Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Puerto Galera Day 3

Final day in the sunny island of Puerto Galera. :(
Trying to get a bit of snorkeling done.
Other than that, nothing much planned, as we needed to be in Muelle Pier by 1pm.

Once again, breakfast at the rooftop. I could really get used to this. LOL. Seriously, who couldn't?

Getting some snorkeling done before we left.

A little bit of cam-whoring. :P

"I'm leaving Puerto.."

"Not that I want to.." :(

A guy's gotta go when a guy's gotta go. Even in a boat.

Leaving Muelle Pier and its cove.

We stopped by White Beach (around the island) to pick up some more passengers. This is White Beach as seen from the sea.

I'll miss waking up and seeing this.

On the bus home from Batangas.

Overall, it's been a wonderful holiday. What a summer trip! We almost canceled the trip because of bad weather which turned great just the day before we left. There were more friends who went to Puerto than I thought, which was really good. It sucks that none want to bring a camera close to the waves. LOL.

Aside from the horrific tricycle rates (P80 to go downhill to town, P100 to go back to Blue Crystal, and P200 from White Beach to Blue Crystal), the whole trip was pretty much enjoyable. Managed to get a shirt, lots of beach anklets and bracelets, some food to bring back, and collected some shells from all that snorkeling.

Fantastic holidays! I feel so relaxed and refreshed! The clean air every day was really good too. I miss Piasau Boat Club and Esplanade back home in Miri. :( I have to go there one day soon.

Summer, I never thought I could like you. :)