Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Rolls and Shades

The stupidity of some people really escapes me.
Especially when those guilty of this are mothers.
This particular woman puts to shame the phrase, "Mother knows best".

Because she obviously doesn't.

At Quirino Station (one station past where I get on) a lady climbs aboard with a big bag. She was with her two young children, and I estimate their ages to be 6-7 for the boy and 3-4 for the girl. I was standing (it's normally very hard to get a seat on the LRT) and initially they were too, until a man went off at Pedro Gil Station (right after Quirino).

So Mother sits down, and Little Girl leans on her lap. Son holds the safety handrail beside Mother. Then the events at United Nations Station (right after Pedro Gil) would mark a woman's futile attempt at liquid control and expose her double-digit IQ.

Little Girl starts vomiting. A lot of vomit. The vomit is liquid. Son starts laughing at Little Girl. What does Mother do? She takes a roll of toilet paper. Clever isn't it? But what do we do when we want to clean up a mess using a loo roll? We wrap some up on one hand and tear this off to clean up the mess, right?? Oh, not Mother!

She held the entire roll in front of Little Girl's mouth.

That's right. Little Girl's vomit was just soaking and splattering off the thick paper cylinder. Oh. My. Lord. The looks on everyone's faces were just, "WTF is she doing??". What was more amazing was the fact that she was trying to wipe her daughter's face with the dry parts of the soaked loo roll. I guess she doesn't know how to use one.

The carnage was fantastic. I swear I didn't know how much a little girl could puke out. It must have been the size of a 'Bubur Ayam McD' bowl (that's the McDonald's porridge we have in Malaysia). It was that much. So here we go. Laws of physics 101: Inertia. As the LRT coasted to a stop at Central Terminal (right after U.N. Station), the girl's vomit started rolling forward. It was horrendous. And guess what? They got off here. *GRR* Mother just stood up, grabbed Little Girl, and climbed off the carriage. Yes. She left the uncleaned river of vomit behind. The smell was awful.

Obviously, no one sat at the seat she vacated, as there was a pile of icky stuff right in front. However, this 'cool' looking guy, obviously a poster-child for Fitness First climbs aboard, looking tough in his tight shirt, Nike shoes, and Oakley shades. He walks towards the empty seats and steps on the..

Well, you get the feeling that his shoes won't be smelling nice after that.
And the shades did not help.



  1. WOW.
    This story is a winner. :))
    The mom is a genius. :))

  2. umm sir..
    there is a puddle of...
    in the...
    then you...

    enjoy the trip LOL

  3. Awful. =|
    Grabest!!!!! =))

  4. ok im nvr looking at McD porridge the same way again.... it's all your fault!!!

  5. Darryl: Thank you very much. :) Yes, the mother definitely has an IQ above yours or mine. :P

    Joe: ROFL. I love that staggering statement to the guy. "Yabang" kasi eh. Ahaha.. He deserves it.

    Gayle: Yes. To the max!

    Tabs: Aww.. I'm so sorry. :D At least I didn't say anything about J.Co donuts. :P

  6. omg if you did... i would so fly myself over there and.... kick your butt...

  7. Ah but I didn't. :P I'd be much too scared of a 'butt-kicking' from you. ROFL.

  8. just thought of these

    I know what you ate this summer.
    V for [insert appropriate word here]

    can't help it. LOL

  9. ROFL that's hilarious bro. :D

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