Thursday, 8 May 2008


Definitely one of the freshest movies I have ever seen in my life. Well-written, -directed, -acted, and -executed. This is one of the smartest scripts I have seen.

Many movies try to tackle teen problems but in my opinion, Juno presents it the best. The dilemma of a teenager's life was beautifully played out by a relatively unknown cast (certainly not cashing in on big teen names) such as Michael Cera and Ellen Page. Page is not only unbelievably cute, she has this mature aura around her character. You can really see character development in this movie, and though relatively low-budget (a mere $8 million), it has gone on to become a $224 million hit.

I love the way the story progresses and how the characters developed with it. It was really good. I can't even describe it. You just know it when you see a good and original storyline, with excellent character development. I keep repeating that. LOL. That's because that for me, was what made Juno such a good movie. Even the soundtracks complemented the plot really well.

To the writers, directors, producers, cast, and all involved with Juno, you guys are pwnage. You proved that fresh and great flicks do not have to rely on heavy budgets and stellar cast (it has Jennifer Garner though, but her role was pretty meek. To her credit, she still played it well).

For an original storyline, tender scenes, street smart lines, spectacular character development, and excellent plot sequence, Juno, you are one of the best movies I have ever seen.




  1. juno is one of the best movies i've ever seen. ^_^

    I have heard comments saying that that type of parental reaction to their daughter getting pregnant seen on the film won't be happening here in the Philippines for another million years. LOL

  2. Juno is the SHIZ, yo! :))
    End of story. :D

  3. Joe: That's because we're letting tradition blind us sometimes. :) If it happens, it happens, and the only thing a parent can do is to make sure his/her child learns something from it.

    Darryl: Damn right. :D

  4. though you can't blame them that much because the instinct to protect their daughters will kick in in those type of situations. Maybe it has something to do with trust. I dunno...

    but I think our society is close to having open-minded parents like those especially now that the average age of early pregnancy is dropping. (astonishingly fast actually IMO) =|

  5. I would never have believed that. :P
    This is the only place I've been where a lot of girls are pregnant before they hit 20.

  6. haha, i didn't really enjoy the movie. i felt it was kind of slow even though the main actress played her role quite well. btw, haven't heard from you for quite some time. how are you?

  7. Aww.. Too bad you didn't enjoy it. :(
    I've been great. Yeah, it has been quite a while. I'll try to hit you up on MSN when I get back home later yeah.

  8. ahah, i guess it wasn't my type of movie :). i liked the soundtracks though! yeah sure...

  9. Yes. The soundtracks were very mellow and really provided the atmosphere for the scenes. :) I think they won some awards for their musical score.