Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Rolls and Shades

The stupidity of some people really escapes me.
Especially when those guilty of this are mothers.
This particular woman puts to shame the phrase, "Mother knows best".

Because she obviously doesn't.

At Quirino Station (one station past where I get on) a lady climbs aboard with a big bag. She was with her two young children, and I estimate their ages to be 6-7 for the boy and 3-4 for the girl. I was standing (it's normally very hard to get a seat on the LRT) and initially they were too, until a man went off at Pedro Gil Station (right after Quirino).

So Mother sits down, and Little Girl leans on her lap. Son holds the safety handrail beside Mother. Then the events at United Nations Station (right after Pedro Gil) would mark a woman's futile attempt at liquid control and expose her double-digit IQ.

Little Girl starts vomiting. A lot of vomit. The vomit is liquid. Son starts laughing at Little Girl. What does Mother do? She takes a roll of toilet paper. Clever isn't it? But what do we do when we want to clean up a mess using a loo roll? We wrap some up on one hand and tear this off to clean up the mess, right?? Oh, not Mother!

She held the entire roll in front of Little Girl's mouth.

That's right. Little Girl's vomit was just soaking and splattering off the thick paper cylinder. Oh. My. Lord. The looks on everyone's faces were just, "WTF is she doing??". What was more amazing was the fact that she was trying to wipe her daughter's face with the dry parts of the soaked loo roll. I guess she doesn't know how to use one.

The carnage was fantastic. I swear I didn't know how much a little girl could puke out. It must have been the size of a 'Bubur Ayam McD' bowl (that's the McDonald's porridge we have in Malaysia). It was that much. So here we go. Laws of physics 101: Inertia. As the LRT coasted to a stop at Central Terminal (right after U.N. Station), the girl's vomit started rolling forward. It was horrendous. And guess what? They got off here. *GRR* Mother just stood up, grabbed Little Girl, and climbed off the carriage. Yes. She left the uncleaned river of vomit behind. The smell was awful.

Obviously, no one sat at the seat she vacated, as there was a pile of icky stuff right in front. However, this 'cool' looking guy, obviously a poster-child for Fitness First climbs aboard, looking tough in his tight shirt, Nike shoes, and Oakley shades. He walks towards the empty seats and steps on the..

Well, you get the feeling that his shoes won't be smelling nice after that.
And the shades did not help.


Sunday, 27 April 2008

Ms. King Kong

This is the first post of my new series called..

LRT Tales.

I use the LRT almost on a daily basis. It's cheap, very efficient, and pretty fast. Yeah, it's cheaper to use the jeep but with the pollution at Taft Avenue, holy cow. :/

Anyway, I have told so many stories to friends here about my experiences in the LRT that I thought, hey, might as well start a series on it (like my short-lived but extremely popular series called F.U.C.K. which does not stand for any profanity).

Here's one of the funniest (read: most gross) stories.

Last week, while using the LRT to go for dance practice with Redd, our coach and friend from G-Force, I was pretty happy to find that there was a seat vacant (extremely rare; Manila's population does not permit empty seats LOL). When I am in the LRT, I usually look down, or play games in my phone. Unfortunately.. I saw a pair of legs across me. A woman's legs. A woman's very hairy legs.

How hairy can it be, you might ask. It's like this. It's HOLY **** kind of hairy. Like, "DAMN!" kind of hairy. You get the picture. It was insane, and I was SO bothered! After a few minutes, I couldn't stand it anymore, and I HAD to tell someone. The last three numbers I texted were Gayle, Redd, and Ann, so I sent them a text about this ridiculously hairy woman across me. Ann and I had a hilarious conversation then.

(Italics are Ann's)
OMG, I just saw the hairiest legs on a woman I have ever seen!
Hahahahahahahahahaha.. Laughtrip..
Seriously, the legs are ZOMG-hairy. I'm so bothered now sis.
Maybe it's not really a woman..
I'm sure it is.

Then, I stupidly looked up.
I can confirm, it was a woman.. but..
I saw a moustache.

Holy shit.. She has a moustache!
Hahahahahaha.. It's a man! Can't be a woman!
But I can bet it's a woman. I'm sure of it.
Take a picture!

And I did.
I was so scared! I didn't want to appear like a sick pervert, but OMG, a shot must be taken of those King Kong legs. I was pretending so hard to be playing a game, but my camera is at the back, which means it's so obvious if I snapped a pic! I managed to, but it was a bit too blurred. I was shaking a lot. ROFL.

Note that it's damn blurred. But you can clearly see a black fuzz on the legs. Eww.

Ok, I got a pic.
Wahahaha.. Show me at the studio later!
It's kinda blurred, but we'll see.
Hahaha.. I can't stop laughing. It's my YM message now.

Ann had fun, and I was scarred for life.


Last Jaipur of Summer

Last Jaipur dance session with my Skittlez for the summer. :(
Decky is in the USA. Ann will be going to Taiwan. Nica will be going to Boracay. Brent and the LSDC guys have lots of training for Animo Squad. Our UP-Street friends have gigs and training.
And I will be going somewhere.. ;)

So before everyone leaves, we decided to have one last dance outing at our usual place.
Had fun with a few new guys, like Dean and Jeff of Funkstylers and C.L. and Lawrence of Krumpinoy.

My girls. ROFL.

Dean Sachi of Funkstylers.

Ann, Bianca, and Gayle.

Dean and bootyshake. LOL.

Looking on the cypher.

C.L. and his afro can just about kill anyone. Krump + breakdance!

How low can Dean go?

Lawrence (Krumpinoy), Jeff (Funkstylers), and Orwayne (Krumpinoy).

While Bianca is tearing up the floor..

..Brent looks like he might need CPR. ROFL.

Aww.. The breakdancer and the Krumper. :)

I'm going to miss battling with you guys. :(
No Skittlez until almost June!

Happy summer holidays, my family!


Saturday, 26 April 2008



Thanks to the Red Skittle, Nica's blog post which alerted me to this godawesome event.
Her blog post on this if you are her contact in Multiply can be found here:
Nica's Site

The biggest online dance battle has been issued.
The cast of Step Up 2: The Streets has issued an online challenge to the Mindy and Miley Show Crew.

The ACDC (Adam/Chu's Dance Crew) consists of the following (insane) dancers:
Luigi, Chris Scott, Harry Shum, Legacy, Moy, Flea Rock, Flipz, Milky, Casper, Chopper, Corn Bread, Kinto, Britain, Deuce, Free, Ebony, Raquel, H20, Flat Top.

The M&M Crew consists of the following (very big) names:
Shonnie, Aja, Ashley Nino, Maryss from Paris, Keeley Kaukimoce, Katie Orr, Alison Faulk, Teresa Espinosa, DJ Angie Vee, Osea Kaukimoce, The Gayliens.
B-boys: Steelo, Do Knock, Spee-d, Wonder, Energetic, Lil Rock, Crumbs, Lil Bob, Nabil, G-Wiz, Koncept, Peetthasho, Friction, RockSick, AngeliVex
B-girl: Shorty

The ACDC Challenge video.

The M&M Response video.

Once again..


Thursday, 24 April 2008

Dance Showcase

The dancer's haven, Prince of Jaipur held a dance showcase for freestyle dancers around Manila. It was partly organized by our very own Orange Skittle, Ann Chua. :)

Over four hundred freestyle dancers came and it was a huge blast! That's 'success' if I ever saw one. Of course, several crews stood out, like The Battle Crew and Funkstylers. I felt so happy when "Skittlez Crew" was also mentioned in the P.A. :) Damn. We're getting famous! ROFL.

Gayle, Jeremiah (UP-Street), Ann, and Brent.

Brent and Kim.

Von versus Vimi, both from UP-Street.

Abby versus Ann.

Gayle as gorgeous as always. <3

Someone's really feeling the groove. LOL.

Gayle and Ann planning their battle victim.

Gayle and Ann tag-team combo.

Boom baby. :)

Much apologies for lack of pictures of the insane b-boys, Krumpers, strutters, and pop-lockers for not having their pictures here. I was busy dancing/battling in cyphers too and I didn't manage to snap some pictures. :(

What an awesome event!
Good one Ann, Abby, and the rest of the organizing committee!


Monday, 21 April 2008


With regards to a certain Mr. Someone, a picture taken by you was removed from the post below. I refuse to give you credit simply because the photograph was posted on a publicly-accessible site, namely Multiply and there was no distinguishing water-marks or copyright labels on any of the pictures.

First, I did tell you in your site that "I took some pictures". You might have taken the pictures, or you might not have. Simply put, you were not holding your camera the entire time, no? :) Therefore, you do not own some of the pictures yourself, which means you have no right to post them in your site, since that's the argument you are giving me.

Secondly, Multiply is a public site. It is a public domain. The public domain is a range of abstract materials – commonly referred to as intellectual property – which are not owned or controlled by anyone. The term indicates that these materials are therefore "public property", and available for anyone to use for any purpose. If you have a problem with anyone taking a picture, stop posting them on public domains. Unless you have a copyright, you cannot ask for recognition. Which goes back to Point #1. A lot of the pictures were not taken by you, and therefore you have no right to claim ownership on them.

Thirdly, you have no control over the pictures you take, because once again, they are posted publicly with no distinguishing labels or water-marks, nor did you register the pictures as purely your work and no one else's. You did not claim exclusive rights to your pictures. :)

Fourthly, since you brought up a case of infringement, these are the cases covered by them:
# makes unauthorised copies e.g. burning music files or films on to CD-Rs or DVD-Rs;
# distributes, sells or hires out unauthorised copies of CDs, VCDs and DVDs;
# on a larger scale, distributes unauthorised copies as a commercial enterprise on the internet;
# possesses unauthorised copies with a view to distributing, selling or hiring these to other people;
# while not dealing commercially, distributes unauthorised copies of software packages, books, music, games, and films on such a scale as to have a measurable impact on the copyright owner's business;
# publishing someone else's original copy work and claiming you have made it (plagiarism).

Fifthly, there was no plagiarism. Refer to my blog post. At no time did I mention having taken the pictures, nor have I mentioned I own them. :) There was no claim of ownership nor authorship.

Rest assured, your pictures will never grace my blog again, until of course you make it official that you own whatever you post. A bit selfish of you mate? To demand recognition? Until you legally own your pictures, no one's going to be giving you credit for them.

Or stop posting them in PUBLIC SITES!

In addition, this issue was talked about earlier by myself and some friends over YM.
These are the comments on your site, and your demands for recognition.

******: that's bordering on desperate
******: point is
******: they jsut (sic) want to look at pictures

**** ***: he should be thanking us we're not saying who took the crappy pictures

******: hahahaha
******: to be honest
******: his pictures suck

***** *****: pathetic

Just keeping it real mate. ;)
Just keeping it real.


Saturday, 19 April 2008

Decky's Despedida

Our beloved Acid Green Skittle and Krumpinoy member Michael "Decky" Decano is going to the States for a month. :( It's traditional that one is sent off with a party, and since Skittlez is a battle-dance crew, we sent him off with a dance party at where else, The Prince of Jaipur, Philippine's premier dancers' haven.

My big and crazy family of freestyle dancers. :)

On the dance floor.. Battles were fought..

Phil of CADS and Krumpinoy showing his tricks.

Brent (in green) asking for more.

JJ getting his struts.

Gayle showing Brent how it's done. ROFL.

Ann showing Brent not to mess with the Skittle girls. Poor Brent. :(

Don't mess with Krumpers. Battle mode on baby!

Gayle in the cypher.

The Siren/Skittle combo.

Green is the new black. :)

Bianca is ripping it! :)

And of course.. The ROFL pictures of the night! :D

We gonna miss you Decky-man. :( See you in a month.


Friday, 18 April 2008

Sandee is 18

Happy Birthday Sandee!
Her debut was held at Coconut Palace, Manila.

With birthday girl.

My look for the night.

The place..

The party..


Happy birthday again Sandee! :)