Saturday, 10 May 2008

No Place for Gadgets

I am just really annoyed with people in the LRT.
Specifically, those who feel like they need to show what they have.
Who cares about what they have?
Well, probably some people do.

I especially get ticked off by those who do not switch their phones to silent when they go out. Personally, my phone never rings unless I am at home, and that is also quite rare. The vibrate function is there for a reason, people! Common etiquette! What's the worst of the lot? Easily the following:

- Using a full song for a message tone.
- Letting the bloody song play until end.
- Loud alert tones.
- Waiting for the tones to end before picking up.
- Talking SO loudly about rubbish.
- Shouting on the phone.
- Choosing annoying songs as alert tones.
- Those bloody monotone alerts.

Seriously, it does not take a person 3 bloody minutes to check if you do not recognize the number. If you recognize the number, answer it, and talk discreetly. If you don't, then don't bloody pick it up! Why must you wait 2-3 minutes, looking at your phone's screen, and wondering who it is? And what's the big idea with choosing stupid melo-dramatic songs as your tones? It just makes no sense! I mean, the tones are there to alert of an incoming call or text, because presumably, you are waiting for an important one. But if you're going to let everyone hear the excruciating sounds out of your phone, then you, my dear inconsiderate traveler on the public transport system, needs to stay at home.

This one gets on my nerves too. Why do people think it's perfectly acceptable to cam-whore in a crowded LRT car? As anyone from any city would tell you, LRT cars, when full, do not have enough luxury space. You are supposed to sit/stand at your place, and avoid bumping into people and being a general dork. Tell that to the stupid girls who take out their pathetic Nokia phones and start cam-whoring in a crowded LRT car! During rush hours, Manila's LRT cars are literally over-flowing, and the last thing anyone needs is a pair of giggling girls doing 'kawai' poses and bumping people as they try to hold their phones at a distance. Seriously, we need to make laws against these.

Oh and how about those PSP buggers? Yeah, we understand. You're thirty years old, and your parents never bought you a Sega Genesis, so you buy a Sony PSP and play it on maximum volume in an LRT car. I got one thing to say to you: I hope it gets stolen. Yeah, you have a cool gadget, but you don't need to flaunt it! Hasn't anyone learned yet that you should never show expensive electronics in a public transport? Dumb-ass.

Last and worst of the lot. Experiencing this, I had the hardest time controlling myself from walking over and smashing their gadget. Ladies and gentlemen, in an LRT car, two women brought a portable DVD player with plug-in speakers. And guess what? They played some Chinese drama (Meteor Garden) inside the LRT, with the sounds on full volume. *grr* You should see the faces of the other people in the LRT car. Hello! Newsflash! Meteor Garden is SO 2001! You want to appear cool, then watch Heroes or Lost but I suppose we can't help double-digit IQ citizens. I knew a lot of people love to show-off, but this one takes it to another level. It's so ridiculous it's not even funny. I might end up ranting for another hour, so I'll stop now.

Sometimes, I am just so euphoric when the LRT car's doors slide open and I escape the idiocy of some of the people who use the public transport.

If only it wasn't so darn convenient.



  1. omg Meteor Garden..... i forgot those series even exist.

    Letting the bloody song play until end--> this is bloody annoying especially when the tone is Britney Spears- Gimme More. omg kill me already.

  2. ROFL. Meteor Garden is so famous here! The sad thing is, a lot of people don't seem to realize how old that stupid series is.

    Oh, the ring tone I specifically hate is Gwen Stefani's Sweet Escape, especially when it plays to the end, and so many people have it.

  3. public transport does produce weird things huh? LOL

    I can tolerate those long ring tones if the phone is used by an old person who is trying to look for it in their bag or if they can't read the screen easily but to those that can, they have got to be f* kidding me! good thing it doesn't happen to me everyday ^_^

    you know, I think i've heard of that meteor garden? let me see... hmmm... I can't seem to remember when... Maybe I saw it in a book Time of the Dinosaurs or something. all i know is its old! LOL

    (that sounded like I'm really old with Alzheimer's LOL)

  4. LOL man. You're not that old.
    And I have yet to see an old person who receives calls in an LRT. :P

    Yeah, the people who let their phones ring are not old, and they are holding the goddamn handset.

    It happens to me at least 3-4 times a week. Considering I take the train back and forth when I go to a mall, that's almost a guaranteed case when I use the LRT on a particular time.

  5. Homaygad. =|

    Good for you because 3-4times a day only, but me? nyay... =/
    And because of them I'm starting to hate Gwen Stefani already hahahaha

    And oh, you forgot to write that most of those "jologs" or wannabes love to flash their gadgets pretending to read a message or whatever when obviously they just want to show off. RAR.

  6. That's the thing. They're just jologs.
    They can flash their gadgets all they want. Remember what my mum said? Those who do not really have, love to show what they have. Those who really have some nice things just keep it on the low, because they know they don't have to show off.

    ROFL. You use the LRT like 10-12 times a week at least.

    *Untuk pembaca rakyat Malaysia, jologs bermaksud ucak.

  7. Yep hahaha So true!

  8. Yep. So let's just smile knowingly next time. :)

  9. Yeah. hahahahahaha

  10. Hehehe sadness! Letting the song play until the end is just stupid. What if the person hung up, anyway? Every time my phone rings I scramble to pick it up, and I've got a nice ringtone if I do say so myself, but I still feel I should pick it up ASAP, lol.

    Interesting. I've just realised that none of my British friends (ok. Like, the few five that I hang out with) don't have popular songs as ringtones. Admittedly some of the ringtones are a bit odd-sounding, but they're not songs, and I hardly ever hear a phone go off on the bus to and from uni. Odd. I see people talking on the phone a lot, though...

    Err. Thirty-years-old and PSPing in public? Weird!

    The Meteor Garden one is so ridiculously terrible it's funny. Lol. For me, who is hearing it as a story and didn't actually have to live through it. Haha.

  11. Hey sis!
    I know it's stupid. It's horribly stupid. As I argued, isn't it obvious that ring tones are supposed to make a person pick up their phones ASAP right? That's why it's called a 'call alert'. *sigh*

    LOL. My ring tone is Daughtry's Crashed, but it's rare to hear it as my phone is on vibrate almost 24 hours.

    The British, being British, won't be the type to bother others with ring tones in public. I bet they bother fellow pub-goers though. LOL!

    Meteor Garden was one of the most ridiculous series ever created, successful in making silly girls go ga-ga over pretty boys.