Thursday, 24 April 2008

Dance Showcase

The dancer's haven, Prince of Jaipur held a dance showcase for freestyle dancers around Manila. It was partly organized by our very own Orange Skittle, Ann Chua. :)

Over four hundred freestyle dancers came and it was a huge blast! That's 'success' if I ever saw one. Of course, several crews stood out, like The Battle Crew and Funkstylers. I felt so happy when "Skittlez Crew" was also mentioned in the P.A. :) Damn. We're getting famous! ROFL.

Gayle, Jeremiah (UP-Street), Ann, and Brent.

Brent and Kim.

Von versus Vimi, both from UP-Street.

Abby versus Ann.

Gayle as gorgeous as always. <3

Someone's really feeling the groove. LOL.

Gayle and Ann planning their battle victim.

Gayle and Ann tag-team combo.

Boom baby. :)

Much apologies for lack of pictures of the insane b-boys, Krumpers, strutters, and pop-lockers for not having their pictures here. I was busy dancing/battling in cyphers too and I didn't manage to snap some pictures. :(

What an awesome event!
Good one Ann, Abby, and the rest of the organizing committee!



  1. "Gayle and Ann planning their battle victim."-----> hahahahaha!!
    No we're not! *wink*
    A lot of bitches made me angry that night. Hmph! hahahaha
    A lot of victims for me right? harhar
    *hug and kiss*

  2. You have to let go some of them. Not everyone is as good as you or Ann in battles, especially when you two team up! You just bulldoze all the girls there. LOL.


  3. EEhhhh kasi... keep checking you out. RAR. *angry face with the pout*

  4. It's not my fault when girls look. :P

    But you are the one who should wipe the dance floor with them. :D