Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Why Brian Won't Get His Money Back

Another commentary on Brian Gorrell's blog. This time, my commentary on why I think he will not get his money back.

Brian Gorrell was allegedly cheated AUD70,000 by Filipino socialite DJ Montano. He implicates several other big names in his blog, most prominent among them, columnist and socialite Celine Lopez. Brian's blog's purpose was originally (and hopefully is) to get back his life's savings through exerting public pressure on said Mr. Montano by revealing the downright dirty secrets of Manila high society.

However, in Brian's long campaign that has spanned several weeks without any result, I have come to believe that Mr. Gorrell will not get his money back due to the following reasons.

1. If Montano was going to return it, he would have done so already.
The implicated names in the controversial blog are names of rich and famous people, for whom PHP3.6 million (or almost RM300,000) would not be that hard to fork out. Brian has constantly mentioned that all the allegations and revelations would stop if his money was returned. If this was true, it's safe to say that the names involved would quickly have come up with the money to prevent further damage to their names and image.

2. Uselessness of cause.
The names of people such as Montano and Lopez are already internationally smeared by the posts and revelations in Gorrell's blog. They have nothing more to lose, I believe. There's only so many secrets that can be revealed. In a while, Montano and Lopez would hear nothing new anymore, and they would probably just ignore the allegations and insults. That is, if they can weather this particular tempest.

3. The popularity of Gorrell's blog.
Gorrell's blog gets over 50,000 hits daily, and is presumably increasing. The amount of traffic clearly shows that the Blogosphere is captivated by the tales of sex, scandals, and webs of lies being revealed. Also, the Filipino masses who read Gorrell's blog are showing their true sentiments to the Filipino high society, thus providing a convenient outlet to express themselves. There is an unspoken pressure for Gorrell to not receive payment, because if he does, the blog stops, and so does the wealth of gossip that is produced by it.

If you would like to use my ideas and commentary on your site, please do remember to credit me as a source. Plagiarism is a crime people. Don't kill blogging.


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