Friday, 11 April 2008

Friendster, Prosecute!

There you go Friendster. You got me annoyed again. You need to take a stand and cull out the posers, fakers, and lame accounts that are infesting your great site! This is an official complaint to you, Friendster management.

Multiple Accounts.
What the hell is wrong with those people who make 4 or more accounts?? In fact, I understand and tolerate 2 accounts; for people who want to separate work and play contacts for example. But seriously, those people with a relationship account, a school account, a personal account, and other goddamn accounts just get me under the skin. Friendster, you have to start banning these people! I am sure you can program some servers for multiple accounts. That should take care of that.

Porn Accounts.
There are users in your site below the age of 12. Personally, I think that they should not even be allowed to make an account, but hey, it's almost impossible to enforce any sort of rule here. What bothers me is that there are a lot of accounts which feature pornographic pictures and are set on public. What the hell? Is this how degraded your site is? You cannot claim to have xxxxx number of users when many of your accounts are havens for perverts and sickos.

This is a serious one, Friendster. You cannot ever allow identity theft. There are accounts out there in your site that feature pictures and information about a person, and that person is not the owner of the account. Pictures are easily stolen, and information too, so what I don't get is why can't you put a certain safety feature that prevents people from posing as others. Why are you letting identity theft occur in your site? Identity theft is a crime. Stop it now.

Bulletin Board Abuse.
The purpose of your bulletin boards was noble; to inform friends of events and happenings. Unfortunately, thanks to your oh-so-easy method of adding 'friends', I can bet the entire management of Friendster that most of your users barely know anyone in their friends' list. Hence, the bulletin board's existence now becomes redundant. It has become a haven for useless garbage, superstitious messages, and fake messages. I am a spammer, but the kind of spam that the bulletin board allows is crazy. I thought you had anti-spamming rules? You people need to get moderators in your bulletin boards right the eff now.

Add Friend Abuse.
There is nothing I can't stand more than random freaky people adding me. Friendster, your add-a-friend feature is TOO easy to bypass. Heck, it doesn't require triple digit IQ to get through. Have you ever wondered how many dedicated people you've lost to Facebook? Surely, you can make it harder for others to add another as a 'friend'? I know, one has to approve, and I am not disputing that. I am just against the fact that their ugly profiles are adding me in the first place. Make it harder. If someone really wants another to add him/her, they'd give the email you know.

Profile Promotion.
Congratulations on promoting losers. Why are you encouraging people desperate for 'friends' be even more desperate for friends? The level of idiocy in this feature astounds me. It should be disabled as soon as possible. The last thing I need when logging on to my account is seeing the accounts of some ugly desperate guy seeking activity partners. Give me an effing break.

And just for rant purposes:

I was looking through a friend's profile when I saw her comments box. Full of comments from 'friends'. What are these 'friends' asking..? OMG. Things that can be READ on the 'About Me' part of the profile. The level of stupidity in Friendster is increasing ten-fold. Astounding in fact. I am starting to love the fact that Facebook is a tad bit more complicated than Friendster. Keeps those with double-digit IQs off the site. *sigh of relief* But seriously, I've been in Friendster too long and have too many contacts to give it up completely. I hate feeling trapped, but I also hate the idea of sharing a site with so many ucaks and jologs (the former the Malay equivalent of the latter).

And I cannot stand the pictures of some people. Really, no one wants to see your ribs poking out, or some stupid love quote. It's called a profile picture for a reason. It doesn't take rocket science to figure that out, genius.

I am allergic to stupid people.

And Friendster is getting infested with them.
The invasion is in full force.




  1. I'm sick of Friendster too. :(
    I agree.
    *surprise, surprise*
    Too many stupid things and stupid people.
    But I've learned to ignore both.
    Both prove to be persistent, though.
    I love Multiply.
    Yay. :)

  2. "Really, no one wants to see your ribs poking out"---> I know who this is =))
    Good thing I only have 2 accts or else you will also get annoyed with me hahahaha
    Well yeah I agree with you. Most of them think that having more than one account (make it more than two accounts =P) is cool.Eww.
    I also hate it whenever they spam the bulletin board; most especially when they will just post a chain letter. Argh! Tang-juice. =|
    Oh Well Papel. What can we do right?

  3. Darryl: Well, I wouldn't know about Multiply. Facebook is the shizzle. And yes, stupid people are like cockroaches. Amazingly hardy.

    Gayle: Good you know. :P Babe, those people with so many accounts piss me off so bad. I find it so unnecessary.

    Chain letters SUCK. They should be internationally banned.

  4. Yes.
    Chain letters are the worst.
    Facebook is arte.
    But with no stupid people, I imagine.
    Will the invasion of the stupid never stop?

  5. Well.. Facebook does inevitably have stupid people, but far far less than what Friendster can boast about. LOL.

    The invasion of the stupid never stops. That's why we must come up with a new mass-culling device that destroys cells responsible for stupidity.

  6. Uh-huh. Multiple accounts with the same friends inside. Funny.
    And I almost forgot, who introduced you to Multiply??? =P

  7. settle down! take a breather! LOL

    but I agree with everything you said.

    somehow friendster = DT with those multies. LOL

  8. Gayle: And I still refuse to create a Multiply. I've moved to Facebook with you remember? :P Besides, we have a shared account in Multiply so that's done. Ahaha..

    Joe: ROFL. I needed a good rant. I love the picture on the top of the post.
    Ah man, there are more players with one accounts now. Our good old Laz suspended a LOT. TNC is gone. Caitlyn reported and they lost all their big hitters, including 4 accounts in Top Army (naiji, Melaka, assofian, and Jalak_Lenteng).

    Play Silver bro. :) No cheaters. Only elites. :D Like us.

  9. the image is perfect! LOL

    really, multies are not a problem anymore. but I can't play silver anymore, other than my account is still suspended(I think laz doesn't believe me *lol*), I think I don't have time anymore :(

  10. "i'm allergic to stupid people"

    teehee. best phrase i've heard so far. :)

  11. Joe: That's sad bro. In Silver forums, Laz got criticized so much. Imagine, Beta has been running for four years, and Silver (which was to last until February 16) is still running now. Ahaha..

    Too bad you won't have time. :(
    I'll keep playing for you, SmileTheJoker! :D

    Angel: Nice to see you in my blog. :P LOL, I've been using that phrase since last year. :P