Sunday, 27 April 2008

Ms. King Kong

This is the first post of my new series called..

LRT Tales.

I use the LRT almost on a daily basis. It's cheap, very efficient, and pretty fast. Yeah, it's cheaper to use the jeep but with the pollution at Taft Avenue, holy cow. :/

Anyway, I have told so many stories to friends here about my experiences in the LRT that I thought, hey, might as well start a series on it (like my short-lived but extremely popular series called F.U.C.K. which does not stand for any profanity).

Here's one of the funniest (read: most gross) stories.

Last week, while using the LRT to go for dance practice with Redd, our coach and friend from G-Force, I was pretty happy to find that there was a seat vacant (extremely rare; Manila's population does not permit empty seats LOL). When I am in the LRT, I usually look down, or play games in my phone. Unfortunately.. I saw a pair of legs across me. A woman's legs. A woman's very hairy legs.

How hairy can it be, you might ask. It's like this. It's HOLY **** kind of hairy. Like, "DAMN!" kind of hairy. You get the picture. It was insane, and I was SO bothered! After a few minutes, I couldn't stand it anymore, and I HAD to tell someone. The last three numbers I texted were Gayle, Redd, and Ann, so I sent them a text about this ridiculously hairy woman across me. Ann and I had a hilarious conversation then.

(Italics are Ann's)
OMG, I just saw the hairiest legs on a woman I have ever seen!
Hahahahahahahahahaha.. Laughtrip..
Seriously, the legs are ZOMG-hairy. I'm so bothered now sis.
Maybe it's not really a woman..
I'm sure it is.

Then, I stupidly looked up.
I can confirm, it was a woman.. but..
I saw a moustache.

Holy shit.. She has a moustache!
Hahahahahaha.. It's a man! Can't be a woman!
But I can bet it's a woman. I'm sure of it.
Take a picture!

And I did.
I was so scared! I didn't want to appear like a sick pervert, but OMG, a shot must be taken of those King Kong legs. I was pretending so hard to be playing a game, but my camera is at the back, which means it's so obvious if I snapped a pic! I managed to, but it was a bit too blurred. I was shaking a lot. ROFL.

Note that it's damn blurred. But you can clearly see a black fuzz on the legs. Eww.

Ok, I got a pic.
Wahahaha.. Show me at the studio later!
It's kinda blurred, but we'll see.
Hahaha.. I can't stop laughing. It's my YM message now.

Ann had fun, and I was scarred for life.



  1. eww!! was it a woman or a man?? where's the pic? was she/he rubbing her legs against yours? hahaha! maybe she's untamed! if her legs are that hairy... what more... down south??!


  2. haha. this is funny. i would like to see the picture though. :))

  3. Zee: Oh hell no! I will not touch those furry limbs for anything less than a million American greenbacks. Eww. =/

    I do NOT want to imagine the scrubs down south. =/

    Janille: Due to popular demand on YM from friends, I posted the pic. I'm afraid it does no justice to the amount of hair the woman has.

  4. BWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. this is so fckn kadireh. hahahaha. =))

    EEEEWWW. laftrip.
    king kong legs. hahahaha


  5. Oh man. I feel like giving her a box of wax. Her legs are mega kadiri. =/

  6. Ann: LOL. Remember when most of your texts were 'hahaha'? Gosh.. Super hilarious yet disgusting at the same time. =/

    Gayle: No amount of wax can fix her. *sigh* I am scarred for life.

    ** For my non-Tagalog speaking readers, 'kadiri' means disgusting.
    Kalau tak faham BI juga, 'kadiri' bermaksud 'ceridak'. :P

  7. ceridak..? =P

    but seriously ROFL!!!!!!! good job on the pic tho.... hahahaha

  8. Yes, very much so. :P
    I should have taken a nicer picture. If I used my digital camera though, I might probably have been lynched for being a pervert. LOL.

  9. are you sure? maybe it's just your imagination. Let me see the pic then maybe...

    OH MY GOD!!!
    ITS LIKE...
    You sure your in the LRT not in a rain forest?


    me so bad. sorry >_<

    Alternate title - Queen Kong. hehehe

  10. Anak, bukan pondan?

    Macam pondan eh?

    Saya cinta kamu - MUM

  11. Joe: Bro, I ROFL'd so hard at that. Ahaha.. Yes, I am very sure I was in the LRT. LOL. My city back in Malaysia (Miri!) is a bit of a forest, but that woman's legs is going to give it a run for its money.

    Mum: Long time no see mum. :P No, I'm very sure it's a woman and not a 'pondan'. Very sure. It's just that she was hairy as hell.

    I love you too. :)