Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Skittlez Crew Total Body Conditioning Circuit

The current conditioning circuit I designed last month for my dance crew. 
Major focus on short-duration endurance, core strength and stability, and flexibility
Feel free to get for your personal use.

Running our way to be the fittest crew!

Brisk walking (2-3 minutes)

Cardio Conditioning
3km run (20 minutes max)

Strength Conditioning
Crab-walk pushups (1 minute, 2 sets per side)
  1. Assume the pushup position. 
  2. 'Walk' towards the left by bringing the right hand and right foot simultaneously towards the left hand and the left foot. 
  3. Now extend the left hand and the left foot to the left. You should be back at the pushup position once more. 
  4. Do one pushup. 
  5. Repeat from the beginning. 
  6. After the designated time/distance, rest 30 seconds and repeat going to the right.

Hand-walk with pushups and hamstring stretch (1 minute, 2 sets)
  1. Assume the hamstring stretch position (bend over and touch toes, keeping knees locked). 
  2. Slowly 'walk' the hands forward in a controlled motion until you read the pushup position. 
  3. Do one pushup. 
  4. 'Walk' your feet forward, keeping hands/fingers on the ground until you reach the hamstring stretch position once more. That's one repetition. Repeat for the designated time/distance.

Walking lunges (1 minute, 3 sets)
  1. Stand with feet shoulder-width. 
  2. In one controlled motion, lunge forward with the right leg. 
  3. Upon landing, the forward (right) leg should maintain a 90-degree angle; knees will not go past toes (do not lunge too far forward). Left knee should be 2-3 inches from the ground. 
  4. Push up with the right leg and lunge with the left leg. 
  5. Repeat for the designated time/distance. 

 Wheelbarrow carry (1 minute, 2 sets per position)
  1. Assume the pushup position. 
  2. A partner will lift your legs. Keep your core tight; body position should be as if doing a plank. 
  3. 'Walk' forward with your hands, keeping the core tight all the way for the designated time/distance. 
  4. For the next set, assume the role of carrier, lifting partner's legs this time. Throughout this part, keep your chest out and your back stable.

Cooldown Jog
2km (14 minutes max)

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