Friday, 16 May 2008

Goodbye From Wolf Pack

What can I say guys? You were all my family in this game we played called DT. We were the best, we were the most elite. Even though I was one of the youngest (in age, and in membership), I was very honored to have met all of you.

The following is the final WP message in DT Beta that I wrote for Wolf Pack's goodbye.

Greetings DT.

On this day, many WP leaders simultaneously retired.
Today, on the fifteenth of May, 2008..

Wolf Pack officially retires from Dark Throne.

From Wolf Pack leadership,

Goodbye Dark Throne

We came, we saw, we had fun.

This is the 200th blog post in my blog, and I get to tick off one of my goals on the right side of this page. I dedicate this post to the wonderful gaming family that I've met for the almost two and a half years as a DT player.

My mentor in the game, Phil (Methuselah_the_Great):
Man oh man. Thanks for all the lessons and teachings on how to become a leader. With you over my shoulder, I have become a respected figure in the game. Thanks for your most important lesson, which was that "members should always come before myself". Thanks for the MSN chats, the tips and tricks, and all the friendly banter we shared.

Another mentor in the game, Melissa {DracoD):
You were my 'aunt' in the game and you took good care of me. LOL. Especially with my forum behavior, when I would get suspended by the moderators. Thanks for the alliance management lessons, and I wish you and your family the best in real life.

One of the most important figures for me, Ranae (Quenb):
You were my 'mother' in the game, and you kept my temper in check. When I couldn't care less and just want to destroy other people's accounts, you reigned me in and taught me the value of patience. However, you were also one of the most ruthless Wolf Pack leaders ever, and you made it clear no one could mess with me. Thanks Ranae.

The Singaporean leader, Eric (kaiwen):
Boss! We never ceased to have fun with you, especially on MSN convos when we would mass accounts like crazy. I miss those 200k kills-a-mass that we did. Thanks for the advice, the contacts you got me, and the massing lessons. LOL. Have a good future with your wife, and don't forget to name your first kid Jason. LOL.

The genius, Thomas (fr33lancer):
You are wicked! You mastered the game dynamics more than anyone else in the game, and all your 'helps' for us Wolf Pack members made us the best group of players in the entire DT. Thanks for the leadership, especially in HOC.

Our official cheerleader, Jen (Nyeka):
Thanks for the cheering and behind-the-scenes help. Your hard work was instrumental in a lot of our victories, and I'm glad of the loyalty and friendship you gave to each and every wolf. It was nice to meet you Jen. Again, I wish the best for your family.

Our funny chicken, Jeremy (Thunderchicken):
I never understood the motivation behind your name, because you literally owned the 1-15 level range! You were one of our best people Jeremy, and it sucks to see you go. Good luck in your real life endeavors.

To my Wolf Pack brothers Zach (en_heaven), Sergio (limier), Juan (Dark_Curse), and Chris (kavanagh), we had some great times in the game didn't we? All the chaos we caused, all the players we made cry, all the wars we dominated. Wolf Pack will always be the best.

For all the rest of Wolf Pack who have not left the game yet, I look forward to us being the best again in DT Silver! We rocked DT Beta, and we will do so again in DT Silver. Wolf Pack may be retired, but for us still left, I'm sure there's still more to come.

Wolf Pack says goodbye to DT.



  1. I was never a part of Wolf Pack, but irregardless the valiant effort of WP to force such a huge war is a commendable effort in my book. If anyone should be hailed for such resistance against Dark Throne super powers, you and Wolf Pack are certainly among them, and to this I salute you.

    In another respect, you remind me somewhat of myself...I go on about this a lot but, Vampyric Legion was the same vision but it was forever cracked by the last DT war which had some 20,000+ on it. Yet, WP proved to be the better in the outcome. You are indeed a better proven leader and DT war time general than I was; Touche.

  2. Hey extacide.
    Nice to see a HOC member posting here.
    You give me far too much credit bro. After all, I learned from the best of the best. It is they who deserve the credit. :) That war you speak of, I think that before the WP vs Top 10, the biggest one was Default vs AMF.

    The legend of Wolf Pack will never die mate. :)

  3. ThunderChicken16 May 2008 at 11:13

    Well i did rule the 1-15 range well. I had the help of Shane and limier though. A lot of memories so many i don't think i can list them all.

    Rak: thank her for letting me into wolfpack. Without her letting me in i would of never had such a good time in darkthrone.

    QueenB: Many great times, BattlePack war. All that you have taught me about life and dt. :) enjoyed every moment of massing with you.

    Shane: Thanks for everything!!! Without you i would be a noob still doing my own clicks with a marco and logging in with emails and passwords. LOL Thankyou for teaching me php. This is something i never forget and use for a long time :) Everything else you helped me with also ^_^

    En_Heaven: Never really gotten to know you. I enjoyed the spamming and fun times on dt forum. Thanks for letting me in HOC ;)

    raenvanzur: Same as zach hell of a time talking with you and spamming with you on the forum. Wish i could of gotten to know you both better in beta. Cya all in silver.

    Limier: ah limier teaching me its ok for friends to mass friends and laugh about it later. Even if you didn't know it was me at the time of you massing me. Still had fun fighting with you in brasil vs amf.

    Thomas: Your not a bad as a person i thought you were when i first met you. Your really smart and have taught me alot about DT. Goodluck in real life. I think you make a great lawyer. (If i get into legal trouble can i call you?)

    Juan & Morty: the crazy ones who could kill anything in 100+. Had great times talking with both of you. Morty good luck with RL and you to juan. Maybe i see you guys in silver.

    To all the wolves i have forgotten: I'm sorry i forgotten you guys just to many. I miss massing with you guys and wish you the best of luck in real life!!

    Goodbye Dark Throne
    We came, we saw, we had fun.[/b]
    [i]The Fearless & Chicken have left Beta ;)[/i]

    ~May 15, 2008~

    WolfPack Forever in my heart!!!

  4. Jeremy, bro, that was touching. :)
    I came in after Phen (Raks) left, and handed WP to Quenb.

    Yeah, you ruled the 1-15 range. :P
    I ruled nothing but the ranges I can attack. LOL!

    If you play in Silver, you'll get to know Zach and I a lot better bro. LOL. We're probably going to play Silver seriously.

    By chicken-man. :)

  5. Shame to see WP go, but it tends to happen when great activity and RL collide. What can I say? You came, you played, and now you move on. Good luck with whatever you have planned for your futures :)

    And glad to have been of some service. Nacro won the contest I think, but it's cool seeing my avy used :P

  6. eN_Heaven / Zach16 May 2008 at 14:44

    For me, no words need be said about WP. What we did speaks for itself. Everyone involved knows who they are and what they did for the group. And I'm in the same category as you Jason - I'm one of the younger wolves. :p

    I'm uncertain about my future in DT, but rest assured that if I stay through Silver, I'll be right beside you Jason. :)

    And just because WP is gone doesn't mean the spirit won't live on. I'm pretty sure Sean and I have already found the right way to build an account in Silver so as to be an effective killer. All we need is to find a few more friends and think of a name. ;)

  7. Im sorry that WP disbands... ill miss you guys. Billions of kills... Respect!

  8. WP will leave a lasting impression on me, even in retirement. It was suppose to be the alliance that had no allies, nor dealt with any politics. And even though this vision of Raks didn't work quite how it was planned, WP still left it's mark on Beta.

    As a former co-leader, I am proud to say I was a member.

    I want to thank Jason, for saying such nice things about me. It's nice to know that I had an impact on some.

    I want to thank Ranae, Shane, Thomas, Limier, Jeremy, Kavanagh, Nick, Zach, Raks, and all other WP members for whom I served. It was a pleasure.

    Very few alliances were special to me in my DT career. Rise of Darkness, ThE Sw0rD, Sands of Hauhet, Invictus Decretum, High Offense Clan, and Wolf Pack were all special to me for one reason or another, and I'll remember all of them.

    All good things must eventually come to an end. But many times, that end is a new beginning. =)

    I apologize for not being on MSN very often, as most of you know I despise that filthy program. Plus as some of you know, I have been busy with other things. ^_~ If you wish to contact me on AIM, I will gladly give you my AIM. Send a message to Darkness_Defender, and I will add you. :)

    I miss you guys.


  9. Mucho respecto to WP
    <3 SaMoS

  10. What can i say...
    You were much more than a force to count with and you left a legend to speak of :)

    GL to all of you in real life!


  11. Have fun in life, and stay well, Raen!

    TNC Lord
    The First Murazor

  12. I wasn't around for much. But what I saw when I had the chance was a rare site. Online players acting cohesive as a family. It's a rare pearl in any game. Well done WP. Best of luck to you all in whatever you do. I hope you all sitll remain good friends.

    Oh and sorry none of you were as good as me :).


  13. i may have retired from DT a long time ago but I know what Wolfpack signifies. They are one of the prominent names in the DT alliances. I have friends from WP that helped me throughout my DT career. That's why it's sad to hear this news.

    What can i say but much respect to WP!


    ps: It's good to see familiar names here.

    Zup boss methy! =)

  14. I'm in WP since raks time. Long time here :(, will miss you all guys :(.

  15. Well this is getting to be a sentimental thread guys. =/

    I'll address each and every one of you. You all deserve that much.

    Obitus: Dude, you are one heck of a GFX artist. Remember that 'assassin' avatar I was using? That's a nice one bro. It's good to see you hitting with us now and then. Good luck to you man.

    en_heaven: Zach, you are undoubtedly one of my closest friends in the game. Thanks for the friendship and joint masses we did, as members of WP and TBR (which I left) and now in HOC and HS. I am looking forward to another few years of hard-hitting action with you. Together, we are the future of HOC man. :)

    nestor: Hey Viking! LOL. Hey man, thanks for the support and the hits whenever you did them. We appreciate it. :) Good luck!

  16. Methy: Phil!! Man, we missed you! I remember those MSN conversations where you told me several players (*cough* TUWF *cough*) secrets. ROFL. And man, thanks for the lessons in leadership. I wouldn't have made it this far in HOC (T&D), ID (Co-Leader), and a WP member without your guidance. You were one of the game's father figures (yeah, you're that old LOL) and you have my utmost respect.

    Have fun in your new job. ;)
    And no, I don't use AIM. :P

    Samo: Ah, you were one of the first to quit bro. We missed your presence in the HOC forums. Glad to still see you around the Beta forums though. I miss seeing your signature of the week entries too man.

    Mags: Hey man. Long time no see my old ID brother. What were you? The only Latvian player of DT? At least I think it was Latvia. LOL. Miss seeing you around too. So many people have quit. :(

    br3: Malaysian power! Bro, it was hard to take when I read TNC's retirement topic. Almost as hard to take as when I posted WP's retirement topic. We will miss your pwnage in the upper 100s. Congrats for TNC having 4/10 of the Top Ten largest army sizes. What an achievement. Malaysia Boleh!

  17. Jamie: LOL man. You quit far too long ago. :P And nope, I believe we were better. LOL. WP was the best that DT has ever seen. ;)

    Joe: Pare, I knew that when you saw this post, you'd see a lot of old names pop out here. I miss my 2.2 billion offense strike partner. :( In the end, Laz wins over everyone.

    not_alone: Hey there. I never had the pleasure of serving under Phen, but I heard that she was a great leader. She started WP after all. :) You're right, all the players will be missed.

  18. raen : well i never left :p i'm always in DT just hiding in the shadows plotting :)

    And lol i found another one Latvian player, although he's kinda n00b :)

    Back on topic : that's a shame indeed that so many not only great but also skilled warriors and gifted leaders have left.
    This day DT lost not only WP but also a great potential of community.

  19. LOL man. Show up in the HOC forums once in a while yeah? Nice to see you found a fellow Latvian. I remember when you proudly mentioned that you alone represented the entire Latvia. LOL.

    I'm sure some will be back in DT Silver. In case you didn't know, some members are also still lurking around DT under different names. ;) The legend of WP retired, but some members are still waiting and watching.

  20. what i have to say? everybody say everything so its hard and sad to see one of the best and great come to a end, WP i never was a member or something close, but in this final year i know many players who teach me what is WP, and WP is a very close group of friends that like very much each uther and DT...

    hope in silver i became a member of that clouse group.
    Cya bro

  21. Notick a.k.a. Ansemite17 May 2008 at 05:27

    I was never a part of WP, but I know many of you from Invictus_Decretum and later on from HOC. I tried to talk to Thomas once about getting into wolfpack I think, but then I went inactive on beta. Oh well, maybe in silver/gold.

    Good luck to all of you. Believe me you left a huge mark on DT. Would have been quite nice to stand beside my allies in TGL to fight you guys, but I chose to watch from the sidelines since too many of you guys are also in HOC. Good luck all of you who left DT for good, and the rest of you I'll probably meet several times in different DT builds and alliances :)

  22. Darktarzan: Well, the vast majority of the ID leadership were WP. :P There's Methy, QB, Nick, Zach, Mel, Kav, Jakob, myself, and a host of others. You're right. The game made us all a family. :) I look forward to meeting each and every one of them in RL.

    ansemite: I remember you. :) Ah, we tried to inject one last bit of activity in DT Beta, now that the vast majority of the players are moving on to other games, or to DT Silver. Yeah, you will still meet many of us. ;)

  23. "WP disbands"? This guy makes me laugh!

    I remember when Raks told me: "welcome to the pack". Until there I never imagine it exist. WP made me. \o_

    Shane with his big mind handles many worlds at same time. His day has 30 hours! It's amazing how a person like him could exist.

    Yow with his big heart is always there to help and to bring us hope. Also to do good business. ^^

    Juan the man of dreams shows us that everything is possible.

    Jason, once an enemy, now a real friend in arms. I'm sorry I couldn't do that last job, Laz owned me. =/

    Chicken, one bad word and I massed him for nothing. Than i discovered he is Jeremy! He assassinates my mercenaries as revenge was funny! lol

    Methy with the right words and slim swords.

    Raks the great mom. Always there to take our hand and shows the way.

    Ranae the evil aunt. Someday I'll pay her a bottle of vodka for the good masses and classes.

    Did Mel get the shoot? She can’t forget to post on forum! =D

    A little part of what WP is shows how big it is. WP is made by the wolves. Each member brings his identity into it and improves the pack more and more. Look what that little idea to nominate a group of friends who mass on msn become.

    It's amazing to see how a simple html code can change the life of different cultures and heads. Who imagined a russian laughing with a polish? Dt did it, Lazarus did it, WP did it.

    I don’t have words to say everything I would. Say "Wolf Pack" is more than enough.

    Thank guys, see you on msn.

  24. sad to see you guys go, but what a goodbye, out with a bang, hope you all had fun and move over to another game to own, hopefully one thats a bit better then dt:P

    take care

    WereWolf Legion

  25. Limier: Wow man, that was a great goodbye note. :) Yeah, it was amazing how the game brought people together. From Australia to America, from Brazil to Belgium, from Malaysia to Mexico, the game truly brought people together, and not a single group represented it any better than Wolf Pack.

    You guys will always be remembered by me, and I sincerely hope to meet each and every one of you one day.

    Don't worry about the 'last job' bro. ;) I got it taken care of.

    Take care my Brazilian brother. :)

    Roneel: Long time no see! We missed the firepower of ANZACS! LOL. Most of the other members like QB and DracoD have moved on to Metin, while people like Zach and I are keeping faith with DT Silver.

    We hope to see you there mate. :)
    We can always use some Aussie players.

  26. although we never meet at war and that I disliked the fact that WP was an msn alliance.

    I must confess that I respect many of the members...

    Since the leaving of Dead_Wizard, Sagramor, Conas, Knight_Chaos, Batista_Liedson, AsDeCopas and many more that I didn´t had this feeling of lost...

    Wish you success on RL!

    GoldenStrike Leader

  27. Hey, thanks for the comment. :)
    I see you mentioned some really great Portuguese names there, especially Dead_Wizard and Conas. I was fortunate enough to fight with Conas in High Stats Team at one point. :)

    Good luck to you bro.
    And good luck to Golden Strike. :)

  28. Sad to see WP go, they have been a force to not be messed with since I started looking at the forums. I was never a member but I would like to say that you guys changed the way I played, and it was always fun egging you all on in the Bounties forum(which were all eventually closed by Pus-Bald-Ex. =P

    Good luck to all of you, whether you are playing another game or occasionally viewing the forums and massing(you know where to find me, Raen, no excuse!)


  29. WP... hmmmmm an interesting alliance of people to whom I can only say very little, expressed themselves with a bullish nature, somehow devisive.

    I am neither sad nor happy WP have left beta... as for me it is only and will only ever be a game, with no consequence.

    It is my only regret, that Dracod never learned manners of a true lady, but then as a Brit I would say that.

    enjoy what you do now and in the future of your RL. I will not forget the rush of adrenaline each time I used to read those posts on the DT forum, fortunately I have tamed my fuse ;)

    Jay aka Flash

  30. SirRavenous: Thanks for the support bro. :) Yeah, I do hang out in Beta forums now and then (gotta know what's going on with the n00bs yeah LOL). In fact, I shot you an invite to my new MSN-based group. ;)

    Good luck to you too. :) I hope to see you in Silver.

    Flash: People are sad because they will probably lose contact with the friends they made in the game. ;)

    With that said, in defense of DracoD, it was a role-playing game, and the role she chose was this hard-hitting, hard-talking woman who should not be messed with. LOL.

    Thanks for writing a comment. :)

  31. I wish I could've said I was part of Wolfpack at one point. But I can't. This unexpected leave of such a great alliance is truly a disappointment.

    And a history to be lost... unless it is messaged to me. ;)

  32. Don't worry Casey.
    A lot of members will be moving to Silver, and who knows, maybe we can create a new breed of wolves there. ;)

    Yeah, I myself do not know the pre-QB history of WP. :P