Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Opposable Thumb

One really appreciates the uses of one's thumb - especially the one on the dominant hand - when it is injured.

In my case, it's possibly fractured. Swollen, bent to one side, and really painful, I have never imagined how much it would hurt to do the simplest things such as hold a spoon properly, use chopsticks, or even open the sink tap. :(

Oh, have I mentioned how really painful it is?

No medical attention to it until after our dance competition though.. It's going to be weird for me to dance with a braced right thumb. Prayers would be nice though.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Of/For/By The People.. NOT

My own government has screwed my family.

And to think that this is my field.. understanding international relations and government institutions. It makes this infinitely worse. Understanding and knowledge amplifies the pain.

I can never forgive you, dear government.


Sunday, 26 September 2010


"You know you're good when you've got haters."

Michael Decano, first papi and founding member of Skittlez

Looking back at that one audience member's heated reaction and text message after the Remix 2010 Eliminations, Decky was correct in his quoted observation. After all, winners will always have their share of destructive criticism, and the funny thing is, comments can be thrown all around, but when it comes to actually meeting and settling things on the dance floor, them naysayers are always found wanting.

Always found wanting. :)

Win or lose, I am most definitely in Skittlez Crew.


Saturday, 25 September 2010

A Deed is a Deed is a Deed

A deed, no matter how good (or bad) will always have a consequence.

I didn't even really think twice when it came to giving that assistance, and judging from my past experiences the past few months vis-a-vis the way I have been treated, I could come to regret it one day. It has caused conflict and ill feelings.

BUT.. Something in me compels myself to help whenever I am able to, wherever I am able to, whoever I am able to, and most importantly, however I am able to.

We can all only hope, in retrospect, that the 'consequence' for such a deed is indeed positive, because no (good) deed goes unpunished.


Well, at least I hope so.


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Blame Game

When one has a choice, then one is fully accountable for one's actions.

There is no use looking 'out' of ourselves and pinning the blame - directly or indirectly - to anyone else. There are times when we simply must 'put up, or shut up'.

Enough said.


Monday, 6 September 2010

Shake That Thang

Enough said.

It's like watching a BigMac bootyshake.


Sunday, 5 September 2010

Stop It, Seriously

The art of krump is culturally significant to many people in the United States, and spiritually significant for many more krumpers around the world. It's a sacred dance, to an extent, and its traditions and methods must be respected.

Seeing respected commercial dancers and celebrities "attempt" to perform the art of krump on noon-time shows is pretty disgusting. The elements? Gone out the window. The foundations? None whatsoever. Character? Forget about it. *sigh*

What saddens me, as a krumper and a lover of the krump culture, is that people I meet have this wrong idea of krump because of what they see on television. The perception that it's "all anger and violence" is highly unfair and unjust to a bona fide art.

This must be corrected, for the sake of a beautiful culture and art form.


Thursday, 2 September 2010

It's a Different Kind of Feeling

I went to the College of Liberal Arts office to get (yet another one) my Dean's List certificate for last term, and I checked the enrolled undergraduates' list.

My name is not there anymore.

Letting the fact that I'm no longer a student of De La Salle University - Manila in a couple of weeks sink in is much harder than I thought. I love this university. I really do.