Thursday, 1 May 2008


Oh boy!!

Here we go again! From the ACDC challenge on M%Ms Crew, ACDC has finally uploaded their reply!

As if their crew was not strong enough, they brought in even more names this time.
Their new members include:
Dave Scott, one of the choreographers for You Got Served
Jamal Sims, choreographer
Robert Hoffman, protagonist of Step Up 2: The Streets

And my personal favorites!!

Chris Brown and JabbaWockeeZ!!!!

It's over, Mandy and Miley!
It's OVER.

This battle has officially gone to new heights.
I doubt M&M can beat this one.

The biggest online dance battle has taken dancing to a new level.



  1. k... now i'm curious on how M&Ms gonna reply bac... ACDC u guyz rulez!!! *speechless*

  2. shytee.. adam is insane! and i love the mirror effects.

    but wait.. lindsay lohan at the end part...? -_-

    and screw channing tatum, i want chris brown. =D

  3. LOL!!! tabs, very fast u change ur taste... wow...

  4. sorry carmen.. i'm just a sucker for guys who dance... lol

  5. Carmen: #1 - Well in my opinion as a battle dancer and a big fan of battle dancing, it's over. Yeah, M&M has great breakdancers, but come on. ACDC has dancers from almost every style.

    Tabs: #1 - Yeah. I don't get the Adam Sandler thing either. ROFL.

    Carmen: #2 - She's only like that when it comes to her crushes. ;)

    Tabs: #2 - Is that so..? :P ROFL.

  6. you should know Jay. One of the sebab for JrTc remember? =)

  7. Tabs: Benar jua. :P Ahaha! Yeah.. Definitely a major reason. :)

    Joe: Pre, pwnage does not begin to start describing what ACDC did to M&M. :) Let's see which dancers (who are still willing to go against ACDC) their money can buy.

  8. It's over na for M&M hahahaha
    The way they talk irritate me. RAR. =|

  9. ACDC did throw a bomb on M&M but lets give them a chance to reply. hehe. I'm hoping this battle lasts for another two or three more videos. ^_^

    But if not, I wonder who's next?

    Featured this post of yours in my blog as well ^_^

  10. Stupendous!!

  11. Gayle: Said like a true battle dancer. :)

    Joe: Yeah. I want to see what their money can buy. I personally want to see them buy Kaba Modern, the crew tipped to give JabbaWockeeZ a big challenge in 'America's Best Dance Crew'.

    Thanks for the feature. :)

    Zee: Agreed.

  12. OMG! amazzzzing. but diana ross?! LOL. personally, i can't stand miley cyrus. i so do not get the whole hannah montana craze.

  13. Hey ya. Yeah, it was pretty much amazing from start to finish. ROFL at Diana Ross. :P It's like, ACDC also showed that their crew is really fun and not just about battling.

    Hannah Montana is a bunch of nonsense.

  14. Wow! They really make body to speak.. like a tongue.


  15. Welcome to my blog YC. :)
    ROFL. That's one heck of a new metaphor. :P

  16. Just to add..
    Lacey Schwimmer is featured there. :)
    She's the US Youth West Coast Swing Champion. I LOVE WEST COAST SWING.

    I'm going to be fair and I'm going to wait for M&M's response. After all, they got my vote in round1. If ACDC wins this round it'll be a tie for me. :)

  17. Hey Nica. :P
    Ahaha.. The moment ACDC had Chris Brown and JabbaWockeeZ, it was already clear which camp I'll be on.

    However, in the interest of dance, I sincerely hope M&M can put up a good crew, so that we will have at least 2-3 more responses. :D