Thursday, 29 May 2008

Birthday at Jaipur

Got some friends and Skittlez together at our favorite dance spot for my birthday. :) I know I should have posted this almost a week ago, but the start of classes was really draining time away from blogging. :(

Anyway, thanks to my awesome family, Skittlez, for making my birthday really fun and enjoyable. I am so blessed and so glad that you guys found me, and took me in like family. I love you guys.

Neil (Krumpinoy), Gayle, and Decky.

With Gayle and Decky.

With C.L. of Krumpinoy and FloorGeeks.

Abby (one of Jaipur's promoters) and Ann.

Isolations. :)

Mico and Brent.

Gayle and Neil.

Decky and Ann.

Mico starting a flag.

James and a perfect handstand.

Gayle, Meg, Abby's sister, and Ann.

Thanks a lot guys! I had a lot of fun. :)


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