolved due to lack of students, and I was forced to select a new subject. I could have opted not to enroll, but I believe this is a waste of money (only 90% rebate), time (3 free hours a week), and units (3 whole units!), so I chose a subject I wanted to enroll in anyway: Gender Studies. LOL. I wonder how it will go. Should be very informative. Ahaha..

So that's why Jay has been busy this week.
Plus I got suspended again in the DT forums for 'excessive spamming, arguing, mild flaming, and refusing to provide accurate translations'. LOL. My 6th suspension this year.


Smile and raen

Finally, after two years of bring brothers in a game, the two great DT friends meet. :) It was great to see you bro. Thanks for commuting all the way to Taft. :)

raen and STJ.

In every respect, Joe (aka SmileTheJoker) is a much better player than I am. With a fantastically strong account (300k population and 2 billion offense, anyone?) he is one of the best Filipino players in the DT world. :)

Glad to be your brother-in-arms bro. :)
Next excursion: With the entire Philippines United. :)


Thursday, 29 May 2008

Birthday at Jaipur

Got some friends and Skittlez together at our favorite dance spot for my birthday. :) I know I should have posted this almost a week ago, but the start of classes was really draining time away from blogging. :(

Anyway, thanks to my awesome family, Skittlez, for making my birthday really fun and enjoyable. I am so blessed and so glad that you guys found me, and took me in like family. I love you guys.

Neil (Krumpinoy), Gayle, and Decky.

With Gayle and Decky.

With C.L. of Krumpinoy and FloorGeeks.

Abby (one of Jaipur's promoters) and Ann.

Isolations. :)

Mico and Brent.

Gayle and Neil.

Decky and Ann.

Mico starting a flag.

James and a perfect handstand.

Gayle, Meg, Abby's sister, and Ann.

Thanks a lot guys! I had a lot of fun. :)


Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Tabs is 19

Happy 19th birthday, buds! :D

When I earned the name 'Nemo' at Subway. *grr*

Look at you. :) Getting old. :P

I wish you the very best in life Tabs. You've been a great friend, and an even better listener and my companion when my heart was troubled. Thanks a lot for the friendship and thoughtfulness you've given me for the past three years. :) Even as your DiGi and Maxis numbers hate me. ROFL.

Have an awesome Tabster birthday! :D

Much love from a friend who holds you dear.


Monday, 26 May 2008

"Up-Rock" This

Don't hate; appreciate.

Maybe you guys should really heed that advice. From one dancer to another. You probably don't all feel like you're the best crew there is, but certainly some members do.

We've got nothing against that. Skittlez policy has always been to appreciate dancing, dancers, crews, and cyphers. We understand that there are different styles, and different techniques. We understand that each and every crew has their own 'thing', and that each crew has their own pride and respect to keep..

But don't EVER act high and mighty around MY crew members.
Don't EVER flash your crew name at us, because frankly, no one knows your stupid 'up-rocking' crew.
Heck, you guys probably can't even up-rock.

Suck on that.

I don't care if you have hotshot choreographers teaching you.
I don't care that you were former REMIX champions.

You guys beating Skittlez by 0.4% in a school competition does NOT entitle you to act high and mighty. In fact, you should all be worried. You guys had hired choreographers, while we make our own moves.

Suck on that.

When you guys are ready to follow your mouth with your dancing, the Yuchengco Lobby or the Jaipur dance floor is always open.

Just remember one thing:

We've got everything.

Suck on that.


Danica is 18

Hey (little) sis.
Congratulations on becoming a young woman. :)
Have a good one in your debut.

Happy 18th!

Can you see my back? :P

Stop growing!!
You're so tall already. :P


Saturday, 24 May 2008

Jack's Loft

A simple birthday dinner with Gayle at Jack's Loft, a restaurant serving pretty good pasta, paninis, and sandwiches.

Located at Midtown Mall, Robinson's Place - Ermita, right beside Penang Hill.
I can foresee these two becoming stiff competitors for patrons, but at the moment, Penang Hill seems to be the more popular restaurant.

Jack's Loft.

Very cool menu.

That's art, yo. :) Thanks babe.

ZOMG, he's 20.


Jay needs his panini.

Blue Monkey and Red Bandana.

Pasta Alfredo.

Grilled chicken/Garden salad panini.

Thanks for the birthday dinner babe. :D

The food was pretty good, though the pasta servings are rather small. The panini, on the other hand, was HUGE. I couldn't stand up after finishing it. The potato crisps were kinda salty so I left them be.

The best things in Jack's Loft are the drinks!
Blue Monkey is a fruit shake with blueberries and banana, while the Red Bandana is made from strawberries and banana. The ingredients seem really dull and normal, but the way they mixed it was fantastic! I was pretty much drinking after every bite. LOL. It was that good. The glass is pretty tall, and very very filling.

So I had a pretty good birthday. *grins*
It's amazing that I managed not to go to the Prince of Jaipur with my crew on my birthday. LOL. I'm sure I'll find time. Soon. :)



I get to tick off another one in my wants list.

Thanks for the new pair of Havs, mum. :)
I love them.


Thank You!

To all who greeted me with wonderful birthday wishes, thank you!

Especially to Mum (thanks for the Havs!), Gayle Penaranda (I love the video! <3), Nicole Kuek (I love the surprise letter and the latest addition to my collection!), Tabitha Rani (for the blog post), Brent Chua, Nica Carlos, Redd Lim, Tiffany Racpan, Michael Decano, Sabs Pelino (hey churva), Patty Vasquez, Mico Lumanlan, Danica Bonayon (your birthday soon too! :P), Ann Chua (hi barug!), Rachel Reeni, Edric Kuek, Rachel Anne, Esther Yew, Franco Lim and family (I miss you, pops), Suneeta Sandhu, Ria Ambrocio, Joseph Pagsuyuin, Saran Tagal, Debbie Gana, Euphrasia Wong (cookie!), Lynda Law (yet another big sister), Aldz Go (don't ever call me an old fart again), Lizbeth Yap, Samreet Singh, Maebel Chan, Jacqueline Chong, Svend Laugesen (noob!), and Rosario Consador for the warm birthday greetings, presents, and thoughts in your messages.

To anyone else who wanted to wish me a great birthday but couldn't contact me (sorry, I was doing school stuff yesterday =/), thank you too. :)

To the management and other leaders of HOC:
What a wonderful thing to wake up and see that my hard work has paid off in the year of being in HOC, and see that I am now an Overlord. I look forward to serving the 600-something members of our Clan and making DT a horrible place for those who happen to be in the way of HOC. LOL. This was a great birthday surprise.

I'm twenty now, and looking forward to having more birthdays with all of you ragging me on how old I'm getting. :P


Friday, 23 May 2008

Jay is 20

That's right.
Happy Birthday to ME!

And yes, I am still a teenager.
I am simply twenteen anyway. Not that old yet.

Any present below RM100.00/P1500.00/$35.00/₤15.00 will go to the incinerator.
ROFL. Just kidding.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Puerto Galera Day 3

Final day in the sunny island of Puerto Galera. :(
Trying to get a bit of snorkeling done.
Other than that, nothing much planned, as we needed to be in Muelle Pier by 1pm.

Once again, breakfast at the rooftop. I could really get used to this. LOL. Seriously, who couldn't?

Getting some snorkeling done before we left.

A little bit of cam-whoring. :P

"I'm leaving Puerto.."

"Not that I want to.." :(

A guy's gotta go when a guy's gotta go. Even in a boat.

Leaving Muelle Pier and its cove.

We stopped by White Beach (around the island) to pick up some more passengers. This is White Beach as seen from the sea.

I'll miss waking up and seeing this.

On the bus home from Batangas.

Overall, it's been a wonderful holiday. What a summer trip! We almost canceled the trip because of bad weather which turned great just the day before we left. There were more friends who went to Puerto than I thought, which was really good. It sucks that none want to bring a camera close to the waves. LOL.

Aside from the horrific tricycle rates (P80 to go downhill to town, P100 to go back to Blue Crystal, and P200 from White Beach to Blue Crystal), the whole trip was pretty much enjoyable. Managed to get a shirt, lots of beach anklets and bracelets, some food to bring back, and collected some shells from all that snorkeling.

Fantastic holidays! I feel so relaxed and refreshed! The clean air every day was really good too. I miss Piasau Boat Club and Esplanade back home in Miri. :( I have to go there one day soon.

Summer, I never thought I could like you. :)